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Chapter : Sakura

Sakura tsukiyomi ; Daughter of Amu Hinamori and Ikuto Tsukiyomi . Her Parents own Easter now, which has become one of the most finest music company's in all of japan and most of the world. Sakura here is in 3rd grade, she goes to Seiyo Elem. Her Best friend yuki who is also in her grade is a gifted piano player, Her parents also owns one of the finest hotels in all of japan and some in America. They have been best friends since 1st grade.

Sakura has her mothers soft crème looking skin , honey golden eyes like her mothers but darker. She has her hair up to her shoulders, her hair color is like her fathers. She is really good at playing the violin, she wants to take her fathers footsteps. She wears Her clothes has a punk style like her mothers but sakura finds a way to make it look girly and is in love with HotTopic and has a side for claires.

Yuki kayomora best friends with sakura, yuki has tan looking skin and dark blue eyes, and jet black hair up to her waist. She is a gifted piano player,just like her mother. All Her clothes she likes to wear is dresses made from clothing lines and wears just a simple skinny jeans and shirt with the Hollister logo on it.

Ok guys this is not a chapter this is an epilogue ok!

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