Till The End Of All
By CyberDracomon, King of Takari

Chapter 1 of 26 - Advice

(Author's Note: At long last... the fog has lifted... the earth has shifted... and the King of Takari has returned to dust off his crown and take his spot on the thrown! I've been gone a long time, longer than I intended, but the wait has been well worth it. Welcome to my biggest fic ever, my own Digimon fanfic epic. This will span every aspect I've ever used and some I haven't, I've been planning this fic quite a while and in great detail, so you won't be disappointed. This will be my only author's note as I want the chapters as solid as possible, but I will warn you of anything special you need to know. So, with all that said, please read, review, and most importantly enjoy!)

TK stood in the seclusion of the city park, facing the park's crystal blue lake that shined in the midday sun. He could feel the heat of the sun and the smell of the water in every breath, taking it all in as he waited. It had been a month since he completed high school, right along side Kari during graduation. At 18 years old TK had grown into a handsome young adult, tall for his age but still a kid at heart. He would have been the most popular guy in the school with girls had it not been for one detail.

"Kari, where are you?" He whispered to himself, looking down at the clock on his Digivice. He had called her over an hour ago to meet her here, but she had yet to show. The two had been dating through almost all of high school and everyone knew it. They were always together, no matter what. If TK was playing in a basketball game, Kari would be one of the cheerleaders, if Kari had photography projects, TK would be the one doing the posing. The two were rarely seen apart and were the obvious choices for prom king and queen. Those days were mere months behind them, but TK was still wondering what was left for the two now that school was no longer an obstacle...

"Hey, TK!" He heard behind him. TK replaced his Digivice and turned to face the voice he knew all too well, seeing Kari walking up the path to the lake. "Sorry I'm late, somehow Tai lost his D-Terminal again." Somehow TK wasn't surprised, every time Kari was late it was usually something Tai had misplaced. As soon as she was close enough, TK put his arms around Kari's waist and embraced her, getting a surprised giggle from the girl, who quickly returned it. In the past few years Kari had grown into one of the prettiest girls in Odaiba, and luckily for her she, too, grew a bit or she wouldn't have been able to return TK's embrace.

"I don't mind, as long as you got here at all." TK replied, letting go of her most of the way, keeping his hands on hers. TK tried his best to let go completely, but he never managed to do it.

"So why did you want to meet here?" Kari asked. "You didn't tell me what you wanted over the phone." TK smiled, glad she hadn't guessed his intentions.

"I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to go out tomorrow." He asked. "If you don't have anything planned, that is." Kari giggled a bit, slightly confused. It was unusual for TK to bring her out somewhere just to ask for a date.

"You could have just called me for that, you know." Kari said. It was the reaction TK expected, over the years TK could predict Kari better than any psychic.

"I know, but why ask over the phone when I can ask in person?" He replied with a smile across his face. "Besides, it doesn't feel right unless I can see your face when I ask." Kari smiled, making no attempt to hide the light blush that had formed across her face.

"Well, I am free tomorrow..." Kari said. "All day date?" Kari knew TK just as well has he knew her. TK's favorite kind of date were the ones that went from noon to night, plenty of time to spend the day with his love.

"You know me too well." TK joked. "I'm going to have to find something new to surprise you." Kari giggled a little, which was a good sign for TK. His last statement was a bluff, knowing Kari had seen it all from TK.

"Alright, if that's possible by now." She said, knowing the fact for herself. "I'll see you at noon tomorrow then." Kari released TK's hands, much to his regret.

"What, you're leaving already?" TK asked, surprised. "You just got here, you don't even have time to talk for a while?" Kari shook her head, obviously upset that she didn't.

"Sorry, TK, but I promised Cody I'd help him with a science project." She explained. "It counts for a lot of his grade and he's having a lot of trouble with it. I'm sorry, but we've got plenty of time tomorrow, right?" TK nodded, knowing he wasn't going to get anymore time with Kari this day. That was how she was, though, in her mind everyone came before herself, one of her traits TK admired the most.

"Maybe I should go, anyway." TK said. "My mom's going to worry if I stay gone for too long." TK felt a little strange saying that at 18 years old, but it was still true. Kari smiled, a slight gleaming appearing in her eyes that she always had when she smiled.

"Then I guess we should both be going." Kari replied. She took a step closer, leaning in to press her lips to TK's in a tender, but fleeting kiss, lasting just long enough to send a jolt through TK's system. "I'll see you tomorrow!" With that Kari turned to leave, walking back up the path she came down.

"Bye!" TK called to her as she walked away. He never did like using that word around Kari, always meaning they were parting for a length of time. He always got a sinking, empty feeling in his gut, a kind of loneliness setting into his heart, like it was missing something that made it whole, made it what it was. TK watched Kari walking away until she was out of view, but remained standing there, lost in his new feeling of sorrow. TK slowly turned and started for home, a mix of confusion and disappointment swirling in his mind... Maybe it was time for an experienced voice to guide him, someone that knew this feeling, someone of mature spirit and intelligent mind...


"TK, the toilet's stopped up again!" Patamon shouted. It was the first think TK heard when he came through the door, making him laugh to himself. It wasn't the voice of experience he had hoped for, but his mom was gone and his brother was rarely around to answer his phone, leaving the hamster Digimon as his only outside opinion.

