-Tacklepounces students- Hello my sweet little hushmies!
I, Silvereyed Angel, am proud to present: -dum dum dum- EXAM JAM!

How awesome is my timing?
Like, for serious. This will be the last chapter of JONAS S1 and JONAS LA starts Sunday! [Insert pupils cheering] You can all go on and admire my greatness!

I just realised this will be the last chapter of JONAS S1. Time has gone quickly, my evil minions. But the JONAS army will never cease to be strong, we will survive. Together!
God, I'm overly hyper, which is once again, good for you and… Actually, I kinda like it.

I want to thank you all for reading and sticking with my ridiculous story, the reviews really pulled me through it and all of your support is awesome. So I hereby proudly announce that there WILL be a S2 Things we learn from JONAS LA!
I'm not sure when, but it shall come!

For now, fellow Jonai-lovers, enjoy the last chapter and when Sunday comes, enjoy the new season.

1. There is no such thing as too many takes.

2. The world tour is the bigger and better then the last tour-tour.

3. Macy is able to do the impossibly; she is able to pry Nick from his writing-desk to video tape her pod-cast.

4. What type of socks one should take with when travelling is a very tough decision and it should be thoroughly thought about.

5. Up-close and personal is kind of painful.

6. The 'latest, new, super-cool look' is for serious.

7. It is impossible to define Kevin as something other then 'Kevin'.

8. Watching JONAS is a matter of telling your parents you're doing homework, lock the door and crank up the volume. (Duh)

9. It is very important to always mention your name.

10. Macy is like a very noisy, interfering fly on the wall.

11. Interfering with Nick's creative process… Bad idea.

12. Kevin has very special relationships with his guitars. He names them, he dances with them. You can't make him look Cloë in the sound-hole and tell her that 'she's not going' that's just cruelty.

13. Joe is able to do a flip off a gigantic amp and land in a split.

14. Nick wishes him good luck with that.

15. Stella is a strong, independent young woman. She knows when to keep her head up and when to have a total emotional breakdown… Or she has mood-swings. Either way.

16. Stella has very pretty hair.

17. Dad-of-Jonas is a handsome old man.

18. Crackin' the books means holding your books upside down while reading them.

19. Failed exams mean no split-related emergency room visits in foreign countries.

20. The last thing rockstars need are mobbing, screaming, fainting and clothes-ripping fangirls. Especially Joe.

21. There are always thing's you'll miss.

22. The new look Stella designed for tour is based on the skin-hiding, baggy, oversized clothes opera-singers wear.

23. Joe's hands are covered in skin.

24. Kevin does look more like a Karen, according to Nick.

25. Nick does incredibly cute eye-brow wiggles.

26. When someone has failed, Kevin automatically blames himself.

27. Nick can't believe he failed the test, while Joe and Kevin can't believe they passed.

28. High-fives are not-done when your brother failed his test.

29. Things looking grim for the guys equals a pretty amazing pod-cast for Macy.

30. 'Yeah it is' is all Joe's got.

31. Nobody needs a world-tour anyways.

32. Snow angels, carpet angels. It's all cute.

33. When I say 'Pizza' everyone says 'Maria'.

32. Joe's not unhappy that Stella is not not bummed about the tour getting cancelled. This makes Stella kind of happy. We understand.

33. 5 second dance parties are still it.

34. Getting a 100 is easy; you just got to get them all right.

35. The oldest trick in the book is 'what's that on your shirt?' *patch* 'gotcha' (Kevin fell for it) The second oldest trick in the book is making songs in order to learn something (Nick fell for that one) the third oldest trick in the book is 'You're shoes are untied, watch out' (Joe actually fell for that one).

36. 'The book of tricks' actually exists.

37. You don't touch Nick's keyboard. You just don't.

38. A dozen of geometry-law songs is better then a Christmas-album.

39. Joe and Kevin as tutors, Nick as the tutor-ed. It's a weird combination, but hey! If it works…

40. Nick has the 'scary look' going on.

41. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No… Doesn't really help the suspense thing.

42. The volume of nacho-cheese spread consumed by each screaming fan per cubic foot of arena-space means the tour is back on.

43. Dad-of-Jonas gets it; they live in a fire-house.

44. How many old fire-helmets can one woman have?

45. The better then the last tour-tour was on, off and then on again thanks to Nick acing his test. That deserves a 'Yay Nick' and cool music.

46. Olivia, Lulu and Grace are three very lucky guitars.

47. Stella can't be held responsible for how cute she might look.

48. Macy is, and will always be our favourite fangirl ever.

So, that's it. The end of Things We Learn From Jonas. (And yes, everyone was right; the name is too long…) I am actually a little teared-up; you've been an amazing audience.
I hope you had a nice read, for the whole solemn purpose of this was to bring smiles to your faces and even here and there brighten a day.
I love you my sweet Jonas-Heads, don't forget about the girl down on FanFiction that made you laugh and remember to keep it real and bring everything you learned into LA-action.

Until the next season