GUYS! I know I promised you a sequel to 'This is Your Last Chance', but it turned into a prequel. The first chapter is now up, under The Bloodied Mornings, and since I'm awesome, I'm gonna give you a preview.

A meaty fist crashed into the side of the messy haired, green eyed boy that lived in the second bedroom upstairs in house #4 Privet Drive. The resounding fleshy smack was the only noise that broke the heavy, muggy silence of the warm June night, and the boy, just Harry, found his head smashing into the side of the broken desk that sat in the corner, littered with scraps of parchment and broken quill tips. The corner cut a sharp line down Harry's face and he felt the blood well up in the wound instantly.

The arm attached to the fist led to a rather large whale of a man who had beady eyes and a bristling mustache. Harry's Uncle Vernon, as the whale was known, spat at the boy before turning on his heel and slamming the door closed, taking time to refasten all of the locks on the front of the door, trapping Harry inside, injured and bleeding.