Without warning I heard a deep gasp and Bella was sitting upright. She seemed startled and it was far too early for her to wake.

"Bella? Are you alright, sweetheart?" I asked her quickly searching her face trying to ascertain what was wrong.

"Oh, It was only a dream" she said seemingly startled and confused.

"It's ok love, it was only a dream. I'm here, I'm with you. You are safe" I muttered to her sitting upright by her side rocking her gently.

"Did you have another nightmare?" I asked her wishing instantly that I could take away her startling dreams.

"Not a nightmare" she said with a break in her voice. "It was a good dream"

"Then why are your crying?" I asked wishing yet again I could hear her thoughts and understand her sudden emotional outburst.

"My dream" she said struggling to speak between the sudden sobs. "I wanted it to be real" and she began sobbing again.

Uncertain of how to soothe her I grabbed her hand. ""Tell me about it" I urged. "Maybe that will help." I waited patiently for her to begin.

Tears streamed down her cheek and through her quieted sobbed she said "We were on the beach…." and she trailed off.

"And?" I prompted her to continue wondering what on the beach could've elicited such a response. She was silently sobbing. Her silence tore at me internally as I could tell she was hurting but I could not understand why."Tell me, Bella" I pleaded while desperately searching her eyes wishing I could understand what was happening.

Instead of speaking she grabbed me and threw her body into mine catching me off guard with a feverish kiss. Her lips moved with urgency, passion and new edge, an edge beyond desire… something new. I gently returned her kiss while taking her arms from around my neck and holding her shoulders pulling her body from mine so I could see into her eyes.

"No, Bella"

"I'm s-s-s-orry" she mumbled. Her bottom lip quivered and her eyes looked directly into mine with ignited desire.

I pulled her quickly to me feeling her warm body against mine. I felt her wrap her arms around my waist and interlocking her hands at my back.

"I can't, Bella, I can't!" I said to her with an agonized breath that was almost a moan as I felt her delicate hands dig into my back.

"Please" she said pushing her face into my chest "Please, Edward?"

My name on her lips with such utter vulnerability and desire, combined with my own need for her overcame the careful walls I put up to protect her. In that moment feeling my Bella, so warm and hurting at my rejection in my arms I could no longer fight.

I could no longer tell her 'No'. I had to have her, I had to fill her need and make her smile again.

Before I could lose my nerve I quickly cupped her chin and raising her face to mine and letting out a primal groan I crushed her lips to mine.

I allowed myself to feel, to feel her and taste her. My hands grabbing her hair and holding her body close to mine.

Her hands behind my back grasped at my shirt with her breath ragged. I pulled back remembering how she needed to breath and I did not object as she pulled my shirt over my head.

I looked at her beautiful face and with inhuman speed lifted her soft body in my arms standing with one of her thighs in my hand and an arm wrapped around her back in an instant kissing her passionately as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I sat on the edge of the bed with her body facing me.

I took silent pleasure and delight after restraining myself so fully in gently caressing her body and kissing her along her cheek and to her neck. My mind reveled in hearing the soft moans escaping her lips. I leaned into her neck placing kisses along her collarbone up to the nap of her neck, feeling her heart race and her blood pulsating through her veins.

Her hands moved wildly twisting themselves into my hair and her body began to writhe in seductive gyrations on my lap sending bolts of electricity through my veins. Watching my Bella bite her lip with pleasure and throw her head back with reckless abandon overcame all of my senses.

I wanted her, I needed her. Suddenly I could not wait to feel her skin upon mine.

I lifted her body gently nuzzling my face between her breast and I gripped the lace with my teeth tearing it open to expose her soft breasts. A growl escaped my lips as I gently planted kisses down her collarbone and down to the soft bud of her breast.

I slowly opened my mouth and let the bud of her left breast gently cross my lips. I held her tenderly and I softly let my tongue travel from her bud to the underside of her breast reveling in the soft shudders my actions sent through her body and the way her bud stood at attention with my touch. I planted kisses across her cleavage and greedily but cautiously I took her other breast into my mouth delighting in the texture of her skin in my mouth and on my tongue.

I rested Bella back on my lap and felt her squirm as her thighs hit my arousal. Her eyes widened at the contact as did my own.

"Edward" she said as she looked me in my eyes her lids heavy with pleasure. I kissed her deeply while standing up with her legs still around my waist. She began kissing and nibbling on my shoulder and the feeling of pleasure rendered me unable to move as I held her with my hands supporting her under her thighs.

"Edwards..I want you, I need you!" she said with ragged breath directly into my ear.

Hearing those words sent tingles though my body and I walked with three wide steps and leaned Bella against the paneled bedroom wall.

Her body heaved with desire as I tiled her backward kissing her body from her neck to her breasts and running my hands over the contours of her stomach and coming to a rest on her waist drinking in the vision of her pale skin matching mine in the moonlight. I held her by the waist re-memorizing every inch of her glorious body from this angle.

I growled again fighting to keep control as I found her lips before moving to her ear, her jaw, and her neck. I turned and walked back to the bed laying her gently on her back.

