E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: twist

Length: 100 words

This is set in season three. Remember when Dean was taking all the crazy risks and such and Sam just wanted him to be his brother again? *sniff* Dean's picked a fight with a guy twice his size and this is what happens after. Happy Birthday Supernoodle!

Dean twisted in his seat, pressing his bruised face against the cool glass of the Impala's window.

"Dean? You with me?"



"My head hurts, S'mmy." He shifted again, leaning toward the sound of Sam's voice, falling over in the seat, finding a warm solid mass to snuggle against.

"Dude, I can't drive with you in my lap."


"Dean, look at me."

Dean forced his eyes open.

Sam sighed. "You are so concussed."

Dean smiled. "Should see the other guy."

"I did," Sam said quietly. "What were you thinking?"

"Got n'thin' to lose," slurred Dean.

"But I do."