A/N: One of my first stories for BBS, tweaked.


Terra raised an eyebrow at Zack, who shrugged. He heard the younger boy clearly. It just seemed too ridiculous to be true. Frowning, the eleven year old boy got up and followed the other boy outside the Usual Spot, where, sure enough, there was Ven's older sister. Her face was set in determination, fists at her sides. It kind of impressed him that she wasn't cowering right now, not with all the other boys all around. As if they hurt girls but still. The club's rules was that no girls allowed.

"You heard me. I want in on this club. That way I can watch over Ven. I don't like some of the things you've been teaching him." Aqua said sternly, and Terra almost smirked. It wasn't his fault the small kid almost hero-worshipped him everywhere (the Vanitas boy stayed with Lea and Isa). It was kind of annoying. Some of the boys around look confused on why Terra hadn't shooed off the girl away yet, but he just crossed his arms over his chest.

"Oh yeah? Prove how tough you are." he taunted. He wanted to see just how brave she was. He didn't knew why. There was something about her that made him want to ruffle her feathers.

She looked nonplussed, before marching up directly towards him.

And punching him solidly in the face.

That's right, punch, not slap.

There was a chorus of "Ooh!" all around, and Terra slowly craned his head back, rubbing his cheek against his sleeve as if she did nothing but sling mud on it. That's when she looked insulted. Straightening up, he tilted his head towards a direction.

"You and me, race. Now."

There was a scramble as the boys dispersed quickly to grab good seats, but Aqua stayed, glaring at him for a few good seconds before heading off. Smirking, he followed after her.

"First one to the end of the road wins." Lea, appointed referee for the day, called out as they came out, pointing to a spot where Isa was waving a flag far off. Terra saw Aqua glance at a pair of young boys at the side, before getting into running position. He got in position too.

"And. Go!"

The two shot off, legs sprinting and pumping. Of course he was barely trying. He was called "King" of the club because he was unbeatable in anything. At the corner of his eye, he can see Aqua determinedly running, desperate to outrun him. When she passed him by a few feet, triumph appeared on her face, but not for long. Terra quickened his pace, until he was in equal pacing with her. The crowd of boys kept cheering, and just as he passed her by inches, he briefly saw her face fell into despair. Hm. this might be interesting.

She sped up, much to his surprise, until they were equal again. Every time he'd speed up, she'd speed up too, until he was at his maximum speed. She didn't even spare him a glance, eyes kept straightforward to the finish line. Turning his attention to the goal, he did the same.

They crossed it at the same time, much to the awe of the boys.

Aqua looked surprised, before suddenly disappointed that she couldn't beat him, placing her hands on her knees and gasping for breath. Terra stared at her, breathing too, the wheels in his head turning. He heard two distant cries of "'qua!" and her brothers made their way over to their sister. The boys were arguing among themselves; he knew none of them won any bets.

"Fine." he barked out, and everyone became silent.

"What?" Aqua glared, instinctively grabbing Ven and situating him behind her. The boy looked back between the two older kids, confusion on his face. Terra crossed his arms again and met glare for glare.

"I'll let you join. On one condition."

Aqua blinked, before standing her ground and nodding. "Anything."

Terra smirked.

And that was how the club got not only their first girl member, but also their "Queen".