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Summary: Sam Carter promised Cassandra Fraiser a motorcycle road trip a while back and she finally found the time to fulfil that promise. Cassie is picking the route, and her motorcycle decided Eureka is the perfect place to break down. Then again, Cassie had planned to stop here anyway.

Timeline: End(ish) of season 2 for Eureka and some point after the SG-1 movie Continuum.

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Sam Carter promised Cassandra Fraiser a motorcycle trip a while back and she finally found the time for it. Cassie is picking the route, and her bike decided Eureka is the perfect place to break down. Then again, Cassie had planned to stop here anyway.

Chapter 1

Samantha Carter was grinning like the cat the inherited the creamery. She was riding right at the speed limit, enjoying the landscape flying by on either side of her. And, most of all, she enjoyed the freedom of having no particular destination to reach. As it turned out, defeating all the major threats to their galaxy had a few perks. Like this three week road-trip without having to worry about invasions of any kind. If anything, the trip showed her just what exactly she had been fighting for the past eleven plus years.

"Sam?" she heard through the earpiece just as the motorcycle in front of her started to slow down. "I'll pull over, something feels wrong."

Sam, already slowing to match the other motorcycle's speed, drove up next to her friend to see if she could spot the problem.

Luckily they were currently on a long, straight stretch of road with a wide grass shoulder on either side. They both took off their helmet and Sam quickly crossed the distance between them. "Cassie?"

The young, brunette woman shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. The machine just started to make funny noises and to feel a bit unstable. I figured to better be safe than sorry?"

"Good point." Sam bent over to have a quick look but couldn't immediately identify the problem. "Hungry? We can have a snack while the engine cools down a bit, then I can have a closer look?"

"Chocolate cookie!" Cassie called out immediately, grinning at Sam's crestfallen face. There only was one left and she'd just lay claim on it. "Well, I guess I might just feel like sharing it."

An hour later Sam wiped her hands on an old rag, trying to get as much grease of them as possible. "Well, that should hold the 15 miles till the next town. But we'll have to stop at a garage to make the proper reparations."

"Can you do it?" Cassie asked anxiously. This motorcycle had always meant a lot to her, but only during their current road-trip had she realised just how important it had become. And not just as a mode of transportation but rather for what it stood. "I mean, we'll be able to finish our trip, right?"

"We might have to stop for a few days but yes, I think we'll manage." Sam grinned at her adopted niece. "I'm me, remember?"

Cassie snorted. "Let's just hope they've got blue jell-o, 'cause Uncle Jack says you do your best work under the influence of that stuff!"

"Hey!" Sam tried to grab her but Cassie evaded her by stepping behind Sam's Indian Chief motorcycle. "What?" Cassie said with an innocent smile, "it's true, isn't it?"

Sam rolled her eyes, Cassie had a point after all, before putting on her helmet. "Let's switch motorbikes. And go slower, just to be safe, okay?"

Cassie wanted to protest but knew that this was a fight she'd never win so she simply nodded and got on Sam's Indian.


Sam was glad when she saw a city limit sign appear in front of her. Even though Cassie's Honda was holding up so far, it was becoming more and more difficult to control and she had to ask Cassie to slow down twice already.

"Place to stay or garage first?" Cassie asked through their bike to bike intercom system.

"Whatever comes first. This motorbike is getting worse by the minute," Sam answered tensely just as they entered what seemed to be the main street of Eureka. If she hadn't had to concentrate on the machine under her so much, she'd have appreciated the name much more.

A moment later there were two loud bangs in rapid succession and only her already low speed and Sam's quick reflexes allowed her to stop without falling. Swearing - and quickly reassuring Cassie that she was fine - Sam swung her leg over the seat and pushed the offending motorcycle into an empty parking space before squatting down to check out the damage. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Cassie stopping and turning around, moving back to join her.


Sam looked up from her squatted position and, after seeing who was talking to her, let her head hung low for a second. That was just her luck.

"Mind taking that helmet off? I'd like to see who I'm talking to," Sheriff Jack Carter added just as the second rider stopped next to the first.

Sam winced slightly as she stood up, it felt like she pulled a muscle when she tried to stop herself from falling after all, and slowly took off her helmet. "Sheriff."

"Sam! What happened?" Cassie asked worriedly as she took off her own helmet.

Jack smiled at the two women in front of him. That wasn't exactly what he had expected when he asked the leather clad figure in front of him to take off the helmet. "Ladies."

"Nice rides," Deputy Jo Lupo said appreciatively as she circled them slowly.

"Yep." Sam motioned to the smoke coming from the Honda in front of her. "That's until the engine blows."

"Ouch," Jack frowned at the smoke. "You need a fire extinguisher or something?"

Sam shook her head. "Naw, that's alright. It's only smoke. But if you could point me in the direction of the garage, that would be great. I mean, you do have a garage around here, right?"

"Ah, yes, we do."

Cassie rolled her eyes and stepped up next to Sam. Holding out her hand she said, "Hi, I'm Cassie, that's Sam. And we're starving. Do you know any good food places around here?"

Jack blinked, then pointed behind their backs. "I can recommend Cafe Diem for food." Pointing at his name plate he added, "And Jack. I'm Sheriff Jack Carter. This is Deputy Jo Lupo."

A few steps away Jo closed her cell phone and came back to them. "Henry's coming over later to pick up your motorbike. Although judging by the looks of it, you won't be going anywhere else today."

