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UPDATE: You guys I'm so ashamed and stupid for forgetting to say this! But Lady Talla-doe wrote this AMAZING slashpeice of epic Mness that fits perfectly between chapter two and the epilogue (like, seriously, it's scary how well it goes with this, and she wrote it before I posted the third part), and it's AWESOME! You should check it out!

Black tie

Part 3: Epilogue (Informal Wear)

A considerable amount of time later, the following discussion takes place:

"Jim, I must apologise for my behaviour. It was-"

"Don't say illogical." His voice is light, happy.

"… in any case, it was erroneous." And in Spock's tone, a caring, sweet edge is also hidden.

They lie on the cold steps but tucked in a corner behind a stone pillar, concealed by the shadows. Jim is cocooned in Spock's arms, his back to Spock's blissfully warm chest, wrapped in Spock's body, his own personal blanket, and he thinks, fleetingly, that he is never going back to using normal bed sheets again.

"Meh, we're both equally stubborn. It's okay, I was an idiot too. It's just… you nearly killed me with the damn tux."

"Jim, even had I lost control, I assure you, killing you would not have been the most likely scenario. I am afraid I would have probably hit you back, then kissed you."

Jim laughs, his eyes sparkling. "I didn't mean kill me literally. I meant you looked so irresistible, I had a hard time keeping my hands off you."

"I see. Well, you failed at that entirely." Out of the corner of Jim's eye he sees Spock's slow smile, and he thinks it challenges the tantalising expanse of starred sky before them.

And wins.

"Hey, you looked good enough to eat. Still do, with your hair all messed up like that…"

"I believe, given my half-Human heritage, that you would be committing cannibalism, had you given in to the urge."

"Yeah. That and I make it a rule never to eat my first officers."

"A logical decision."


When Jim glances up at Spock's face again and catches how Spock is looking down at him, he lets out a groan. Their heads are tilted in such a way that kissing is, naturally, the thing to do now, and it's all very hot and upside-down, but when it's over Jim sighs.

"You know, you really shouldn't look at me like that, Spock."

"Why not?"

"Because I may look deceptively relaxed right now, but I will jump you again if you don't stop."

"Then it seems the most beneficial course of action for me is to continue."


Spock nods. Jim grins widely back, and in an agile move twists his body around, so he's now sitting between Spock's legs with bent knees against the stone floor, hands resting on Spock's thighs, and facing his first officer's stunned expression.

Which then changes into something Jim can easily recognise.

"Yes, Jim. Really."

"I'm game if you are, my friend. Although this is kind of a public place."

With a soft laugh Spock then flips Jim over again and pins him against the floor.

"You are trapped. You cannot escape. My strength is superior to yours."

Jim thinks his half-Vulcan looks rather insultingly smug about this.

"Oh I don't know… I'm pretty sure I can just bribe the jailer and get away."

"What would you offer him in exchange for freedom?"

Jim pretends to consider this for a long time. "Hmmm… I can think of plenty of things, but they all involve me and the jailor getting it on, which my first officer might not appreciate. If he's the jealous type. Then again, you never know-"

"Tell me."

"You are so bossy."

"I am curious."


"You are stubborn."

"Oh, how well you know me, Commander."

"I do."

"You think so, huh?"

"Yes. My memory is photographically perfect. I know every inch of you, Jim. And it… delights me, to know you. It excites me to know you." That's what he says. What he means is… oh, you know. "I like knowing you… in every way. To know you everywhere. All over. Knowing you gives me a deep, profound pleasure, Jim."

"Uh… holy shit, Spock. That's just… a little much, don't you think? I mean, are you even allowed to say stuff like that? I thought you were supposed to be all repressed and tortured!"

The corners of Spock's lips turn slightly upwards when he starts to say: "Well, I-"

"Okay scratch that, what I meant to say is: you should not be allowed to say stuff like that."

"Oh. And why is that, Jim?"

"Because! You're already smart, hot, sexy, brilliant, funny, intelligent, infuriating, really hot, really smoking hot, have I mentioned all the sex? Because that's pretty amazing…"

"Many of those words are synonyms, therefore you are repeating yourself." Spock's eyes are doing that smug thing again. Except they are also teasing and laughing and happy, and it's very hard not to just go out and shout it, shout "Spock, I love you!" loud and strong and… hell, he just said it, didn't he?

"You love me?"

Yes, yes he did.

"Uh… yes. Please don't freak out?"

"I do not 'freak out'. I am Vulcan."

"Right. And half."

There's maybe a second of panicked silence on both their counts, and Jim wishes there was a way of kicking himself without Spock noticing. Unlikely.

"I am… glad."

Jim decides to smile. "Does it give you a 'profound pleasure', Mr Spock?" He asks in mock-seriousness. Spock's playful punch to the shoulder is actually kind of strong, ouch, but Jim just laughs harder.

"It makes me… happy, Jim."


"Very happy."


"Because I love you."


"Are you capable of any other vowels?"

"Uh… yeah?"


And because nature is just awesome like that, dawn breaks right then.

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