Title: After the Sun Shined

Pairing: Marta x Emil

Rating: K (will change to M)

Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of ToS2, its characters, or the places. Only the plot.

Author's Notes: Well, here ya go! I still need to make lots of updates…blame the stupid MgO combustion labs and stoich! Regardless…some things you should know:

SPOILERS! ((Don't read this until you've finished the game and have gotten the "Good Ending"! ))

This takes place right after Emil and Marta unite after he separates from Ratatosk. They meet in Palmacoasta. Please enjoy, guys! I plan on this being at least 7 to 8 chapters, okay? Yep, it's long…XD Lol…


"It…it can't be…" she stuttered, unable to catch her breath when she saw the shy and slightly flustered blonde standing in front of her. Her cerulean blue eyes began to shed tears when he saw his smile again…the smile she thought she would never see. Without wasting another second, she raced forward and threw herself on top of him, Castagnier swinging her frail body around, embracing her lovingly.


Marta held on to him like her life depended on it and, when they gradually separated from each other, tears were running down her cheeks like marathon sprinters. "E-Emil…" she choked out. Emil cocked his head to the side and leaned in, kissing her tears away. In his usual, overly timid voice, he said:

"I'm back…no…Marta, I'm home."

She cried tears of joy into his chest, unable to contain her feelings. "Emil…you separated…from Ratatosk…and Nifflheim is still sealed?" He nodded, large green eyes growing with compassion. He looked sweet and shy…just like the day she'd met him and Luin.

Their adventure was over, but their time together had just started. "I'm…so glad," the blonde teen said, looking around the maritime city and at the curious passerby who had stopped to examine the romantic couple. "I mean…I owe it all to Versius…she's the one who helped me separate from him…"


"He's…going to help Ratatosk…" Emil left it at that. Really, he didn't remember…but he knew one thing. This wouldn't be the last time he saw either of them. He knew he'd eventually see Ratatosk and Richter again…he somehow knew it. "Oh, Marta…" he sighed, hugging her tightly again, suddenly remembering just how much he loved Lualdi. She hugged him back, whispering in his ear, "I missed you so much…" before daringly kissing him on the lips again. Emil was stunned for a few seconds, but then remembered that it was okay. It was okay…because he loved her. There was no reason to be so shy, and kissing her felt right…so even if he felt slightly withdrawn, now was the time to get over it.

He closed his green eyes and kissed her back with all the passion he could, trying to prove just how much he cherished her.

"I'd hate to interrupt, but maybe you should rent a room instead of getting so mushy in public…hm?" Emil pulled away from the kiss, stunned to hear that sarcastic, spiteful voice once again.

"Tenebrae!?" both Marta and Emil yelled as the Centurion of Darkness floated before them, a cat-like smirk never leaving his face. "Lord Emil, Lady Marta, you act as if you're surprised to see me…I'm crushed," he said in a mocking tone of voice. Castagnier, still as gullible as ever, started to paste sentences together. "Well, sorry…I mean, we didn't mean to…I mean…"

"I thought you were staying in Niffleheim!" she asked, butting in and saving poor Emil from thinking too hard. "You said that…"

"I said I would expect Lord Ratatosk to check in once in a while, right? You two are so much more eventful than him…" The two teenagers looked at each other, unsure of the response, but ready to accept it. They'd both missed Tenebrae so much.

"Aw…Braebrae!" Marta chimed, running forward with Emil and wrapping her arms around the Centurion's neck, Emil's tan arms circling his neck also. Blushing, he meekly said, "Well, my word…" before Emil and Marta both started laughing again.

"I…thought I told you…" he started, but then saw the two laughing heroes in front of him. Smiling, he bent his head down and let it go. "Oh, well. I'll let Braebrae slide…this one time."


Yay, the third best character is back, Tenebrae!!!! (next to Zelos and Emil, Emil being the best). I don't know why so many people hate Emil…I love him. He's so sweet and sensitive, and I value that greatly. Marta's so lucky! Lol…:D