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Charlie was gone. That was the only thought echoing through Silena's mind, the only coherent sentence she could form. Charlie. Charlie. Charlie.

Silena sat on her perfectly color-coordinated bed with a box of chocolates on her lap. They were from her father's chocolate store- as soon as he had heard of what happened, he had sent them. She was slowly and mechanically going through the truffles and nougats and caramels, but could taste nothing. It was almost as if she was eating the boxitself.

Suddenly, without warning, a series of pictures flew through her head, like a movie. All of them were of Charlie; Charlie working at the forges, Charlie sword fighting in the arena, Charlie playing with Mrs. O' Leary, Charlie with a rare smile flashing across his face- even Charlie eating. She couldn't stop the flow of memories, so she just let them fill her head.

And she cried.

Salty tears brimmed over her eyes and ran down her tears, splashing into her lap. Normally, Silena would have been horrified at getting her designer clothes wet, but it was Charlie and he was gone and how could he be gone, he was supposed to stay with her and they were supposed to get married and live next to Clarisse and Chris and have 2.4 children-

But he was gone. And she was sitting here, practically forcing chocolate down her throat, blindly going through the motions. Open. Chew. Swallow. Repeat. Open. Chew. Swallow. Repeat. Was she even eating chocolate? She didn't know. All she knew was that her Charlie, strong, invincible Charlie, was gone. And all Silena wanted to do was follow him.

Maybe she could. Automatically, Silena looked around for a knife, a sword, lipstick, something that could be used as a weapon. Why couldn't she find any? Was it too much to ask that her sibling keep some dangerous objects into reach? Tears started to course down again. It wasn't fair- she had always believed in Love, in her mom, and that True Love always won.

What a beautiful lie.

It was Romeo and Juliet all over again, but this time there was no poison for her, not even a dagger, for Eros' sake, and why couldn't she just die? She stuffed more cardboard truffles down her throat, wishing that perhaps she could even die like that-

"Silena...?" Annabeth and Percy entered, and Silena had to swallow more tears back, because she could practically see the love radiating between them, and she knew that they were going to grow up and get married and have 2.4 children. And she kind of hated them for that, because that was supposed to her and Charlie.

"Five out of Five as usual...good job, Silena." And Silena had to work to muster the strength to open her mouth and croak out a "Thanks."

"Want a bonbon?" Because really, she didn't think she could take anymore.

"Are they any good?" And without even thinking, Silena blurted out what she really thought, because she didn't even really care anymore. The world could got to Hades.

"They taste like cardboard."


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