I stretched out along the length of our couch, letting out a large yawn. I didn't know how long I had been asleep, but it seems I slept long enough that my parents already left for their business trip in Hong Kong. A note was stuck to the cover of the mystery novel I had been reading.


We didn't want to wake you up. Dinner for the next few days is in the freezer. Your father and I love you!


P.S: If you feel lonely, you can invite Alice to spend the night if you want.

I looked towards the clock hanging on the wall. It was about 20 past 1 in the morning. I had stayed up all night last night writing up a term paper for English on Mark Twain; a paper that had to include citations and facts... and had to be ten pages, double spaced, size twelve font. My phone rang suddenly, causing me to jump. My heart pounded wildly in my chest.

"Get a grip on yourself, Bella." The screen said "Unavailable" but I answered it anyway, figuring it was a wrong number. "Hello, Bella Swan here." Silence on the other end.

"So you're alone? This'll be easier than I thought," said a slightly distorted voice before the call ended. I stared at the screen long after it returned to my wallpaper: a picture of Alice and me with gummy worms hanging out our noses - and the reason that I should never drink soda and eat sugary candy.

Every little creak in our house scared the crap out of me. I ran to the front and back doors and made sure that they were dead-bolted and locked. Our security system was armed. I panicked for our dog, Mosey, before I found her asleep on my bed, dreaming of bones and cats and whatnot. I leaned against the door frame, smiling at my cute Labrador puppy.

Creeeak. Creeeak. Creeeak.

"What was that?!" I whispered to myself. I turned on my bedroom light and felt around for the metal bat my dad gave me a few years ago. It felt cold on my hand. I checked my bathroom; everything was in order, down to the placement of my toothpaste. There weren't any psychos in the shower or the closet. I checked every single room and found no one.

I silently cursed myself for reading a mystery book and then falling asleep. I set the bat down on the couch and went into the kitchen to fix myself a frozen pizza. I put it in the 450 degree oven and let it cook. I yawned again and stretched, smacking my lips as I walked back into the living room. I froze.

The bat was gone. I searched the floor around the couch and didn't find it. I grabbed my cell phone. "Alice?" I called out into the empty house. No response. I checked all of the locks once more. They were still locked. I checked the windows.

The one in my parent's room was wide open.

I grabbed my puppy from my room and locked myself in my parent's bedroom, grabbing my father's shotgun for protection. I turned on the TV and watched some movie on Lifetime, slowly drifting off with Mosey laying on the floor by the bed.


I woke up with my head on something soft and warm. I figured it was my dog and I reached up to pet her. Instead I found myself grasping a hand. A hand that squeezed my fingers. A finger lifted up my chin.

"Shh, Bella. No one's here to hurt you," a soft voice whispered. Warm lips met mine and kissed them deeply and slowly. More kisses were placed on my neck and my face. "Go back to sleep." I complied with the voice, snuggling against the stranger.


I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. The covers were pulled tightly over me; my hands grasping a pillow that was still warm.

My phone rang. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the caller I.D.

"Hey, Alice," I said, my voice still groggy with sleep.

"Oh good, you survived your first night alone! How was it?"

I thought back to the stranger, the way his lips felt against mine, his whispered words.

"Unforgettable, Alice. It was Unforgettable."

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