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Author/Beta Note: This is the sequel to the One-Shot, Topaz Visions. Please read it before reading this story. This multi-chapter story has been revamped, beta'd, and blogged. I hope you enjoy!

Will You Marry Me?

Edward POV

It had been a few months since Bella and I had become sexually intimate. I said just sexually, but she and I both knew it was more than just sex. She and I both felt the bond between us growing stronger with every passing moment.

I knew I would never let her go, and she didn't want me to either. Our hunger for each other was equally matched. Every chance we got, we were touching each other. Our bond was so much more than physical; it was something unexplainable, so we didn't try to explain it. We just simply felt it.

I sat sometimes and watched her as she worked. Her movements, each one of them, were significant to me. Everything about her called to me, begging me to make her mine in every sense of the word. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. Every time we made love, I felt the urge to bite into her tantalizing flesh and seal her fate for all eternity. I knew she would not fight me on this issue. I didn't even know what the holdup was really. I knew I wanted her forever; and I knew until she was like me, I wouldn't be able to give her all of myself as I should.

It was in this moment of laying here with her deeply asleep in my arms, after once again bringing her to the point of exhaustion through the pleasure of lovemaking that I realized I was ready to make Bella mine completely.

A few hours later...

Bella POV

"Edward, oh yes, baby, mmmm... I love it when you lick and suck me hard with your mouth. I need to cum, Edward, please make me cum," I begged him. Only a second later, his lips were latched tightly onto my clit, sucking hard…while his tongue was like a whip, flicking it.

"Ahhhhhhhh, Edwarrrrrrrd! Oh yeah, baby, suck harder, suck as hard as you can; it feels so good!" I screamed, as I shoved his face as hard as I could against my aching lips.

I was in physical pain, but I didn't want him to stop; it felt too good. It was a good thing he was a vampire that didn't need to breathe, or my poor darling would have suffocated by now. Of course, he complied with my every wish; but yet he still held back, being ever mindful of my body being breakable compared to his totally indestructible one. I could feel his suction increase; as I felt his tongue flatten and press hard against my clit, making me come so hard I actually passed out.

I awoke a short time later with Edward still between my legs and his head on my stomach. I reached down to stroke his hair and let him know I had regained consciousness. He looked up at me and smirked.

"That good, huh?" he asked.

"Oh shut up," I said, as I laughed.

Edward laughed too, as he kissed his way up my body, stopping to kiss and suckle my nipples before leaving a trail of wet kisses up to my lips. Once he reached my lips, he kissed me passionately, making me moan. I felt his dick twitch, as I did.

"Mmmm, Bella love, you are still wet. I want you again, love. I want to be buried inside of you, making you scream from coming until you are hoarse. Do you have any idea what it does to me to know I can make you cum so hard that you literally pass out? I want to do that to you again, but I want to be inside of you. I love it when you hold my hard shaft captive deep inside of your luscious body," he whispered in a low husky voice.

What he was saying and doing brought a thought to my mind and a conversation I wanted to have with him.

"Edward, baby, I want to talk to you about something," I said.

His movements stopped; and he was suddenly still as a statue, listening intently to what I was saying. When he didn't say anything, I continued on.

"I want to talk about becoming like you... you know, a vampire," I told him.

Edward POV

With those words, I knew where this was going. I knew without her even having to say it; I knew she was asking me when I was going to change her. I moved so she was laying on top of me, and I had my arms wrapped around her holding her close. I was ready for this to happen.

"Okay love, I'm listening," I said.

She smiled up at me before asking: "So, are you really ready to put up with me for all of eternity?"

She had no idea how much I wanted her to be like me, so I could give her all of me without holding back.

"Love, I am very anxious for you to be like me. I have to hold back right now to keep from accidentally hurting you. I am ready to change you whenever you are ready, so I can give all of myself to you. I feel like I am cheating you, but I know that until you are changed that it has to be this way," I said.

Her eyes lit up, and her smile lit up her whole face. She instantly wrapped her body around mine and squeezed with all her might.

"Oh Edward, I can't wait anymore. I am ready, but I want it to be really special. I want it to be as romantic and sensual as possible," she told me. I would give Bella anything she asked.

