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Piper .W

They always wondered why I hated it when Melanie came to visit from "boarding school". Well I have my reasons. Every time I hear Carly say "But she's so sweet. How could you dislike her so much?" I felt like church bells were ringing in my ears, begging me to attend services. Well Carly didn't know the whole story. Yeah, yeah, I know. She's my best friends, and she should know. But frankly I'm embarrassed about the whole Melanie thing. Everyone thinks that she was some sweet girl going to a "Goodie two-shoes" school. Where she is practicing her academic "gifts". Well that is NOT, I repeat NOT why she's out of the state going to school. It's because she's a delinquent! Yeah, I know it's hard to believe. In 2005 she was sent off to St. Williams school for the mentally disturbed. Yeah, disturbed! Mentally! When Melanie, and I were twelve years old she vandalized half of Seattle. Mom went bananas, got her a therapist. You know junk like that. Dr. Maryland confirmed she was crazy, and sent her off to the nut house, where they would try to "make her better".But when I stood on the airport floor, and saw her walk out, I knew it hadn't worked.

Dressed in baggy pants, chains hanging from her pockets, spiked hair, died purple, and blue, leather jacket, black top showing of a tattooed mid-drift with a skull on it. She carried a cage of long slinky rats, and a small red bag, with multiple zippers, and patches sewn on.

"What up lil sis?" She asked with a sly grin on her face, though she knew very well I was delivered and hour before her. I rolled my eyes

"I'm not gonna take this right now. Alright? I have a headache, and haven't had my bacon yet." She chuckled "Lets just get your stupid luggage, and get outta here."I turned away, expecting her to follow me down to the luggage carousel, but Melanie Puckett wasn't so easy. "Melanie, seriously! I've got iCarly to shoot in a couple of hours, so hurry it up." Still with a devilish smile in her face, she stood. "Melanie!" I yelled, begging her to listen, starting get frustrated.

"I don't answer to Melanie anymore." she said curling her lip up,

"Uhhh... Excuse me?" I asked with sarcasm in my tone.

" Well, little sis-"

"Big sis!" I corrected her

"Don't interrupt." She barked " I've had my name legally changed to Spike." She said proudly, I snorted

"Spike?" I burst into a fit of laughter, "Spike?!" She folded her arms, and tapped her foot with a era of impatience on her face.

"So, so childish Samantha." She said with haste

"I don't answer to Samantha anymore, I answer to Buzz!" I laughed so hard, I felt my gut throb inside of me.

"Your really asking for it Sam!" Melanie yelled,

"What?" I asked still chuckling, I collected myself into a more serious state. "I'm not scared of you Melanie." I said her real name just to annoy her. "Not scared." She scowled. "Now, take your ugly rats, and let's get outta here." I demanded,

"They aren't rats. They're ferrets, I repeat fer-rets!" She said making sure it was clear to me what the creatures were.

"Whatev, same thing." I said carelessly. "Let's just go." I asked once more,

"Fine." She grumbled, and with that she followed me through the crowded airport to the luggage carousel.

As the carousel became visible I instantly knew which bag was "Spike's". Black with red seems, patches, and stitches, I noticed "Melanie" had been embroidered in, but crossed out with purple thread. Just beneath her original name was embroidered in orange thread "Spike". I rolled my eyes. Melanie went ahead of me to retrieve her luggage, and quickly came back.

"Ok, we can go now." Melanie said

"You brought your "Sweet Melanie" stuff didn't you?" I asked using air quotations next to the words "Sweet Melanie".

"Hecks yea. I can't have Carly finding out who I really am!"

"Why not?" I asked somewhat amused that she cared what Carly was thinking.

"Cuz Carly is a good friend, and if she found out how I really am, she might not like me." she said simply.

"Whatev, let's just go home. Mom, and J-ma are waiting for you." And with that we left.

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Piper .W