Comfort From The Heart

Chapter Eight

Fights and healing hearts

The toaster in the kitchen let out a all mighty bang from where it had just tried for the fifteenth time to try and cook its toast but instead, it blew up and with it the power died for the entire kitchen. Thankfully Donatello had been able to set up a trip switch system so that it did not interrupt the rest of the lair or the city high above their heads.

It had been two weeks since the genius turtle had been cured of the second strain of mutation brought on by the outbreak that had infected the dark corners of New York City, and through that time the turtles were able to rest and get their home into the standards mapped out a long time ago.

Michelangelo had let out a girl like scream when the toaster blew up, waking the sleeping turtle on the couch, having been ordered to rest instead of seeing to the kitchen himself. "Told you it would blow up" He muttered, closing his eyes and got comfortable on the couch.

Raphael sighed and ran over to the kitchen to repair and reset the switch, he would try and tend to the toaster even though everyday he was growing more impatient with the electronic item. "Why can't he have cereal like the rest of us" He muttered as he trailed his hand along the wall looking for the switch.

"I would look for the switch and fix the toaster, if I was allowed off this couch" The resting turtle called, his voice sounding bored and well rested.

"No, you are not to move from that spot, we are doing all of the work remember?" Leonardo called from his place high above them, clearing up the cables for the televisions set up in the living room before jumping down. "I told you to rest, so you are to rest"

Donatello opened his eyes, retrieved the pillow from the floor and threw it at the leader turtle before turning his shell on him. "I'm fed up of resting, I've been doing nothing but resting while you move the furniture, fix the electronics and put out the fires caused by Mikey" He replied, his voice muffled slightly by the back of the couch.

Mikey and Raphael poked their heads out from the kitchen and watched as Leonardo retrieved the thrown pillow, walking back to the couch. They decided to make themselves seem busy in the kitchen, the air of a fight between the couple was growing once more just like it had in the last few days.

Normally the quiet and calm turtle had been so easily agitated and it was upsetting the rest of the family, Master Splinter has called them both in to the dojo to try and calm them both down but it appears that nothing their father tried was working for them. It was just something they needed to express at a regular occurrence. Once they fought when April and Casey came to visit and it left their human friends shocked and flustered in what had been shouted out during that particular argument.

Leonardo sighed and looked at the genius turtle he had fallen in love with, seeing how the large couch had easily been filled up by the turtle. He wanted to try and calm his lover down, he slowly walked forward and rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't touch me Leonardo... how am I suppose to rest when you keep touching me? You won't even hold me in bed any more" Donatello muttered softly, shaking off the turtle's hand.

"I don't want to hurt you Donny, we've had this talk before... I'm afraid of hurting you" Leo muttered moving around to kneel on the floor in front of the couch.

"Why? Because I'm made of glass? That one lone little thing can trigger the mutation! Well it can't, the blood tests have all come back clean... I can't even remember being transformed like all of you have said before... I'm just fed up and frustrated Leo" Donatello muttered, turning around to face his lover. "I just want to be held, but each time I look at you, I see that you're blaming yourself about what happened, that you should have stopped it from happening"

He sighed and closed his eyes, "But nothing you could do, it was my fault for not watching my blood or thinking the scratch was nothing... working around those infected animals and insects with Leatherhead, and I should have known the risks of coming infected but I didn't..." He muttered and opened his eyes to face the leader of their family. "I'm too tired to actually fight with you this time Leo, I just want you"

Leonardo sighed and moved around to lift Donatello up and sit on the couch, letting the purple-clad turtle's head rest in his lap. "I'm sorry Don, I really am... I guess instead of letting our bond grow stronger between us, I've been pushing you away..." He muttered, stroking his fingers along the turtle's head.

"Just that when you transformed into that thing, I couldn't think what to do... I'm suppose to be the leader of this family, and anything that comes up then I am suppose to deal with it but I couldn't deal with the thought that I was going to loose you" Leonardo continued softly, looking down at the turtle in his lap.

"Then tell me, what happened when I was sick... I need to know Leo, and no one will tell me" Donatello replied softly, moving a little to get comfortable. "You need to talk to me, like you said we are family and that means that family support each other, right?" He said with a soft smile.

Leonardo returned the smile and nodded, "You're right, guess I do need to talk about what happened" He replied and took a slow calming breath, wondering where to begin.

Expecting loud outbursts of hurtful words, Raphael got the courage to poke his head out around the corner of the kitchen but was surprised to find that there were no arguments but found Leo sat on the couch with Don curled up against him.

