Challenge word: Twist Birthday drabble for Supernoodle, who wanted hurt!Dean after a fight. I went a bit past that...

WARNING: Missing scene from Mystery Spot, death drabble.

100 words (per MS word counter)

Another Tuesday Ends

By Swellison

Sam ran, cursing their earlier argument that had sent Dean barhopping, alone. Hearing grunts and thuds, he approached the bar's alley, catching four figures mid-fight.

"Dean!" Sam screamed as a two-by-four hit Dean's head and his brother slid down the bar's wall, his assailants scattering.

"What happened?" Sam knelt, wincing at the blood pouring from Dean's head.

"Sore losers." Dean's bloodied hand extracted several twenties from his pocket.

"Sore winner," Sam tried to joke, maneuvering Dean into his lap. Dean thought tomorrow was Wednesday, but Sam knew better. Heart twisting, he watched as the light faded from his brother's eyes.

A/N: I am a Mystery Spot junkie, so the combination of the challenge word and hurt!Dean left me pondering if I could kill off Dean in exactly 100's the result.