Challenge word: Shoulder Birthday drabble for 88Ivories

WARNING: Missing scene from Mystery Spot, continuation of Another Tuesday Ends

100 words (per MS word counter)

Chapter 3 Not Budging

By Swellison

Sam's eyes jerked open. He sprang up, hand slamming down on the clock, shattering Asia's "moment" into broken silence.

"Kinda rambunctious there, Tiger." Dean glanced from the broken clock to Sam.

"Can't take it anymore!" Sam shouted, hyperventilating, head knocking into the headboard as he crammed his back against it.

"Sammy, calm down." Dean sat on Sam's bed, gingerly checking Sam's head for bumps. "What's wrong?"

Sam buried his face in Dean's shoulder, gasping between tears. "You die...always Tuesday.... can't stop it...alone...."

"I'm here, Sammy," Dean soothed. "Not goin' anywhere."

Sam would cry all day if it kept Dean safe.

A/N: Happy birthday 88Ivories! Hope you like this little extra dollop of Mystery Spot angst;-)