AN: A new story, slightly AU, and focussed on the relationship between Angeal and Genesis. Feedback is loved, hope you all like it. This was inspired by a very sad Genesis fic by spopococ
Pairing: Angeal and Genesis.
Warnings: none for this chapter, later abuse, creepy science, male x male romance, Zack and angst.

The room was white, the highly polished tiles glinting under the sterile bright lights. The air was chilled by the ventilation, air rattling through metallic tubes. Hojo walked through it, his leather boots clacking against the floor. This was as clean and quiet as the laboratory should be, with his two experiments currently resting. He glanced towards them and then walked away. He turned the lighting down, and slammed the door closed.

The loud crash of the door slamming disturbed the two inhabitants, each within a glass box. There were ventilation holes, and they were placed side by side. They were lined with blankets, and tubes snaked through the holes and rested on the bodies of the tiny beings inside. The smaller started to howl at the noise, sitting up and curling his knees up to his chest, rocking backwards and forwards. Beside him was a small flannel bear that had been repeatedly washed in order to ensure that it wouldn't bring any diseases to the labs. The washing had caused its colours to run, and now it was only a pastel version of its true nature.

The other toddler sat up at the noise, stretching. Unlike the other's curly red locks, his hair was shorter and spikier, several shades darker, near black. Beside him were a carefully disinfected toy train, and a bottle of milk.

He frowned, focussing on the crying child nearby. He raised a hand, tapping on the glass. When there was no response, he knocked on it louder. Just below where he tapped was a label, denoting him as experiment A, and the other boy as experiment G. Experiment G stopped crying at the noise, turning to find the source of it, curious. He noticed the other child, giggling as A stuck out his tongue. He shuffled closer to the wall, gurgling happily to himself.

A lifted up his milk bottle, guiding the teat to one of the ventilation slots which connected their glass prisons, and G leant down to gulp at it. He giggled, drinking thirstily as he fed on the food that had been intended for experiment A. It would probably upset the scientists, but right now he didn't care. He was thirsty, and too young to care about anything beyond himself.

The bottle was almost dry by the time the boy had finished. He moved away, grinning at A, and the two of them began to giggle. G tried to grab out for A, but his action was frustrated as his hand hit against the glass. He settled for pushing his palm against the clear wall. A mirrored the action, and they smiled at each other, both pleased at having made a friend.

AN: Okay, this was quite short, but it will get longer and more interesting as they get older!