Reversal Of Fortunes


AN: for Harry Potter Crossover challenge, Reversal of Fortunes. I do not own Harry Potter, nor Gundam Wing, darn it! Background about three months after the Dursley adults were killed in a car accident, and Harry finds he has a cousin who is now staying with him.


Nine year old Dudley Dursley sat in his bedroom in shock, his bottom stinging from the spanking he had received, his ears ringing from the scolding, and his room emptied of all his toys and he had nothing to do but think just like a real grounding. He sniffed, what had happened? The day started out like normal, nice breakfast, a bit crowded if he ignored the two people who were now the adults in his life. He had gone out to play, ignoring rule number one, always let an adult know where you were, and met up with Piers and the gang.

The boys had played around a bit, picking on the new boy who lived just three streets over and had gone crying home to his mom with a bloody lip (broke rule number two, no fighting) and they had been bored walking around the neighborhood. Piers noticed Harry first; the boy was now dressed in clothes that fit him, his green eyes sparkling with excitement behind new glasses.

"Hey, Potter!" Piers yelled and Harry froze and turned to look at the boys, "better run!" In his excitement at the game Dudley forgot rule number three (be nice to Harry, or else) and the five boys quickly gave chase.

Dudley snickered as he saw the look of panic in Potter's eyes as the boy seemed to wait a second to see if they were serious about hurting him, then took off running. Piers recognized that he was trying to head home and motioned for Malcolm and they split off from the group and cut him off before he could get to his refuge.

Dudley watched as Piers and Malcolm cut Harry off in the park, causing the boy to skid to a half slipping on the sloppy snowy ground and look around frantically for a place to hide, an adult to help anything. The look in Pierz's eyes was even making Dudley a bit nervous, yeah they haven't been able to pick on Harry for a few months but still…


Harry turned and ran to the large tree that was in the middle of the park, he hoped that if he jumped high enough he could catch the low branch and just like Trowa had taught him, climb up the tree out of their reach. Piers' laughed, "no way Potter," he said as he and Malcolm slowed to a stalking speed, "even you can't jump that high."

Harry didn't care what they thought, and with a bit of luck, he jumped, shocked when he felt a gust of wind lift him a bit and suddenly he was clutching a branch and not the bottom branch either! Harry wanted to whimper, he was going to get into so much trouble.

Dudley smirked, "you're in for it now Potter," he said, "wait until I tell mom and da… until I tell," he said and motioning for the others to stay while he got the adults at his house.

He ran home, ignoring the fact that running was now easier since he had been forced to eat smaller portions and exercises every morning. He grinned as he caught sight of the house and raced up the walk, and throwing the door open yelled, "mom, Harry did the freaky stuff again and is in the tree." He yelped when he felt a hard hand land on his shoulder and swallowing hard turned around to face the cold blue eyes of his new guardian. He had forgotten and now he was in so much trouble.

"Where is Harry?" the deep voice asked.

"In a tree in the park," Dudley said, his voice now small as he remembered the rules he had broken.

Heero's eyes went even colder, "stay here," he said forcing the boy to sit on the sofa, "and when I get back you will explain to me why Mrs. Hopkins on Dogwood Lane called saying that her son has two loose front teeth and a split lip." Dudley knew better than to argue (he had learned the hard way that arguing didn't do any good with his guardian.)


Harry was clinging to the slippery branch, wondering if running away would do him any good, "Hey Champ," he heard and looked down to see his cousin's best friend standing at the base of the tree.

Harry swallowed a whimper, "Hey Duo," he had to say it twice to make it loud enough to be heard, "I'm kinda stuck."

"So I see," Duo grinned at him, "we'll get you down in a jiffy," he winked at him, "I think you are just about as high as me and Trowa combined don'tcha think?"

Trowa and Heero came over, and threw two ropes up to Harry and talked him through how to loop the rope over the thick branch over his head and the two tied the end of one rope around Duo's waist, with Quatre and WuFei holding on to the other ends of the rope. Trowa moved to the tree trunk, and Duo stepped into Heero's cup hands and than carefully on to Trowa's shoulders. Duo took the other end of the second and with a bit of couching, tied the other rope around Harry's waist than directed the boy to come to him.

The next thing Harry knew he was clutching Duo but was safely on the ground, "let's get the rope off of ya, okay?" Duo said cheerfully and Harry tried to help but his hands were trembling so much. He barely saw when Quatre pulled Heero aside and whispered in the stoic pilot's ear.

Harry squeaked as he was picked up and put on Heero's hip, "Come on, Harry, I think some hot chocolate will do the trick," the blue eyed man said.