He sighed softly and returned to the kitchen, "Think Don's got some sense into our leader, which is about time!"

Mikey sighed and looked over at the toaster, that smoked as he tried to pry the cover open. "That's good, was worried there was going to be another big argument! The last one had us go topside to get out of the way" He replied, jumping back as the toaster sparked dangerously.

"They're probably talking about what happened... it did scare all of us" Raphael muttered as he made a cup of coffee for himself, watching the coffee maker so it wouldn't copy the same fate as the toaster.

"What happened to get Donny back, that was just so terrifying that I'm not sure if it actually happened! But then I see him when he's resting, how small he's become then it was real... guess be happier once he's back up on his feet like the rest of us" Mikey muttered as he finished making his breakfast.

The sounds of wood hitting stone greeted the kitchen, alerting the turtles to their rat teacher coming into the room. "It appears that they have settled things down" Master Splinter spoke softly as he fully entered the kitchen and sat at the table, shortly after joined by Mikey.

"Well that can only be a good thing, the amount of fights that they were starting between them were more than between Leo and myself! If that was even possible" Raphael replied as he made some tea for their father.

"They will talk things through and realise how much that they loved each other, what had happened in the past can only make their bond grow more stronger! And I fear that things may not be quiet for long, so training will take place later on today my sons... I will talk with Leonardo and arrange something with Donatello, we do need to work on getting him fit, but at a slow pace" Master Splinter replied as Mikey tried the toaster again, once Raphael had checked it over.

"Yes sensei" The turtles replied with a bow and watched the toaster, Raphael holding a fire extinguisher ready.

Later that evening, with a meal of pizza for the turtles and sushi for their father. They were all found in the dojo, including Donatello.

He had spent the day talking and listening to Leonardo, and they now both ready for retire for the night but Master Splinter wanted them to come into the dojo once they had eaten.

Donatello sat down next to Leo, rubbing his eyes as it had been a long day even though nothing except talking about the changes needed done to the lair and just general cuddling on the couch. But that still wore the turtle out, and now he was to sit and watch his brothers train? Felt a bit silly to him, unable to take part.

Master Splinter bowed to his sons, "Tonight I will take Michelangelo and Raphael topside to train on the roof tops while Leonardo, I trust you to train Donatello in helping him regain his strength.. just remember your training and don't push the limits, we want you well my son" He explained to his family.

"Yes sensei" The four teenagers replied with a small bow, Michelangelo and Raphael instantly leapt to their feet and ran off to get ready to visit the streets of New York while Leonardo looked at Donatello, who looked tired and puzzled.

"We'll be careful sensei, just be careful yourself up there" Leonardo spoke softly as he got up, helping his brother up onto his feet gently.

"We will, and we will search the tunnels on the way back for anything that we may need" Master Splinter replied with a bow and left the dojo.

"What are we going to do Leo?" Donatello asked as he looked around seeing the weapon racks close by along with the other equipment they use to train with.

"Stretches, just basic simple stretches and a few techniques I've picked up to help you regain your strength... have you noticed how you're tiring very easily? That was one of the things I feared in how to treat you, that the mutation must have caused you to become unfit or it just gave great trauma to your body" Leonardo explained, resting a hand on Don's shoulder and trailed down to his elbow with a gentle movement.

"Leo" Don muttered softly, shivering a little under his lover's touch. It had been a while since he had done that.

"Come on, it'll be similar to dancing... just copy me and we'll soon get you worked out" Leo replied with a soft smile, "I'll be right here next to you"

Donatello took a slow deep breath and nodded, "Don't know how much I can do but will give it a shot" He said softly and waited for Leonardo to start.

It was how the leader turtle said, it was similar to dancing or at least the soft slow Japanese style of dancing just without the fans. They started with simple stretches to warm up and soon lost themselves in the movements of their arms and legs, it felt to them like basic fighting styles but at the same time, like they were wielding their weapons but after a while Leonardo brought Donatello into a hug from behind.

"We should stop, you've been shaking for a while" He muttered, rubbing Don's stomach with his hand feeling his lover breath heavily and shake from the stretching.

"H-how long were we doing that?" Don asked softly, leaning back against Leo feeling the leader turtle's head on his shoulders.

