Colorado Springs

Thirty-four minutes after Dr. Frasier had placed the telephone call to the SGC, two gray utility trucks pulled over to the side of quiet residential street. In the back of the first truck, SG-1, minus Capt. Carter, and SG-3 went over the plan to secure the location and take the Goa'uld into custody.

"Since we don't know for certain who's playing host to the snake treat everyone in Carter's house as a possible Goa'uld. Major, you take one man and circle around back. The last thing we need is for the Goa'uld to make a break out the backdoor," Jack O'Neill said quietly. "Try not to kill anyone if you don't have to but no one, and that includes the doc and Carter, gets out."

"Jack," Daniel interrupted. "The Goa'uld let Janet call for help."

"DanielJackson, it is the nature of the Goa'uld to devious. This is most likely a trap," Teal'c stated coolly.

"We aren't going to go in shooting but we can't take any chances," O'Neill continued. "Teal'c and I will make contact. Daniel, you will stay with the rest of SG-3 and cover the front yard in case this is a trap. And try not to look too conspicuous."

The jarheads of SG-3 snorted.


Janet's attention was divided between her unconscious friend and the Goa'uld sitting quietly on a nearby chair. The latter had made no attempt to stop her from placing an emergency call to the SGC. On the contrary, the Goa'uld had suggested that she make the call once the doctor had assured herself that Sam wasn't in any immediate danger. She suspected a trap but really didn't see any alternative. Now she waited, hoping that General Hammond would send the rest of SG-1 with SG-2 through 4 as backup.

The girl's eyes snapped open but didn't glow. "Any chance that they'll come in shooting? 'Cause I think they're about to arrive and you might want to consider taking cover in case they are trigger happy."

"Anne?" Janet was startled. Why was the host talking? Or was it?

"Yeah. Julie, that's my new best friend, isn't feeling too well at the moment," Buffy said as Janet heard someone approach the door. "Why don't you let your friends in? I'll just sit here quietly and not make any threatening moves, you know, not wanting to get shot and all."

After a final visual check of Sam, Janet went to open the door just as the colonel and Teal'c approached the house. She was somewhat relieved to see that Daniel and half of SG-3 were taking up positions to the left and right of the house. She hoped that meant that the rest of SG-3 was covering the back.

"Hey Doc, I hear Capt. Carter hasn't been herself lately," O'Neill greeted her. "How's she doing?"

"She's unconscious, sir, but she doesn't appear to be severely injured." Janet replied, not sure what O'Neill was up to.

"Mind if we come in?"

Janet gave a mental sigh of relief. "Not at all. Sam has a guest that I'd like you to meet."


Buffy watched the interplay between the doctor and colonel with a mixture of amusement and trepidation. So far so good in that no one had tried to storm the castle, but she had seen enough of Jolinar's second hand memories to know that O'Neill was not to be taken lightly. While his only visible companion was the Jaffa, she had no doubt that he had backup outside in case Jolinar tried to run. Which would, of course, defeat the whole purpose of having the doctor notify them in the first place. Oh well, better wake up her new buddy and get the show on the road.

/Hey, Julie, wakey wakey. Our ride's here./

Jolinar stirred. /My name is not Julie./

Buffy smiled, confounding her audience. She had a feeling that teasing Jolinar could be almost as much fun as teasing Giles. Her smile slipped away as she remembered that she would probably never see her Watcher again.

"So, who's the snake?" O'Neill said breaking into her moment of sadness.

The slayer took a closer look at the two newcomers. She took note that only colonel was armed and while he was not currently pointing at her, his hand was resting on it, ready, no doubt, to respond to her slightest twitch. Damn, she hoped she wouldn't get shot at again.

/No, both are armed,/ Jolinar corrected her host. /The Jaffa has a zat'nik'tel. The first shot stuns, the second kills./

"Ouch," Buffy muttered.

"Don't like being called a snake?"

"Not particularly, but the ouch was in response to Julie explaining what a zat, zat'nik, argh," she took a deep breath, "what a zat thingie is."

"And this Julie," O'Neill prompted.

Buffy dipped her head.

"My name is Jolinar, not Julie," the Tok'ra stated. "And I am not a snake. I am Tok'ra."


"The Tok'ra are a rebel group of Goa'uld that oppose the System Lords. It is said that many years ago Jolinar attempted to lead a rebellion against Cronus."

"Which I'm guessing didn't turn out well."

"Indeed. Cronus suspended hostilities with Apophis and they joined forces to crush the rebellion. Jolinar escaped."

"Colonel," Janet said quietly. "I need to get Sam to the infirmary as soon as possible."

O'Neill didn't take his eyes off the small blonde Goa'uld. "I thought you said she was just unconscious."

"She is, from what I can tell without my equipment," Janet replied. "I don't know if Jolinar did any damage on her way out."

"I did not," Jolinar snapped. "She will recover. I am not a Goa'uld that would kill a previous host."

"But you are snake," O'Neill countered.

/Let me handle him./

The blonde head dipped again.

"Cool it, colonel. She isn't a snake."


"She didn't taste like chicken," Buffy smirked. "So how about you take me to your leader."