Sakura's Day

'uhhhhhhggg' I Moped . ' Im So Bore-d ' I Said Sitting In My Bean Bag Listening To We R Who We R From Kesha (Don't Own , But Love The Song).

What Is A Blue-Haired Golden eyed girl supposed to do ? I was still in my Pj's so I walked to my closet and picked out a pair of black skinny jeans with my bright neon colored pink hellokitty shirt and black converse with my stud bracelets and belt ., I tucked my phone inside my back pocket . and sat down my bean bag again .

Mom And Dad Are Busy Working With A Client That Came From America To View Our Standards . I Sinked Down My Bean Bag Even More , I Paused My Ipod , Stood up and went to my computer To Log In Crunchyroll (Add Me ! Superelizabet101) , I Sqealed ! Today is a new episode of Yumerio Pattisiere Professional ! You Noe How Awesome this is?

Its like Oh Mein Gott ! (That's a German word for ' Oh My God ')

Also Is A New Epiosde of Lil Pri Too . I logged of and went to my little cabinet next to my bed , I Opened it and came out my obsession ! One Word….Ok Two Words…..


Have All The Twilight Saga Book! Team Edward All The Wayyyyyy (: I Have All The Vampire Academy Books , Marked , Betrayed , Choosen , How To Marry A Millionare Vampire , Because Your Vampire Said So ! Yeah I Noe Awesome Riiiiighhht .

I Picked Up Twilight One Of My Favorite Books From Stephanie Meyer. I Read This Book A lot Of Times Like 23 Times ? Lol Moment Sweetie .

I Skimmed Through It To Read My Fave Parts, I t Makes my heart scream not like a 'OMG' Scream It's a 'OMFG THIS IS SOO AAAAAHH!' Scream . My Friends Think Im Crazy , Cuz There In Team Jacob ! Stupid Dog , Scooby Doo Is Waaaayy Better Than That !

I Set Down My Book And Sighed , I Been Doing That A lot Lately . I Tackled Down MY Bed And Looked And The Pink Pale Ceiling , 'Why Doent Anything ….Adventurous Happen To Me ? , Some Pazzas In My Life Than Money ? Of Couse I Have Great Friends But I Want More Than That…maybe I should get a boyfriend ? a new….bestfriend?' I Stood Up Straight ,

'What am I thinking ? a new Bestfriend? A Boyfriend ?' I Shook My Head . I Grabed My Phone To Call Yuki She Might Be Doing Something More Interesting Than This …Just The My Phone Rang . I Answered It .

H-hello ?

Yuki ?

Oh Hey , What Are You Doing ? Were Are You ?

WHAT? Is She Alright ? Is She Dead? And Why Are You In Hinnako ? I Heard About The News Its Gunna Get Pretty Windy !


When Are You Going To Get Back ?


Uhg! Your Noe How Long That Is , But Ill Wait For you…..If You Want .


Uhm Ok , I Guess Since Your Sure , Well Cya (:

I Hanged Up The Phone And Placed It back in my pocket . should I wait for yuki so we can open the lock ? it would be fun with her , but she said she wanted me to open it ….I Siged , Decisions .

Somehow I Stood Up And Clenched my Hands, If Yukio Wants me to open it well Alriight !

With a sparkle in my eye I walked to the kitchen and opened a secret cabinet in the corner Were nobody knows but me and yuki, I opened it and showed a cookie jar , I twisted the top and showed the beautiful sparkly golden diamond clover looking lock and key ! I ran to my room making sure I was sneaky as a fox , even though my parents aren't hear it makes me feel like a spy somehow . weird right ? well get used to it honey .

When I locked my room behind my back , when I heard the satisfied click I walked over to the middle of my room for space, im getting kinda nervous …for some reason . but I feel excitement to !

" Alright! This isn't the time to back down , I have a mission to complete and yuki is counting on me….i think " I yelled for confidence but I mumbled the last p[art though . I giggled on how cliché that sounded.

I looked at the two golden things in my hands, I sighed and cluched them lightly over my chest. I felt something shiny and glowing .

I screamed and let them go quickly and backed away slowly ….

"what….was that ?" I said kinda scared and curious , the lock and key stopped glowing . I walked carefully to the key I pulled out my hand to reach it but pulled it back ….maybe this isn't a good idea.

No! this is something that hasn't happen to me before , its kinda cool , I mean this isn't your normal average thing that happens in your life right ?

I took the key and lock and out it inside and it started to glow like it did before , my heart is beating very fast , its like I cant breathe , but I found my voice again and twisted it …..

Then a huge cheer of different colors of light blasted before my eyes, it was like a dream….

There was twinkling stars right in my eyes , it felt like a was floating..WAIT A MINUTE ! I AM FLOATING?

"KYAAAAA~" I said as a did awkwardly back flips and tried to move around , and did swimming movements.

I looked around and found out that im not in my room no more , so then were am I ?

I looked over the lock and key together looking at a direction and started moving .. I followed it when I followed it I narrowed my eyes to see little sticks but when I closer it was, doors ? why would doors be here? 'Strange place' I thought .

The two shiny object stood over a door it was carven the same design as the lock and key …maybe the lock and key led me here to open it ? I cautiously touched the knob and turned it , slowly I pushed the door open and took a peek , I saw….

Everything..whaty I mean by that is I see , tree's , houses , land , grass , roads and normal things ? am I back home ? I never seen this part of town before … I walked out and mae sure everything is real and not fake , I even pinched mself . OW! Yep This Is 100% Real .

I turned around to see the door isn't there anymore. Not Even The Lock Or Key . I Decided to take a walk Around , I Saw a Middle Aged Lady With Sandy Blonde Hair And Green Eyes , I Walked Over To her and said

" Excuse Me Miss , Do You No Were This Palce Is ?"

She Looked With Smpathy At Me And Said Softly

" Right Now Were in Lincon Street , Are You Lost ?"

"No…Just Making Sure" I Said with a fake smile , she looked convinced , I wanted to smirk .

"Oh Well The Good Bye " She Said staring to leave..

"W-Wait! Uhm what day is it , because I forgot , sorry " I said with a goofy smile

"Oh Its October 18 , 2000"

Ohh Ocotber 18…that's the same date I was in back home , Maybe Im Ju-Wait a minute there ! 2000!

oh mon dieu, vous êtes sérieux, je suis allé dans le temps! C'est fou! (oh my god , are you serious , i went back in time ! thats crazy)

I was thinking in my mind , I looked up and saw the lady looking to see if I was ok , before she could answer I said quickly ,

"Ohh Yeah … sorry for bothering you I uhm..gotta go ! well Adios ! " (Bye )

I ran really fast and didn't look or care where I was going I was jsu t following my feet till I started panting and stopped and looked were I was at , im in a park .

The Smell Of Pine Relaxed Me ,

I Layed down the soft grass welcoming my body .

Idk ( I don't know ) why I am so calm , well I am kinda freaking out , ok a lot .

But how is that going to get me back home ?

I need some answers ….But How im 10 years back in time .

What-what am I Supposed to do ?

"this is hopeless " I felt the windy lightly touching my hair and face , dancing .

'Don't Ever Give Up Sakura' I hear , it sounded like bells .

I turned around , great now im going crazy ….

I stood up and started walking again , I was thinking about if my family is worrying bout me , yuki , oh she will be….terrified if I had gone missing .

While I was thinking, something interuptd my thoughts.


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