"I heard that she was trained by the Decepticons."

"That would explain why Red Alert is so cautious around her."

They were newbies, it was expected. It really didn't matter to me though. Because I knew the truth.

"Yes, but isn't she also Prime's daughter?"

"Yeah, the one that went missing all those cycles, the Decepticons botnapped her and tortured her all the time they had her."

Tortured, ha. They tried to kill me by making me fight each and every Decepticon newbie. I was the initiation challenge. At first, I got beat… badly. But then, I started to win.

"She wasn't tortured, remember? They made her fight in an arena. She fought the newbie Decepticons to see if they would pass or fail. If they passed they knocked her out, if they failed, she had to kill them."

I finally walked around the corner.

"Celestia! Hi, um… how are you?"

"Fine, thank you. And you Arcee?" I should have known that it was her talking about me.

"I'm… good. Thanks."

I nodded. "Good to see you to Hotrod. Feeling better today?"

"Yes, lots. Thanks to you and Ratchet. How did you know that it was the fuel injector?"

"Lucky guess." I smiled at him. "Ratchet didn't think that it was the fuel injector, but I went out on a limb and asked him to check it."

"Thanks anyway." He smiled back. A genuine happy-to-see-you smile. It shocked me a little bit, but I didn't let it show.

"Well, I have a meeting that I need to get to. See you two around."

"Yeah, see you."

With that I walked past them. Arcee thought I was evil. I thought that to sometimes.

"Let me go Decepticreep." I snarled at Starscream.

"I don't think so Celestia, your uncle wants to see you."

I stopped struggling and let Starscream push me along. Why was I going to see Megatron?

/He's going to kill me./ I thought, panic starting to take hold. /I have to get away… but, how?/

I was pushed into what looked like an arena. Thousands of Decepticons were surrounding me, sitting in the seats.

"Starscream, is that anyway to treat an honored guest?"

It was him, Megatron.

Laughter filled the air, I looked up at the Decepticons, still chained and unable to fight back.

"Unchain our guest."

The chains that bound me fell away and I spun around, trying to land a kick on Starscream. Though he was already in the air, it caught him in the side. He just laughed it off and flew away to land behind Megatron.

"Bring out her opponent."

I spun around, fully expecting a vicious, half-starved petrobear to come out at me. But only saw a young Decepticon.

/Initiation/ I thought.

"You are the daughter of a Prime, fighting should come naturally to you."

Several insults and even a few catcalls came down from the seats.

"Barricade, you may begin." Megatron growled.

He rushed me, I barley had anytime to brace for it. When he hit me it threw me back into the wall, where he attacked me with spinning blades.

/I need to fight./ The thought rushed into my mind, and adrenaline came directly after. /I need to win!/

Something clicked in my head and I let out a low kick that knocked his feet out from beneath him. Then I jumped over him, landing another kick to his face. He grabbed my foot and threw me to the other side of the arena. My head made contact with the wall and I started to pass out.

"Very good Barricade, you pass. Put her into her cell until next time."

I felt someone coming near me.

"And remember, if she dies, so do you."