"About a hour, the time did go by fairly quickly... but I'm glad you were able to keep up with me, we should do this twice a day to get you back up to strength" Leonardo muttered softly, "Come on, let's get you something to eat... the others won't be back for a while"

"Just something to drink will be fine Leo, afraid that I ate too much earlier..." Donatello replied, feeling his stomach was lead weights at the thought of food.

Leo frowned seeing his lover go pale, "Come on, just some soup... I'll be there to help you, and make some tea, no coffee for a while" He said, giving Donatello a gentle hug. "You'll be fine, just eat something after this exercise" He said softly giving Don's shoulder a gentle rub.

Don sighed resting against his partner, "I know, can try something..." He replied softly.

Leo smiled and kissed him on the head, "Come on" He said, moving to take his hand and lead the way out of the dojo.

A few weeks passed, a pattern set amongst the brothers and their father. They rose, morning meditation with breakfast shortly after. Master Splinter took over the training for Michaelangelo and Raphael while Leonardo helped Donatello train, getting him back up to strength and speed that he had before his accident. Soon afterwards, they would all split up in their separate ways with getting on with the arrangement of the lair.

Donatello worked on the plans and the security system checks with Leonardo helping out close by, or meditating while the genius worked. They worked in a gentle and comforting silence, getting on with their own tasks or training.

One evening, Don sighed and closed his book before rubbing his eyes tiredly and disturbed Leo who was sat on the floor meditating.

"What's the matter Donny?" He asked softly, moving around to face his lover.

"Just restless Leo, the guys are too even though they're not saying anything" Don replied as he put the book down on the floor with a dull thud.

Leo sighed and got up, sitting on the arm of the armchair. "Well maybe we can arrange something tonight, once its dark topside... maybe some ninja tag, like in the old days" He said with a smile looking down at Don as the genius turtle moved around to lean against the leader turtle.

"Sounds great, isn't today when we move the furniture around?" Don asked, resting his head on Leo's leg.

Leo smiled and nodded. "Yeah, but you're not doing any of the moving! You're sitting on that couch" He said softly, putting his hand on Don's shoulder.

Don sighed, "Why? I want to help" He replied, holding onto the book tightly.

"We just don't want a relapse..." Leo replied softly looking down at his partner, "I just don't want to loose you" He added, ghosting his fingers on the turtle's shoulder.

Don rubbed around his eyes, getting up out of the armchair. "I won't relapse Leo, my blood work has come back clean under my checks and Leatherhead is just double checking my work" He muttered before sighing, "I'm going for a shower..."

Leo watched Donatello go before sighing, looking down at the abandoned book in the armchair.

"How much have you told him" A low voice muttered from the kitchen doorway, a can of soda in the turtle's hand.

"Only what I wanted to tell" Leonardo replied looking over his shoulder at his brother tiredly.

"And only sleeping when you need to, you need to talk to him... I have, and so has Mikey!" Raph muttered as he joined Leo by the armchair. "About everything, from when we got the call from April to where we got him back safe in that shell copter of his" He said before taking a drink out of the can.

"Can't you work any magic and chat to him?" Raph asked, giving his brother a pat on the shoulder. "If anyone can do it, you can"

Leo looked up at his brother and sighed, bending down to pick up the book. "I'll cook lunch in a bit... can you get Mikey and keep him busy?" He asked, wanting the lair just for them.

Raph smiled and nodded, "I'll do my best, see if can take him to a odd place that I know or check out to see if Casey wants to join us for some sewer skating" He replied with a shrug.

Leonardo sighed softly and nodded, "Thanks Raph... think will go topside and get some stuff together... hope this works" He muttered.

Raph looked up, seeing the door firmly shut. "Well hope you get through to him, he's scary like this" He added, giving his brother's shoulder a squeeze before running off to find their youngest brother.

Leonardo watched him go, playing with the heavy book in his hands before running off to get the necessary supplies for the evening in planning.

Master Splinter slowly came out of his meditation and listened to what was going around him, he couldn't hear anything. There was no crashing sounds coming from the many televisions, no sounds of any kind of movement.

He sighed and got up to find where his sons had gone, figuring it must be daylight up on the streets so either his sons had disappeared off into the shadows or hiding in the many sewer tunnels under the city.

Retrieving his walking stick, he started walking out of his room and listened finding a small noise coming from inside the kitchen. He slowly walked there listening and frowning, sounding and feeling like suppressed emotions.

Peeking lightly around the corner he found one of his four missing sons, slumped over the table with his shell to the doorway of the kitchen. There was no bandana on, or the familiar belts or armour that they wore daily but the rat father recognized the turtle anyway.

