Magic isn't real


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#24 Magic


WuFei glared at the wall over Lady Une's head so he wouldn't have to look at the child standing next to him. He ignored the part of his brain that reminded him that the child standing four feet to his left was the same age as he was, but in WuFei's mind… he was a child who believed in magic.

"We are hoping for a cooperation between our world and yours," Lady Une said her voice stilling the internal monologue that constituted WuFei's grumbling. "Mr. Potter will be your partner while you are in London setting up the Preventer's office and he will be your contact and liaison between the British Ministry, British Ministry of Magic and Preventers."

WuFei barely held back a snort, 'Lady Une believes in magic herself?!?'

"Thank you, Lady Une," the black haired green-eyed boy next to him said, "I am very excited to learn how the Preventers can help us as we are still cleaning up after our last war." He gave her a smile, that she returned and WuFei didn't even stop himself from his eye roll.

"Problem Agent Chang?" Une said when she caught his eye movement.

"Permission to speak freely, ma'am?" WuFei asked and Une gave a wary nod. He turned and glared at Potter, "Magic is a load of crap, make believe and nonsense." He ignoring the sharp intake of breath from his former partner Duo, who was standing a few feet behind him, "if you believe in that stuff, you need to visit the facility Psychologist."

"Excuse me?" Potter said his tone stunned and WuFei could hear the beginnings of anger at the edge, 'Good' WuFei thought, "Magic is make believe?"

"That's right," WuFei said, "Something a child would believe in." He emphasized the world child and with that one word clued Potter in to what he thought of the boy.

Potter turned blazing green eyes to Une and saw that she was just as shocked as he was at her agent's closed mindedness. "So you believe, because you've never seen, that magic is fake, and that those that you are suppose to help me find are part of my imagination?"

WuFei should have heeded Duo's frantic shaking of his head, but he was angry at the boy's tone. "Yes."

WuFei was amazed at the control that Potter had when he closed his eyes and took in a calming breath. When he opened them, it was all WuFei could do not to flinch back, he thought that only Heero could turn his glare into a death ray. "You're right Chang," Potter said, and WuFei began to smirk, "I am making up the whole thing, magic isn't real," he turned to Lady Une and gave her a half a bow, "please excuse me for wasting your time, Lady Une," he turned back to WuFei, and slowly pulled out a wooden stick from his sleeve, "I have one thing to say to you Chang," and with a casual flick of his wand muttered, "Levicorpus."

WuFei felt something grab his ankle, and he gave a yell as he was held upside down, everything in his pockets began raining down around him. "Please find me someone with an open mind, Lady Une." Potter said as he walked to the door.

"POTTER!" WuFei yelled, "Release me!"

Harry paused at the door, "from what, Chang?" he looked back over his shoulder and smirked, "after all it is only your imagination." The door closed with a snap behind him.

"POTTER!" WuFei yelled again.

Duo was leaning against an office chair howling with laughter as Heero came running in after hearing WuFei's yells. "What the hell?" he came to a stumbling halt.

"Get Potter back in here," WuFei yelled again.

"No one passed me on my way in here," Heero said looking over at Duo who finally managed to get himself under control and was pulling a stick out of his pocket.

"No such thing as magic, huh Chang?" he flicked the stick and muttered, "Liberacorpus" and WuFei was lowered to the floor. WuFei grabbed Une's desk for balance as Duo walked out of this office, his braid swinging jauntily behind him. "Idiot." He said just before the door closed.