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Vampire Love & Always and Only

Edward POV

I held Bella while she changed. It was hard not to touch her, while she moaned and cried out my name; but I just didn't feel right touching her intimately, while she was unaware of me doing it. With her being aroused during the change, her body was craving intimacy; and after awhile, I finally gave in. Her body responded to my touches and caresses, as she normally would. She was so beautiful and sexy. I couldn't wait for her to wake up so we could really be together again.

It took less time than normal for the change to take place than I had originally thought it would. At a quarter past midnight on Valentine's Day, I was staring into the ruby red irises of my one and only love.

I stayed silent, while I held her as she lay in my arms; she looked around taking everything in with her enhanced senses. After awhile, she finally met my gaze. I smiled; and she returned it, while turning in my arms to face me.

"Good morning, my love, and Happy Valentine's Day," I whispered to her.

"Morning, to you too. Thank you, Edward, for making me your wife and your mate in every sense of the word," she said

"I wouldn't have it any other way, Bella. You are my life, and I love you," I replied and leaned in to kiss her.

I had planned on a sweet slow romantic kiss, but Bella had other plans. With her newborn strength, she wrapped her body around mine and kissed me passionately. Surprisingly, she wasn't using all her strength, but enough to know she was there and what she wanted.

"Careful, sweetheart, you are playing with fire right now. I have been listening to you call my name and begging me to touch you and fuck you for almost three days. I am trying hard not to be selfish and give in, but you are making it quite difficult," I explained to her.

"I am aware of what I am doing, Edward. I want my husband to fuck me as hard, deep, and fast, as he can right now," she said.

Hearing Bella say those words were just the last straw, and I gave her exactly what she asked for. Without hesitation, I rolled on top of her and quickly spread her legs and pushed them so her knees were meeting her chest. I looked down, and I could see as well as smell her unmistakable arousal.

Bella had never ceased to amaze me in anything she did, especially in the bedroom. I was in complete awe of her though, when she took my hand and licked each one of my fingers and then licked from bottom to tip of my index finger then sucked it into her mouth. Her eyes were full and hungry with lust, as she took my finger and ran it from her mouth to her neck, then her chest, and last of all right down the center of her breasts to her pussy.

"Now, Edward, that is where I want you until I say otherwise. Am I clear, husband?" Bella said with a raised eyebrow.

Holy shit! I had to struggle not to come all over her right then. She was so damned sexy in showing me what she was capable of doing to me as well as demanding what she wanted from me.

"Yes ma'am, I am very clear, wife," I told her as I settled between her legs and entered her body.

She moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around me. It was hard to move because she was holding me so tight, but I was not about to complain. I moved, making short but deep thrusts inside her. The way our bodies were meshed together my pelvic bone was hitting her clit every time. It was making her hiss and moan.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Edward, Yessss, baby that feels so good. Don't stop. Keep going just like that. Ahhh!" Bella said.

Bella POV

If I wasn't already dead, I was going to be shortly. My husband was without a doubt the best lover on the planet. His long thick cock felt like a piece of velvet covered steel moving inside my pussy. He was fucking me with such precision hitting just the right spots continuously. I could feel myself having mini-multi-orgasms. It was a good thing that I was now a vampire and could last as long as he could. We may not get out of this bed the whole time we are on our honeymoon.

"Ohhhh Bella, I'm so fucking hard baby. Let me cum deep inside your pussy. Agh! I need to cum. Your pussy feels too good. Let me fill you up. I will cum hard and fast and make you cum then fuck you some more," he pleaded.

His words and tone reached my ears, and that was all it took. I exploded. My pussy clenched and released milking his cock for everything he had. I felt his essence spill out in me, and I screamed.

Edward POV

Fuck! I had just come harder than I ever had and longer than I ever had. Bella's pussy was milking my cock for all it had. I gently let my weight settle on her, knowing that now I didn't have to worry about crushing her.

I lay there still hard inside of her. Our heavy panting kept us moving against each other as I ravished her breasts and nipples with my mouth. I knew if Bella had still been human there is no way she could have withstood what just happened and what was still happening.

She would have been sore and very sensitive. Every time I moved; she cried out. I knew she wasn't hurt; she was that sensitive, but I knew I had to pull out of her and take her to hunt. It took a while, but I finally got myself and Bella out of bed. We got dressed, and I took her out for her first hunt.

Words weren't adequate enough to describe how thrilling it was to see her now in my element. She was a natural. She was lithe and graceful. She used stealth as she stalked her prey. She was precise when she killed. Damn it, I was hard again. I never dreamed I would be aroused at watching my mate kill and feed. When she was finished with the large deer, she stood up and looked at me and smirked.

"See something that pleases you, husband?" she asked.

Her tone was low, husky, and very seductive. The smirk on her face and her eyes turning black with lust let me know she knew what she was doing. Without answering her, I moved to stand in front of her. I had her naked and on the ground with my cock buried inside her quicker than she could think about.

"I don't know, wife; you tell me, and we will both know," I said, as I steadily pumped in and out of her.

I kept my strokes hard and deep. I was barely allowing her to catch her breath before I plunged in again as hard as I could. I was glad she didn't actually need to breathe anymore.

"Agh! So good! Edward!" she panted out.

I could feel my lower abs getting tight and knew my climax was getting close. I wanted to be as deep inside her as I could get. I wanted her to feel me cum as much as she could. I pulled out and flipped her over onto her belly then had her get on her hands and knees.

"Get ready, baby, I'm going to fuck you and cum so hard you will be feeling it this time next week," I told her and plunged back inside her.

Bella POV

I felt Edward plunge into me from behind. Even as a vampire, it felt like he was slicing me into; but it felt so damn good. I let the top half of my body fall to the ground and propped my head on my crossed arms. Edward's cock was now buried to the hilt and constantly pressing on my g-spot.

"Oh yeah! That's it, baby, give me that tight sweet pussy. Tell me how hard you want to be fucked by your husband," Edward demanded.

I loved hearing him talk to me like that. I was so turned on already, and that pushed me over the edge.

"Ungh! Oh! Agh! Fuck me, baby! Yes! Fuck me hard! I want it!" I screamed.

Edward grabbed my hips and held me to him as he plunged deep inside me, while he reached around with one hand and pinched my clit. I screamed his name, as I came again.

"Ughhhhhh! Aghhhhh! Bellllllllla!" Edward growled my name, as he spilled his essence into me.

We fell to the ground together in a heap. It felt good having him surround me as we lay naked on the forest floor. We lay kissing and enjoying the quiet for a few more minutes, before we got up and ran back to the cabin.

Edward POV

Once Bella and I were back at the cabin, we got a shower and piled up on the couch to watch a movie. I think she watched more of it than I did. I got lost in my thoughts.

I couldn't help but replay every moment of my life since Bella had walked into it. I knew without a doubt I was given a gift, and I would treasure it for all of my days.

I knew it would always and only be Bella that I loved.

The End

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