"That's okay," Cassie said immediately. "I figured Eureka would be a good place to stop anyway."

"You did?" Sam and Jack asked at the same time. Upon finding herself on the receiving end of two pairs of raised eyebrows, Sam continued, "The route for our trip is Cassie's responsibility; I'm just along for the ride. Well, and I get to veto if I don't like the place we end up in."

"Yeah. Then we jump straight back onto our bikes and head for the next town," Cassie added right before she and Sam started giggling.

"Anything I should know about?" Jack asked, pointing at his sheriff's star as he did so.

Still smiling, Sam shook her head. "Let's just say there was this one time when we had different opinions on body hygiene."

"Very different opinions!"

Jo nodded knowingly. "I hate it when that happens."

Sam stomach decided that now was the best time to make its boredom known. So it growled. Loudly. Snickering, Cassie pointed towards Cafe Diem. "See, I'm not the only one demanding food! Let's go! Thanks for your help, Sheriff Carter."

Before Sam could ask, the Sheriff pointed towards their luggage. "It should be safe right where it is."

"Maybe. But I don't think it will be needed in the garage," Sam said. "We should probably find a place to stay first, load off our stuff before eating."

Her stomach protested immediately. "I would say that, loosely translated, this means no," Cassie pointed out cheekily.

Jack grinned. "So you speak stomach too, huh?"

Cassie nodded. "Yeah. I kinda had no choice but to learn it, seeing how Sam tends to forget that eating is a very important part of life."

Sam crossed her arms in a mock-pout and glared at the younger woman. "Hey! I'm standing right here, you know?"

Grinning, Jack nodded toward his car. "Tell you what, why don't you put your stuff in the back of my jeep. I'm heading in the direction of our Bed and Breakfast anyway and I might just as well drop your stuff off."

"Sweet. Thanks!"

Sam wasn't ready to agree as quickly as Cassie. "Are you sure? I mean, playing pack mule for a couple of tourists isn't exactly part of your job, right? And you already helped with the garage."

Jack shrugged his shoulder. "It's a small town."

"And if everyone's as nice you we'll have a great time!" Cassie said with a big smile before starting to undo the straps holding her luggage in place, leaving Sam no choice but to follow suit.

Besides, Cassie had a point and it wasn't as if there was anything irreplaceable in their bags. Especially as she hadn't been allowed to bring her laptop. "Okay, okay," Sam gave in and started on her own bags. With the restrains gone, she tried to lift her bag off the back, only to let it fall back down with a groan.


Taking a careful, experimental breath, Sam smiled sheepishly. "I'm fine." Three pairs of eyes glared at her, causing her cheeks to flush slightly. "I am fine. Although I might have pulled something when the engine of Cassie's bike gave out on me and I tried not to fall on my nose."

"You sure?" Jack asked concerned while shooing her away from her bag. Picking it up, he carried it over to his Jeep. "Cause we even have medical doctors in this small town."

"Small but progressive, huh?"

"Something like that." Jack pointed at her side, the one she was still rubbing. "You sure you're okay?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah, though I guess I better take it easy for a couple of days."

"And we'll start with a proper meal," Cassie said from where she was hovering at Sam's side.

"The Bed and Breakfast is less than a ten minute walk from here. Just ask anyone and they'll point you in the right direction," the sheriff said after he got into his car. "Enjoy your meal! Vince is a great cook."

"And don't worry about your motorcycle. Henry's the best. He'll easily fix it," Jo added before leaving as well.

"Right," Sam said to no one in particular. Looking up and down the quiet street, she linked arms with Cassie. "Let's eat."


"What are you smiling at?" Dr Allison Blake asked Jack when he entered Global Dynamics.

Dr Nathan Stark snorted as he stepped up next to her. "He probably dreamt about hordes of women running after him again."

"Nathan," Allison scolded him. "Stop it."

"Yeah," Jack added, "stop it. That's one nightmare I'd really like to forget."

"I shall mention it as often as possible then," Nathan said.

"I hadn't expected anything less," Jack deadpanned.

"Boys." Allison rolled her eyes at them. "Can't you just get along for once?"

"No," they answered in unison.

Allison sighed and shook her head in defeat. "Fine. Nathan, I'm sure you have somewhere else to be. Carter, with me, please."

"My pleasure," Jack said with a big grin plastered on his face while he waved Nathan goodbye.


Jack put his hands in his pockets and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry. So, where are we going?"

"Down to the storage vault. I want you to have a look at the new security measurements, see if you can spot any possible problems," Allison said, leading him to the elevator. As the doors closed behind them, she turned to him. "And I'd still like to know what you were smiling at earlier."

"We've actually got a couple of tourists visiting. You should've seen their bikes, particularly the classic Indian Chief. Now that's what I call cool motorcycles."

Allison raised an eyebrow at his enthusiasm. "You know, Eureka isn't exactly known as being a tourist destination. How did they end up here? How long are they staying?"

"Oh, come on! Not everyone has sinister motives. Besides, one of the bikes broke down right in front of my office. I saw the smoke, there was nothing ominous behind it. I mean, if they had ulterior motives then they wouldn't have let me take their luggage over to the B&B while getting something to eat in Cafe Diem, right?"

"You took their luggage?" Allison just looked at him. "Let me guess. Our tourists are female."


"Men!" Allison shook her head disapprovingly as they entered the vault. "Here, talk to Meyers. He's responsible for the storage vault."

Before Jack could reply Allison had vanished around a corner.


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