The young shinobi slumped, as much as any branch-family Hyuuga would, against the alley wall, the only sign of his depression a bare inclination of his head and a slight slope to the shoulders. But to his few close friends it screamed "Leave me alone! My life is over!" He prayed no one would see him, or at least know him well to notice his misery. Or care. Unfortunately for Neji, someone who filled all those requirements and more bounded along and stood colorful and bright against the drab walls.

"Ah, Neji, what a YOUTHFUL day it is today! One to be spent Enjoying our Happiness, not hiding in the UNYOUTHFULLY Dark and Depressing Alley !"

To the uninformed, Rock Lee's greeting would have seemed the same as six years ago, all of them 12-year-old Genin who could not see beyond their own noses, even Neji with his Byakagun blind as the rest. But they were older, and behind those wide eyes and careless words lay understanding. Lee noticed something was amiss, and confronted him in his usual way. Giving Neji room to shrug the green-clad Jounin off, not that he would leave the Hyuuga alone, anyway.

Neji sighed, better the let the truth out now, Lee would hear about it from Sakura later. She had been one of the medic-nin working on his wife, and while Sakura did not see Tenten personally, she filed the reports and would undoubtably read them. Her boyfriend would be the first to know, being one of Team Gai himself.

"Tenten is fine, but she lost the baby."

"Neji, I'm so... But it will be All Right, for in the Springtime of Our Youth We can Prevail!"

Neji, I'm so sorry. But you can't let this get you down, you must be strong for Tenten, she needs to realize that this isn't the end. Neji was fluent in Gai/Rock Lee speech, the translation almost instantaneous. Walking beside Lee to a less populated part of town, he responded to the actual words.

"Tsunade-sama said Tenten is infertile. I had planned to use the Sexy-no-Jutsu in order to carry the child for her, but we have no sperm donor."

People often equated Rock Lee with Naruto, in their boundless energy and similarly open and extremely stubborn natures. But Rock Lee didn't even blink, much less choke, at the grand reveal and merely carried on, perhaps a bit more boisterous than before.

"But in the Springtime of our Youth, Anything is Possible!"

"Not now, Lee, not anymore."

The setting sun sparkled on Lee's teeth, Neji long ago classified the strange power Lee and Gai had over the time of day as a fact of life, and the jounin took the patented " One Thumb Up: We Can Do This!" stance before him.

"But Sakura-chan is a medic-nin, we can take this Problem to her, and Perhaps she can Restore you and Tenten to your Youthful Vitality and Spirit!"

At once Neji's heart leapt to his throat, could it be? is it possible?

Rock Lee kept talking, though Neji was long past caring, bounding across the rooftops to the kunoichi's apartment. Neji didn't bother with the lock, though his former teammate had the key, instead blasting it apart with a surge of white chakra.

"You're lucky that I disabled the traps, Neji-san, or else that would have ended very, very badly."


"You're also lucky I know what's going on, Naruto told me. And I think I can help."

Sasuke's betrayal had aged her, green eyes hardened like dull emeralds, no longer grass to bend and break with the smallest footfall. Lee was a blessing to her, Neji thought, if he were poetic like Hinata nee-chan he would say she had been like a fragile sapling, grown into a great tree. And with Lee and his Springtime of Youth she had just begun to flower, open up and become truly beautiful.

"We have started a new process at the hospital. It is called in vitro fertilization. Normally it is used to pick the best sperm and egg in clans with bloodline traits, but theoretically it can be used to take a female egg and a male sperm and transplant them into a new body. This would not work for Tenten, as her body is physically infertile, and would reject the child no matter how much chakra we poured into her. You, on the other hand, would be able to carry the child to full term."

Hope flowed into Neji, his white eyes widening then closing with relief. He would be able to save Tenten. All he had to do was talk to her and convince her that this was right, everything would be alright. Rock Lee struck his "Both Thumbs Up: Strong/Protective Pose"

"And never fear, Neji! We shall be as Discreet as Possible until you are ready to share your Youthful Happiness with the Rest of the Village, as you Blossom in the Blessing of True Love and-"

Everything's going to be alright, Neji. We'll protect you from the villager's scorn and back-talking until they can see what a wonderful thing it is. And besides, anyone else who DOESN'T see it our way will find it very hard to see anything with their head up their-


"Yes, my most Youthful Comrade?"

"I am being happy."


"Quiet is conducive to my happiness."


"You are not quiet."

"Oh, of course! Then I shall show my Happiness for you both in a purely Physical and Platonic Manner!"

"Wait, wha-?"

Even with his all-seeing eyes, being able to track a shinobi means little when the fastest and most youthful Taijutsu Master in Konoha decides to give you a hug.

A Very Manly Hug.

But still a hug.



Whew. There goes another one. I'm sorry if the beginning was a tad dark, I wanted to wallow in extreme Angsty!Neji. Its fun! ^u^ I tried to make up for it in the end, I totally just saw the picture of Lee glomping stoic Neji: "I think Someone needs a hug..." "Oh S**T RUN AWAY!" Again, NO ONE IS REVIEWING! Except for librarycat9 *hugz and offers cookies*. So that means I don't know if anyone wants a different POV. I'll keep writing, regardless, because I can't stand it when people leave stories hostage for reviews *glowers. you KNOW it if I'm talking to you* JKJK.

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P.S. I realized that the timeline might be a bit confusing, so here it is:

Neji and Tenten are about to have an early dinner, about 4 pm where she loses the baby.

They go to the hospital for about 2 hours.

Neji finds Naruto and tells him what he wants, at around 7 pm, after taking Tenten home.

The next day, Neji and Naruto meet up approximately during lunch time and talk.

Neji wanders around Konoha for a few hours, and at about 4:00 pm Rock Lee finds him, and takes him to Sakura.