Elliot Tercorien gave the long thin luminous blue worm thing an unenthusiastic glance. It was still alive. It wriggled in Sally's grip.

"Its nice and tasty!" she repeated, attempting to shove it in his face. He felt slightly nauseous. His heart began to speed up slightly and a few beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He recognised what was about to happen to him. I mustn't give in to it...

"Somah's eating hers!" insisted the child. The woman gave Sally a dark look and said a few words that really shouldn't be used in front of children.

"Um... maybe Toshiro Kago would like mine? You know much he loves the stuff." he glanced over at the samurai, who seemed to understand and nodded emphatically. He really did seem to like the alien squid and worm food. He already had five platefuls of his own.

"Its because they eat that kind of thing all the time in Japan, you know." she said with all the authority of a determined small child. She removed the food from Elliot's face and wandered off with it to the samurai, who snatched it off her. Elliot calmed down. Slightly. He felt twitchy. One hand went to his rifle...

Suddenly, a siren went off and Paulson ran in.

"We got intruders!" yelled the cowboy, gesturing at them with his revolver.

"AAARGH, THEY'RE COMING OUT OF THE GODDAMN WALLS!" screamed Elliot, darting off down the corridor. In his mind, he was in Anchorage again, darting through the trenches, desperately trying to reach his wounded ally in time. No, no, you're not, he tried to tell himself, its just a flashback, you're perfectly... no, wait, whatever's going on is probably almost as bad...

Then the figure in the Chinese Stealth Suit jumped out of nowhere and grabbed him. He fainted.

"... Did I come at a bad time?" asked Doanette, "I only wanted to ask if you knew anything about cybernetic surgery..."