Harry clung to Heero, he wanted to remember being held and safe before he was sent away from doing freaky things. The other pilots had 'walked' the other gang members home, parents were being notified, punishments handed out, which was how Dudley was now in his bare room with a stinging bottom, ringing ears and Harry was in the kitchen with Heero and Dudley's hot chocolate.

"Harry," Heero said looking at the still frightened nine year old, "I want you to look at me," Harry bit his lip and finally after several seconds looked into the warm blue eyes of his cousin, "repeat what I am going to say, Nothing is going to make me send you away, repeat that."

Harry blinked, and repeated the words, "again, Harry, say them again, but listen to the words, nothing is going to make Heero Yuy send his cousin Harry Potter away, nothing."

Harry repeated the words slower this time, "Nothing is going to make you send me away," he paused, "nothing?"

"Nothing," Heero said with conviction.

Harry's breath hitched, "nothing at all? Bad grades, freaky things, chores not done, nothing?"

"I promise you with all I am, Nothing." Heero vowed.


Dudley's bottom finally stopped stinging, when a knock came at his door, he opened it and scowled when he saw Harry nervously standing there. "Heero says dinners ready if you are." Dudley's scowl deepened, he couldn't have any dinner until he apologized to Harry in front of Heero and Duo.

Dudley wanted to sit back down and pout, if only his mom and dad where there. He turned away, blinking back tears as he remembered that his mom and dad (and yucky old Aunt Marge) were dead. They had died on their way home from a party New Years Day and now he was stuck living at Privet Drive with Harry Baby Potter and Harry's newly found cousin Heero Meany Yuy.

His stomach growled reminding him that because he refused to apologize earlier which earned him no lunch and an extra day of grounding, he was hungry. He sighed the sigh of a nine-year-old martyr and followed Harry's small form down the stairs and into the kitchen. He nearly stalled when he saw Mrs. Hopkins and five-year-old Bruce Hopkins standing in the kitchen, he had forgotten he had to apologize to the baby too it wasn't fair!

He was just about to start a Dudley sized tantrum when he caught the cold blue eyes of his cousin and swallowed hard. Mrs. Hopkins caught sight of him, her lips hardening, her eyes sparking with malice and anger; "this the brat then?" she asked and drew in a deep breath to begin berating the bully.

"Mrs. Hopkins," Heero interrupted what probably would have been a wonderful lecture, "while I am sure that Dudley is a bully and is learning the hard way not to be," Heero caught Dudley's eyes and the boy swallowed, "I will not allow you to call him names, that is not how this is going to happen, Dudley is here to apologize to your son." Dudley blinked; Heero was standing up for him? "Dudley."

He looked up at the nudge on his shoulder and swallowed hard. He wasn't allowed to say the usual insincere 'I'm sorry, and I won't do it again,' apology any longer, he now had to tell what he was sorry about, "I'm very sorry," Dudley began, "I was very wrong to hold your arms while…" he trailed off, rule number four, take responsibility for your actions, "I am sorry, I was wrong to hurt you and let the others do the same. I was angry that you wouldn't let me see your new toy and…" he looked away, "I lost my temper."

Bruce Hopkins shyly smiled, Dudley wincing at the now noticeably missing front teeth, "that's okay, if you had said what you wanted, I woulda showed you." The boy said and held up the Gundam model Wing that he had been playing with.

Dudley sighed with relief at the snapping closed of the front door as the Hopkins had left but froze when he saw Harry standing in the corner watching him distrustfully. "Potter… Harry," Dudley began, "I'm sorry for chasing you and making you do something freaky to jump in the tree." He held out his hand for Harry to shake, and wasn't really surprised when Harry ignored it and moved to the kitchen table.

"Harry," Duo said.

"I don't believe him," Harry said sitting down, "he apologizes but next time will do the same thing." Harry looked both angry and hurt and ignored his cousin.


Heero sighed and rubbed his head, the apology to the Hopkins kid had gone better than he expected, but the apology to Harry however. "Remember Heero," Duo said as he sat down next to him in the living room, "you didn't trust me at first either and it was a long time before you did," he handed his best friend a cup of tea, "they will come around, there is a lot of hurt and mistrust to overcome but they will come around." Heero nodded as he took the tea and sipped leaning back on the couch as Duo dug out the remote and turned the telly on, than leaned back next to him, their shoulders bumping companionably on the sofa.

AN2: This has been percolating in my head for a few months now… and had to get put down on paper today, so hopefully it will stop poking it's head out at me and wanting me to write more. This has been unbeta'd so if you see something let me know.