I quickly lowered myself to her, hovering my body over hers being careful to support my weight.

"Edwards, please" she said lifting her hips to mine. Moving her warm soft hands down the planes of my stomach to the top of my khaki's untying the knot and unzipping my pants.

I trailed kisses down the soft curve of her stomach and over to her hips pressing my palm against her opening feeling the fruits of her arousal through the soft lace fabric.

In one quick motion I pulled my shorts off and moved my hands to her hips and punched holes into the side of her underwear and smiled and she seemed oblivious to me ripping her clothing to shreds. I tossed the black fabric to the bottom of the bed and brought my hips forward in line with hers.

"Bella" I said with apprehension in my voice. I was concerned of hurting her but desire was winning over my rationalizations.

"Edward, it's ok, I love you… I need you" she said with certainty.

Softly, aware of my movements, I ran my hand from her cheek, down her arm, across her stomach, over hip, and then I slowly allowed my thumb to gently trace the vein from the hinge of her hip down to her knee till I cupped her calf and pulled her leg around my waist and I felt the heat of her love rush against my arousal.

I took her face between my hands kissing her with more fervor than before and I hesitated checking my control as I slowly entered her opening. The sensation was nearly overwhelming, the feeling of her warm soft body slowly enveloping my arousal inch by inch. I moved slowly, deliberately, keeping my eyes on her face searching for any signs of distress.

Her eyes widened and fell soft with pleasure and a soft moan escaped her lips. I froze at the sound not wanting to escape the moment.

Sensing my hesitation Bella began pushing her hips against mine until I was fully inside of her. Still unable to move but enjoying every sensation she began grinding her hips against me. She threw her arms around my neck pulling herself off the bed and she began moving quicker than I expected.

The suddenness of her attack took me by surprise and I had to pull back withdrawing from her and instantly I missed the warmth of her folds.

As I pulled back Bella followed me sitting up, she placed her hands on my chest looking me in the eye and nudged me as if she wished for me to lay back.

I looked at her face and swiftly complied. Laying on my back and allowing her to straddle my abdomen her hands on my chest.

Bella peppered my chest with kisses leaving a scorching trail behind each one and sending shocks of electricity through my form.

She shifted her weight back and took my arousal into her hand. The sensuality of the movement overwhelmed me as I took pleasure in her soft fingers wrapping themselves around me. Reveling in her touch, I felt the urge to squeeze her but knowing what a mistake that could be I instead lifted my arm above my head searching for any inanimate object I could reach. My hand settled on the head board which I gripped grimly. I felt the wood begin to grate leaving and indention where my fingers so feverishly pressed into the hard wood creating a soft mold around my touch. Before I could fully register the situation Bella lifted herself above my arousal and slowly aligned her opening directly over me and began to slide me into her depths.

The vision of her straddling me naked in the mood light without any barriers between us and her fully body in front of me was unbeatable. I gripped the headboard harder as she began lifting herself slightly and with a curved motion plunging myself into her depth. Her hands found my chest and she began pushing off the stone of my chest lifting herself slightly with each movement.

"Bella" I moaned loudly through my teeth unable to say more.

Her moans and sighs grew louder with her ragged breath matching mine. I wanted so desperately to grab her hips and guide her more but I had to be careful so I grasped the headboard tightly with both hands grateful for the thickness of the oak and forced my might into this action. As she began to lean forward opening her eyes staring into mine gyrating faster and faster making the most seductive sounds not words, not moans, but sounds of unbridled pleasure as she continued to grind quickly upon me.

My toes curled as I felt the unmistakable feeling of passion desire and the wishes for release tighten within my body.

At that moment she tossed her hair again sending a fresh wave of her scent and the scent of our passionate love making into my face and I felt a crack as the wood splintered above my head. I threw the now gorged chucks of wood aside and gently placed a hand on her hip to steady her in her movements as they became erratic and wild her back arched above me and she began to sigh with sounds of desire.

I sensed her closeness to climax as I gyrated my hips in time with hers. I grabbed the headboard once again and braced myself.

With a sudden movement Bella leaned forward her hair creating a shield of seclusion around us and her lips kissed mine and I felt convulsions pass through her body sending shivers through my own form as I felt her wetness drip from my arousal.

I could no longer contain myself with this vision of my Bella atop me releasing her climax and I climaxed in harmony gouging more headboard from the backing behind me but I could not think clearly of what happened as my vision was crowded with white and hearing became difficult.

Bella still leaning forward kissed my lips.

"I love you" she said breathlessly

"As I do you I replied" My mind still reeling from our love making and my ears and vision still slightly unfocused.

Bella slid her body off of my arousal which sent shivers through me as her soft folds left my shape.

She fell limply beside me with her head on my chest and quickly fell asleep.

Realizing my hands were still full of the wooden shards of the headboard I tossed the pieces of wood to the floor and I wrapped one arm gently around my Bella's warm body overheated by our love making and rested my other arm behind my head.

So much for distractions I thought with a sigh of satisfaction as I listened to the sound of the heartbeat of my Bella as she lay beside me sleeping in the slumber of satisfaction.