"Tell me what you want Bella, and I will make it happen exactly that way," I said.

She did tell me what she wanted, and I was thrilled to find she had some of the same ideas I had been thinking about. It proved just how much she and I belonged together. She was my other half.

Bella POV

I was so glad I had that talk with Edward. It made me feel so much better. I knew I loved him beyond all comprehension, and soon I was going to be able to be with him forever. I fell asleep that night after many hours of lovemaking and dreamt of how I would become a vampire.

In the last few months, I had become even closer to Edward's family, especially to Alice and Esme. I knew it would be Alice who would help me get prepared for my eternity with Edward.

"Okay, Bella. First things first, we need a spa day; and we need to do it on the day before Edward turns you that night. Once you are turned that is the way you will stay for all time. There's a lot to do, so we need to get busy," Alice explained.

"Whatever you say, Alice, just tell me when and where I need to be; and I will be there," I told her.

"Someone is anxious," she said with a laugh.

"I am, Alice. I love Edward so much, and I just want to be perfect for him. I don't want him to ever regret choosing me. I couldn't bear it if I was a disappointment to him," I said.

"Bella, he loves you with everything in him. He has since the day he saw you walked in here and asked for a job. It drove him nuts having to listen to the thoughts of the male employees and male patrons that come in here, and it still does. He'd kill Mike and Tyler, as well as about half the male population, if it wouldn't expose us for what we are for thinking inappropriate thoughts about you. It drives him nuts to hear Jessica and Lauren or any other female think ill thoughts toward you out of jealousy. So, I know you don't have anything to worry about anything where that is concerned," Alice explained.

Valentine's Day I was going to wake up a vampire because that's how I wanted it to be, and Edward agreed. It was perfect for us.

Dinner out with family…..

Alice had worked on me for hours, getting me ready for tonight. The dress Alice chose for me was gorgeous. It was a neutral colored print mini-dress. It was strapless and clung to my body like a glove.

She polished me up with the slightest bit of makeup, which consisted of eyeliner, mascara, and dark eye shadow, giving me the perfect smoky eye. She topped it off with a clear shimmering lip gloss coating. I was also wearing four inch, grey Jimmy Choo heels.

Edward POV

I couldn't wait until I could take Bella out tonight; I was going to ask her to marry me. I wanted her to have my last name as well as my venom running through her veins. I knew our bond went way beyond that and was much more important, but it was still another tangible way to make her mine. I could announce it to the world; that she would be mine and mine alone.

This was Thursday; and I was taking Bella out to a nice dinner with my family, as I wanted them all present when I asked Bella to marry me. After she hopefully said yes, I wanted to take her home and spend the night making love to her. She had asked to be changed in time, so that she would awaken a vampire on Valentine's Day; and if that was what Bella wanted, then that was what I would do. I would give her anything to make her as happy as she made me, even if I couldn't exactly figure out the significance of her request. I could only guess it was romantic in Bella's eyes.

Alice and the rest of the family helped me get everything set up and in place. At 7:00 p.m. sharp, I was knocking on Bella's door. When she opened it, I was stunned by the beauty that was before me.

I could tell Alice had worked her magic, not that Bella needed it because Bella would be stunning in a potato sack. The dress Alice had put Bella in was stunning. It clung tightly to her body and showcased her ample cleavage. My dick was instantly hard, as I thought about sliding it in the valley of that cleavage later on tonight.

Bella's naturally beautiful skin was only enhanced by the slightest bit of makeup. Damn, could this woman be any sexier? Her lips were naturally plump, but were made to look even plumper tonight; and those heels on her extremely long legs were just screaming "Fuck Me Already!" I just wanted to grab her and push her up against the door and kiss her until she passed out.

Instead of being selfish and having all of my family's hard work to make tonight perfect go to waste, I somehow pushed those thoughts aside until later on. I was brought out of my lust induced haze by Bella's musical laughter, and I realized I had been ogling her for ever how long it was that I was lost in my own little fantasy land.

"Edward, babe, is everything okay? Do I look alright?" she asked.

"Bella, you look...there aren't enough words to express what you in that dress is doing to me right now, love. I was seriously considering calling tonight off and just holding you hostage, but I really don't want to piss off my mother and sisters. With that being said, I suppose if you are ready that we should get going," I explained, reaching for her hand.

