Neji had ran, all the way from the kitchen, Chinese food with a side of pickled plums forgotten at the heart-wrenching scream from upstairs, the sound of a body hitting the floor, the cloying scent of blood filling the air. He stood now, stunned, numbing horror coursing through him for his wife, normally orderly brown hair in disarray about tear-streaked face, their ends a dark red from the pool of blood surrounding her; no, coming from her, as she cried with an arm wrapped around her small, far too small waist. He knew, knew even before she choked back her sobs enough to whisper the damning words, words to crush their hope and the life born between them.

"I lost her, Neji, I lost the baby"

* * *

"I'm sorry, Tenten, Neji, but this was not a one-time occurrence,"

They were in the hospital, white walls on white floors on white faces, the greatest medic-nin of all pronouncing their fate, words carefully construed in order to inflict the least pain, his veins bulging as he scanned his wife, confirming with his own white eyes the truth of her statement.

"Occasionally infertility will occur in female shinobi*, especially those who excel in taijutsu. Due to the extensive training regime you have had since early childhood, it is unlikely that you will ever come to full term**,

"Forgive me, Tenten, I have searched and never found a cure, but believe me when I say I understand your pain. If there is anything you need, let me help..."

Neji shook his head dumbly, holding his shivering wife in his hands. They had been so close, just 3 more months. He allowed himself a small tear before teleporting from the hospital.

He tucked Tenten into bed, throwing out the cold lunch from a happier lifetime. A plan forming behind impassive white eyes, Neji set the traps before heading out to the busiest place in town at this time of night, the Ichiraku Ramen Bar. A certain blonde shinobi had a debt to be reminded of, and a jutsu which would get Tenten her child, even if Neji would have to walk through Hell, pregnancy and all, to do it.

*I debated on whether or not to call Tenten a kunoichi or female shinobi, but went with the latter for kunoichi were in the real world undercover ninjas, i.e. assasins, and the like, and would not have used the showy weapons jutsus as Tenten does.

**Physical stress and low body fat content (Tenten was 93 lbs. in the first part and 104 lbs. at 17 years of age) can also be contributing factors that lead to an absence of menstruation and ovulation, resulting in infertility.