He sighed softly and walked into the kitchen, taking a side glance at the large pot of ice cream seeing the condensation gathering into a bowl while the genius turtle looked down into the pot lost in thought.

What surprised the sensei was the signs of exhaustion and tears around the genius turtle's normally brown energetic eyes.

"Rude to stare father" Donatello muttered deeply, the spoon dropping to hit the side of the bowl from where he had been stabbing the ice cream.

Master Splinter took a deep breath and sat at the table, "Butterscotch isn't your usual flavour Donatello" He said softly.

Donatello shrugged and didn't look up at his father, "Just felt like a change or to waste it... either way haven't ate much of it" He muttered softly before continuing to stab the ice cream slowly. "Why is he treating me like this..."

Master Splinter sighed softly, guessing what or rather who had troubled the genius son. "Leonardo?" He asked softly.

Donatello flinched and brought up his defence.

Master Splinter's face turned sad in seeing this, how his two sons had been madly in love with each other and this event in the last week had done this to them. "Has he not talked to you about what happened in Nevada?" He asked softly.

Donatello sighed pushing the bowl away and shook his head, "He's told me most of it but not what's the most important thing about it... I know he's told me not to worry but it still hurts that he hasn't... and now we had that falling out this morning..." He muttered, his voice cracking as he let his emotions rise up. Tears building up in his tired brown eyes. "Part of me doesn't even care that he's gone out without telling me.."

Master Splinter looked at his son carefully and got up, digging around in his tea collection to find a special mixture.

Donatello sniffed and wiped at his eyes, getting up to throw away the ice cream. "D-don't even know why chose butterscotch for..." He muttered looking down at the wasted ice cream as it continued to melt within the trash bag lined bin.

"Because it is his favourite, sit back down Donatello while I get you some tea... I know you usually prefer coffee but I have never been able to make it to your standard" Master Splinter replied earning a small smile from the turtle as he sat back down at the table.

"What isn't he telling me sensei? What is it that happened at Nevada that shook him up so badly that he's been treating me like glass all this time... just so frustrated with him..." Donatello asked, looking up at his rat teacher's back.

"I feel that it is not my place to say, Leonardo has talked to me about this and is afraid of loosing you again however he is worried about how you would handle in revealing that to what scared him the most" Master Splinter replied as he waited for the kettle.

"I understand that you almost lost me... if that happened then the whole family would have fallen apart, I understand that... L-Leonardo means the world to me, I wouldn't be able to live without him..." Donatello muttered, curling up on the chair with practised ease.

Master Splinter turned around at the turtle at the table, he sighed in seeing how curled up and defensive his son had become. "Donatello... he won't leave us because of what has happened, he may have before but look how much he changed for the better" He said softly, "Without that training he would have gotten worse, just give him time... he almost lost you, his mate... so just try and give him some time" He said softly walking around and gave his son a rare hug.

Donatello was surprised at the hug at first but soon melted into it, he cried out all the lonely and cold nights he could remember. He was still heavily in love with Leonardo and remembered the few months when they finally confessed but now because of how much in love they were with each other was causing this ache that was just tearing him apart.

The rat teacher held onto the shaking turtle, soothing him as the teenager kept crying out all the pent up emotions. He slowly got the crying turtle to uncurl off the chair, he wasn't surprised in feeling how light his genius son was as Donatello had been funny with his food for a few months now. "Shh Donatello, you may rest now and when you wake I shall be here" He said softly after getting the turtle comfortable on the couch, using the blanket draped over the back to tuck his son in.

Donatello sniffed and curled up as much as he could without risking falling off the couch and fell asleep, his shell facing his father and the rest of the lair. He fell into a deep sleep, his face tear streaked from his breakdown.

Master Splinter sighed and sat down in front of the couch, watching his son sleep for a while and slipped into his meditation.

Leonardo was happy, he had found everything he needed to spoil his lover and carried them with care in the large brown paper bag back to the lair. He had thought about what he had said to Donatello earlier in the day and later to Raphael and now hoped that Donatello would be willing for a talk and some much needed catching up with his mate.

Finding his way with ease to the lair he had picked out for them, he found it quiet and he continued to smile as he headed to the kitchen finding the kettle on and almost at boiling point, his father must have come in to make a cup of tea but forgot about it.

He frowned and turned around leaving the kitchen and found the big salvaged couch being filled by the sleeping genius turtle with their father meditating in front of him. Something deep down inside of him ached suddenly as he felt himself walk forward towards their father.