I pulled her to me and gave her a kiss, and then I led her out to the car and helped her in. Once we arrived at the restaurant, which happened to be Bella Italia, I helped her out of the car; and I escorted her inside, where the rest of my family were already waiting. We were greeted by the hostess, who looked at me appraisingly and glared at Bella before being shown to our table.

I was never surprised anymore at the thoughts that went through a human's mind upon seeing myself or any of my family. We were quite used to being stared at and lusted after. The thoughts were now very unwelcome since I knew Bella and I belonged together, whereas before I might have been tempted to act on an attractive woman's need for me to satisfy her. Now that I had Bella, I was not in the least bit tempted and never would be again.

After being seated, our waiter came over to take our drink order, while we looked over the menu. Of course, little did he know only Bella would be the only one really eating, while the rest of us would pretend to eat.

I noticed the way he looked at the females sitting around our table. His thoughts were not at all offensive. He was just awed by so much female beauty and wondered if and when he would find the right girl for him. He hoped to get one that would be just a fraction as beautiful as the women at mine, my father, and my brothers' sides. Once he had our drink order, he left only to return a short time later to bring us our drinks and take our food orders. We all ordered something different, so we could give Bella a taste of what each of us had. When she became one of us, she would no longer have the need to eat human food; and I wanted her to have as many good memories as possible to bring with her into eternity.

The restaurant was packed full, but Alice had requested for us to be seated as privately as possible. So here we sat in the very back of the room at a round table, all talking and laughing and enjoying being together. I was more than pleased to know that my family loved and accepted Bella as easily as she accepted them. Esme and Carlisle had longed for this day since the moment they met her. They were very excited to have me settle down after all this time.

Esme had always been very frank about her feelings when it came to me choosing a mate. She didn't want me to pick just anyone. It had to be someone of worth and not the worldly kind. The woman Esme wanted me to be with had to be as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. I could tell by the way she accepted Bella as soon as they had exchanged hellos that Esme was already hoping that tonight would happen. Carlisle, as well as Emmett and Jasper, just wanted me to be happy no matter what, while Alice and Rosalie wanted me to pick someone who would understand me; and of course, it wouldn't hurt if she was someone who liked to shop and go to the spa as much as they did. Bella was the perfect addition to my family. She would make it complete.

A short while later, Bella was finished eating dinner; and all of us were once again just enjoying each other's company. When I decided it was time to pop the question, Alice, who was sitting across from me, distracted Bella, while I pulled the ring out of my pocket and slid down to one knee beside her.

Bella was responding to a question, when my movements next to her caught her attention. Immediately, Bella turned to look at me. She had the cutest confused look on her face I had ever seen. I could see that she was trying to figure out why I was on one knee beside her; so before she could say anything, I opened the ring box and held it up to her.

"Bella, I want you to know I have loved and adored you from the moment you walked into my club and asked for a job. I think you are the most beautiful, charming, and dazzling creature that God has ever made and put on this earth. I would be the happiest man in the whole existence of the world, if you would give me the honor of accepting this ring and agreeing to become my wife," I told her, then was quiet, while I looked at her waiting for an answer.

It took what seemed like forever, but it was really only seconds for a smile to spread across her delicious lips and a large tear to roll down her face before she said: "Oh Edward! I would be the one who would be honored by becoming your wife. Yes, of course I will marry you."

If my heart could have beaten, it would have sounded like a thousand drums; I was so elated that Bella had said yes to me. I slid the two carat, heart-shaped diamond engagement ring on her finger and kissed it while looking into Bella's eyes to see them brimming with unshed tears. I rose up from my knees and pulled her up with me, as I wrapped my arm around her waist. I hugged her tight, before letting her go and turned to face my family, who wore expressions almost as happy as mine.

One by one, they came and hugged us both before making their way back to their seats. The waiter soon came and brought the check, which Carlisle automatically grabbed claiming he was going to cover it. After the check was paid, we made our way to our vehicles. I took Bella to my house, where I knew Alice would have my bedroom and bathroom set up, as I had requested. I unlocked and opened the door then stepped aside, so Bella could pass and enter.

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