This is Your Last Chance

A/N: Sadly, I do not own any of the characters created by J.K Rowling in the Harry Potter series, nor do I own any of the lyrics from Hadouken's song, "Turn the Lights Out"



Harry stalked up and down the desolate stone hallways of his beloved home, Hogwarts, furiously; the adrenaline and anger pumping through his veins fiery hot and pulsing. "How could they? How could they try and take me from my home, bind my true powers and then fucking turn around and fucking tell me the Durselys' might not be the best place to live, then deem me an orphan by law. On top of that, how dare they keep me from my godfathers? The only semblance of family beside the Weasley's that I have left. You can fucking take away my powers, finally decide to remove me from a family that has abused me for fifteen fucking years; hell you can even run my name into the dirt as far as it will go, but no one separates me from my family and I fucking mean no one. Oh, Albus, Fudge, you have no idea what you just got yourselves into."

Harry's smile made the devil stop what he was doing and shiver, God having the same reaction as well. Harry's insane laughter echoed throughout the magnificent hallways of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lady Hogwarts herself helping the laughter carry as a clear warning to all who had done this poor child wrong. Personally, she felt creeped out that people would allow a senile old man around little children.

Albus stopped in the middle of his paperwork as he felt a shiver run through his spine. Similarly, Minister Fudge shivered as cold dread raced its way through his body to curl up in a ball and settle in his chest.

Harry stalked down the hallways towards the forbidding dungeons in search of the one man that would ultimately help him in his unholy cause. Said man, Severus Snape, was in his rooms playing chess and drinking along with Lucius Malfoy and Charlie Weasley. Severus looked up sharply, and backed away frightened when he saw the insane twinkle in Harry's molten green eyes.

"Professors, how fortunate that I'd find all of you here together, that makes my job so much easier," Harry purred as the heavy wooden door fell heavily shut with a dull thump, the sound echoing eerily in the nearly deserted dungeons.

The next morning, a rather cheery Harry was found in the Great Hall waiting on the majority of the school to wake up. The only ones present were the early risers and the professors. He then heard several shrieks of terror as the students found the message in the entrance way. Harry had ordered Lucius and Severus to leave Fudge and Dumbledore a little message. The supposedly bloody message read:

'Turn the lights out

Make way for the ultraviolet riot

You see I'm lit like a Molotov

Get out of my way when the riot kicks off

You can't stop this

We fracture ribs and the dim when the suns comes in

When the boys come out; when the freaks come in

The war is coming, take heed in these words

Soon your weapon will be destroyed and a new power will enter into this war'

The Headmaster burst into the Great Hall, and his eyes automatically fell to where Harry was apparently asleep in his plate of scrambled eggs. Harry hid a smirk as he felt Professor Dumbledore's stare on him and Harry hid his choked laugh in a rather loud snore. Blaise Zabini snorted from his position at the Slytherin table at Harry's fake snore. However, Dumbledore bought the snore and moved to stand behind the sleeping Harry, no doubt to check and see if his precious weapon for the light had choked on a piece of egg.

'Part of my plan is done. Now to tarnish their golden reputations a bit,' Harry thought as he woke himself up and pulled his face from the eggs, an expression of surprise fixed on his face. Harry turned around and noticed Professor Dumbledore was standing behind him, so he asked confusedly, "Headmaster, what's going on?"

Harry did not have much time to lovingly plan out his revenge. After playing it dumb with Professor Dumblesnore, everyone kept a closer eye on Harry, and he was nearly driven insane. Harry was hurrying back to Gryffindor Tower when one of the staircases decided to move on him. The stair case swung around to an unused looking hallway, so Harry didn't think much about it and went ahead and strolled down the hallway. As the fates would have it, Harry soon heard two voices talking.

"Just give him this tomorrow at breakfast and Harry will allow us to throw that nasty Death Eater Sirius Black back into Azkaban. Do it and you may have free range of anything in my office," Harryheard a familiar voice purr.

"Of course we will, Professor Dumbledore. Ginny and I will give it to Potter" here the name was sneered, "first thing. What about the marriage contract for Ginny, Professor?" Hermione's voice whined.

Harry could stand still no longer. He turned and stalked back down the hallway, reached an empty classroom and slumped down to the cold stone floor. The tears of hurt and betrayal streaked down his face as Harry let the grief of the past events catch up with him. Would he ever get to make a decision for himself? He really didn't like Ginny at all. She was only another obsessed fan girl that had forever ruined Harry's chances with women. Harry felt his heart rip in two when he thought about what Hermione had done. He had always thought he trusted her, and more often than not told her everything. 'Yes,' Harry thought, 'I won't trust anyone else blindly again.'

Harry sobbed in a state of self-hatred and depression while Lady Hogwarts looked down at her beloved child worriedly. She reached a quick decision and waylaid Blaise Zabini before he could make his way back to the Slytherin dungeons.

Blaise had been in the library finishing a report for Transfiguration when a door appeared to the left of his elbow. Naturally curious, Blaise pushed open the door and nearly passed out with what he saw. The Gryffindor Golden boy, champion against the Dark Lord was sobbing his heart out lying on the cold stone floor of the empty classroom. Blaise felt something in him snap and he started to move forward, intent on comforting Harry to the best of his abilities when an unexpected shield flared into life, preventing Blaise from getting any closer to Harry. Blaise fought against the shield for a few moments then gave up and sinking to the floor and letting his own teardrops stain the dusty floor at his inability to comfort Harry.

Eventually, Hogwarts pulled Blaise from the floor and tucked him into his bed in the Slytherin dorms, while she had the classroom change into private chambers for Harry. The walls were pale silver with extremely small green vines and snakes. The bed frame, chairs, and other wooden pieces were dark redwood. The sheets upon the bed were pale green silk with silver pillows and covers.

As Harry lay awake, a burning rage filled Harry and consumed him. The years of abuse and torment cause by a certain white haired wizard and several magic hating relatives crashed down on him. The only one who had really helped him was Tom Riddle. Tom had killed Harry's parents, yes, but Tom hadn't sent Harry to abusive muggles. Tom didn't treat him as a golden boy raise on a dais; Tom treated Harry as an equal opponent and threat. Tom's plans to kill Harry amused him and kept him entertained.

Harry's thoughts strayed deeper; oh how he'd longed to move with the grace of an elegant bastard pureblood. He could be uncaringly cold and cruel and no one would question him. Besides, the black power that had surrounded Tom called to Harry, seductive and smooth in its tainted embrace. Power, pleasure, and walking the thin line into danger were the things Harry wanted, no needed, to survive.

The Light was so naïve in its belief that everything was sunshine and roses. The Light was so ignorant to assume that death was not all around them and a natural part of life, and they foolishly clung to their hopes that the good guys would always win.

With a final sigh, Harry accepted his fate. He accepted his fate as a dark wizard and accepted that he wouldn't be killing a certain Dark Lord; instead doing the opposite and joining said Dark Lord. So with that thought in mind, Harry had some talking to lifelong enemies to do.