This is really just one big Author's Note. All of my open projects here are going to be put on "Hiatus", but it isn't one of those "code for quitting" things. I'm working on some original content to get up over on FictionPress and I've decided that there's really no reason for me to keep making excuses on why I don't look for my camera to get back to photography. I'll keep lurking here, I'm not closing the stories or deleting my account or anything, I'm just not really gonna be active here so I can focus more on my original works. I'm sure I'll be back before long, but right now, there's too much going on at once and, unfortunately, this is one of the things that I have to step back from. But don't feel like you guys are the only ones suffering through this; I don't have plans on seeing my Xbox until the end of December when my ex and I get together and turn Call of Duty into a drinking game. :P

I'll be back before too long. Thanks for being patient/understanding. :)