"Master?" He spoke softly so not to wake the sleeping turtle, sitting in front of his sensei.

"Ah Leonardo..." Master Splinter said softly and looked at the sleeping turtle on the couch, "Kitchen, we have things to discuss" He muttered getting up and led the way to the kitchen.

Leonardo got up quickly and followed his father back into the kitchen, wondering what was going on.

"Is Donny OK? He's not having a relapse is he?" He asked, his heart racing at the thought wanting to run back to his partner's side.

Master Splinter sighed and shook his head, making the tea he first started to do. "No my son, tell me everything that has happened since our return here" He said softy, pointing at the table before returning to make the tea.

Taking that as a silent command, the blue-wearing turtle sat at the table and started to say what had happened since their return to the lair to now. He felt himself growing more concerned for his partner, his mate with each frown and nod from their father.

After a while Master Splinter sighed and got up, grabbing his empty cup and worked on refilling it. "So you haven't told him everything that happened at Nevada and now its eaten up your relationship with him... he told me earlier that he was afraid that he was loosing you..." He said softly as he returned to the table.

"He what? He could never loose me, he means too much to me... which is why I haven't told him about shooting him with that gun... to having to deal with the choice of either him being killed by Bishop's people or being knocked unconscious by my dart gun..." Leonardo replied, his voice loud at first before it died down staring into his half empty cup.

Master Splinter sighed softly, "I don't know what else to say my son, but you can try and talk to him as you both need to... you both need each other more than you ever had" He replied, "And you need to tell him what you've told me"

Leonardo slowly looked up at his father then back down at his tea, "You're right father as always" He said softly, finishing his tea and got up from the table. "Thank you" He added with a bow and left the kitchen, rushing to his mate's side.

Donatello whimpered and muttered in his sleep, turning over to lay on his stomach in his sleep bringing the blanket in tight around him before turning again to face the rest of the lair.

He whimpered, "L-Leo..." He muttered in his sleep. "S... stop please"

Leonardo gently knelt down in front of his lover, trailing his hand along Don's cheek. "Shh Don, I'm here babe" He muttered softly.

Don whimpered and opened his eyes slowly, "L-Leo..." He said softly taking in his lover.

"Hey Donnie, you OK now?" Leo asked softly trailing his lover's cheek softly.

Don closed his eyes and sighed, "I-I am... talked to Master Splinter" He muttered.

Leo sighed, "Me too, what would we do without him" He replied, "I'm sorry for lying to you, can you sit up a little? Just want to talk to you..."

Don sighed and sat up a little, his head spinning from his crying earlier as he let Leo up onto the couch. He led back down onto his partner's lap as soon as Leo settled down.

Leo slowly and gently started stroking his mate's head, helping with the headache and just for comfort for himself more than for his partner. "I've been a idiot again haven't I?" He muttered softly looking down at the turtle.

Don opened his eyes and looked up at your mate, "Maybe but I have been one too" He replied with a small smile, feeling his headache fading under Leo's gentle fingers.

Leo sighed softly, "Just haven't told you everything that happened in Nevada... and that has resulted in me pushing you away" He said softly, stopping his gentle caress and worked on pulling his mate up into his lap.

Don moaned before whimpering at being disturbed in his comfortable place, he got comfortable on his mate's lap resting his head on Leo's shoulder.

"I know you haven't... Raph and Mikey have been able to talk to me, Master Splinter too... but Leo, it's like I said, I don't remember anything of what happened" Don replied softly, trailing his fingers along Leo's chest.

Leo rested his hand on the back of Don's, "I know Donnie and I blame myself for that... no use saying that its not my fault, you know me by now... that I always take the blame for it..." He said softly earning a small glare from his mate.

"So that I've got a day, maybe more missing from my mind forever is OK for you to burden on your own shell? Shell it isn't OK Leonardo! It's my burden, I'm allowed them!" Donatello replied sharply.

Leo looked at his mate and inwardly sighed before giving him a soft kiss, he felt Don fighting back before melting into it.

Don broke away gasping looking up at his mate, seeing unshed tears shinning in his eyes. "Leo, babe... tell me what happened" He said softly, freeing his hand to rest it on Leo's cheek.

Leo nodded and started from the beginning, leaving nothing out this time.

Master Splinter poked his head out from the kitchen, smiling softly and snuck by to return to his meditation knowing that now his sons would be fine.