By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100 word challenge. Word: Twist. Bloody Dean. Caring Sam. Concerned Bobby.

Disclaimer. Only the crazy dreamer --not the owner.

Happy Birthday: Supernoodle. Dean after a fight. Against a person, or a monster, or even a tree. Bruises, bloody noses, black eyes, ice packs, the usual.

Sam twist the branch and yanked the sharp limb from Dean's shoulder.

"Ughnn!" Dean moaned, thrashing.

"Dean?" Sam bent closer. "Can you hear me?"

"What the hell happened?" Bobby hovered behind Sam.

"He ran off after the weirdo pagan tree God on his own," Sam grumbled, hand pressing down hard against the wound. "Both guns blazing."

"You're daddy taught you better, Dean!" Bobby growled. "Never storm the castle alone!"

Dean moaned pitifully.

"Foolish, boy!" Bobby snapped.

Another moan, louder this time.

"Easy, Dean," Sam hushed.

"Crazy jackass," Bobby muttered.

"Crazy stupid," Sam corrected.

"Nah." Dean's eyes cracked open. "Crazy brave."