Epilogue: Lost, but Not Forgotten

Natalie's P.O.V.

The soft breathing of the child in my arms soothes my heart. The infant that is merely a day old has so much ahead of her. I hear her faint cry start up. I start to rock and hum a lullaby that has been passed down in my family for years. My humming soothes the newborn back to sweet slumber. I stare at my sweet child.

The door creeks open and the love of my life walks in. He has pride in his walk. He struts over to the baby and me and hovers over us. He just stares and has a huge smile on his face. He leans and kisses me lightly. He then helps me up and directs me to the window.

His arms are around my waist while my head against his chest. We both look at the window and we see our three beautiful children outside playing in the garden. My oldest, Eli, was fifteen and he already had the pride like his father. Then there were the twins, Miki and Michael, who were six they were polar opposites. Michael was a cheerful child with a lot of pep in his step, while Miki the quieter child kept to herself. Now the last child to our family our bright beauty, Akemi, was part of our happy magical family. (That is literally what Akemi meansJ)

I close my eyes and thank god for my big family and for the two who made this all possible, Nina and Hiroki. Without them none of this would have happened. I hope that there are back to where they are supposed to be and enjoying life. Even if my story of my younger life was coming to an end, but the story of the life I still had on me had just begun.

Yukio's P.O.V.

"DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!" My little five year said running over to me. When she reached me she jumped into my arms. "Yes squirt?"

"Is the baby out of Mommy's tummy yet?" Her light brown eyes looked up at me in wonder.

"Yes Ryoko your baby brother has come to the world." (Ryoko means bright child!)

"Ooo! Can I see him?" I nodded my head and she bounced with excitement. I carried over to Saaya's and my bedroom. I opened the door and there in bed laid my gorgeous wife who glowed with pride looking down at her baby son he just birthed.

Ryoko ran up to Saaya. "Mommy is that my brother?" Saaya nodded and gave her a bright smile. Of course Ryoko smiled back the same brilliant smile. I am so happy Ryoko inherited her mother's smile. "Mommy what's his name?"

"Toshiro, sweetie. Would you like to hold him?"

"Yes please! And what does Toshiro mean?" Saaya gently placed Toshiro in her small arms. Ryoko looked at her little brother. "It means intelligent and talented." Ryoko had a bigger smile on her face. She then started rambling on about what she was going to do for him. I walk over to my wife and lay beside her and grab a hold of her hand and kissed it. She leaned on her head on my shoulder.

"We did it love." She whispered.

"I know. I love you." I whispered back before she could answer back I leaned in and kissed her lightly. In the background little Ryoko said, "Ew, Mommy and Daddy are kissing in front of the baby!" He broke apart and laughed.

"Saaya did you hear about Natalie being pregnant at the same time you were?"

"Yes what about it?"

"Well it seems like she gave birth to a baby girl today."

"Hmmm really. Well I guess maybe there will be another story of adventure and romance on the way with her and our baby."

"Just maybe, only the future will tell." I laugh something like that will probably will not know, but maybe who knows. I hugged onto my wife. My life is complete now. I have everything I have needed all thanks to Nina and Hiroki.

The years go by and Toshiro becomes a teen and he wants to travel before any responsibility is placed on him, so he leaves his home for a little bit and goes to earth and he just happens to meet Akemi, Natalie and Haruto's youngest daughter. Akemi is a beautiful young teenager with one of the brightest personalities ever and she happens to catch the heart of Toshiro, but seems like there might be some complications since she is engaged to another man, but this story is for a different campfire and witch. Who knows maybe another lost story is in store!

BoBo-Chan: AHHHHH! TEARS ARE STREAMING DOWN MY FACE! I am so happy and sad at the same time! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you like my epilogue! Well Goodbye! And I dedicate this story to my best friend in the whole wide world who listened to me obsess over everything! Without her I would not have made it all the way through I love you Nicole! Peace Out!