"Patamon, you never use the bathroom, why worry about the toilet?" TK said. Patamon was a breed of Digimon that rarely produced any waste, always converting all his food into energy. With his Digivolution line he needed all the energy he could get. Patamon flew around the corner, stopping in midair just in front of TK.

"Well I got bored so I looked for things to fix around the house..." Patamon said, a bit of worry in his voice. "When I was looking through the bathroom I knocked a bunch of things off the counter and somehow a roll of toilet paper got flushed..." TK couldn't help but laugh a little, it was something too crazy to happen to anyone but Patamon.

"Well as long as it's not overflowing we can leave it to a pro." TK said. "There's some more important things right now, though." Patamon looked up at his partner, curious as to what was more important than a working toilet. TK walked across the room to a couch in front of the TV, sitting down to relax. Patamon flapped over and landed on the cushion beside him.

"So what's wrong?" Patamon asked, a slightly worried tone to his voice. "If it's a problem, that is." TK wasn't sure on how to answer, he wasn't even sure what was wrong.

"I don't know if I can explain it like that..." TK said, at a slight loss for words. "Patamon, have you ever had this feeling in you like there was a piece missing out of you?" The small Digimon just looked on in confusion, not a clue what TK was talking about.

"Uh, no... I don't think so..." Patamon said, unsure of his own words. "Like when Apocalymon broke us up into data bits?" TK figured he would answer like that... He had to find some other way to get a point across...

"No, it's different than that..." TK explained. "Like... I don't know... Like one of your favorite feelings was suddenly pulled out of you." Patamon still couldn't get a fix on where TK was going with this.

"Like when I get too weak to stay Digivolved?" The little Digimon said. "I never like having that feeling pulled out of me." This was turning into a lost cause... TK was just realizing how little experience his companion had, too little to be of much help with this...

"Sorry, Patamon, I don't really know how to explain it to you..." TK said in disappointment. Patamon hung his head a bit, letting his wings dangle from his head, upset that he couldn't help. TK figured he could at least give his friend one more shot, maybe something easier. "Patamon, do you know what love is?" Patamon perked up again at the change of questioning.

"Just the kind I have for you." He replied. "But somehow I think you mean a different kind. Digimon don't normally mate, partially because we just get reborn, also because many times they aren't created with emotions like love. Usually they don't get any stronger than friendship, but there have been some that were capable of it." TK never knew this about Digimon before, it was an enlightening idea. No wonder Patamon had no experience with this problem.

"And what about you, Patamon?" TK asked. "You're capable of loving me, are you capable of loving another Digimon?" Patamon wasn't sure how to answer, it would help if he knew what the answer was at least.

"I never had a chance to find out." Patamon explained. "Between battles and protecting you didn't leave much time to become social." TK had to agree, they didn't do much else than that in the Digital World.

"What about the female Digimon in our group?" TK said. "You knew Biyomon and Palmon a long time, neither one of them interested you?" TK had intentionally left out Gatomon, knowing she wasn't a Rookie Digimon and wasn't born with the other 7 Digimon. If Patamon had ever been interested in a female Digimon, it had to be one of the ones he was born with.

"Nope, they were always just friends." Patamon said. "We haven't had to fight in a long time, though, maybe we'll get a chance to find out someday." TK smiled, glad that his partner had the chance to know how he felt when he was with Kari.

"Well I still need someone who would know what I was talking about." TK pointed out. "Think Matt's anywhere near his phone?" Patamon shook his head, letting his wings flap around a bit.

"Never is, you know that." Patamon answered. "Always on tour these days. Maybe it would be better to just go talk to Kari about it, if anyone would know it would be her." Patamon had a point, but somehow he wouldn't feel right asking Kari about such things... But if it was his only choice, he had to take it.

"Good idea, Patamon." TK said, standing from his seat. "She went to Cody's to help him with a school project, but she might be home by now. Thanks, buddy." TK walked around the couch and over to the door, realizing he accidentally left it open. TK took hold of the handle to close it on his way out.

"TK, hold it!" Patamon shouted. TK stopped with a foot already out the door, looking back into the apartment. "The plumber?" TK mentally kicked himself, he forgot the toilet accident Patamon created... He stepped back inside, this time shutting the door behind him, and over to the phone, conveniently with the phone book beside it. This would work to his advantage, anyway, waiting for the plumber should burn just enough time for Kari to get home.


It was a couple of hours before TK was out the door and on his way to Kari's apartment. Luckily he had enough money saved to pay for the plumber's visit, though his mom would most likely repay him for it. Even luckier was that he didn't ask how a whole roll of toilet paper got flushed down the pipes, which would have been really hard to explain... TK had been walking for quite a while and was just yards from the apartment door now, standing on the open pathway on the apartment building the Kamiya family still called home. He had walked this path countless times, he knew it as well as the walkway of his own apartment, hew knew every stone and detail along the way, but was never this nervous or worried before. TK walked slowly until he was at the all too familiar door of the Kamiya home, raising a hand to ring the doorbell, but stopping. He still wasn't sure if this was the best idea... but regardless, it was the only idea he head. TK pushed the doorbell quickly before he could second thought the situation again, leaving him without an exit. TK stood for an eternal moment, anxiety coursing through his system. When the door finally opened, the teen was relieved immensely as he saw Tai behind the door instead of Kari.

"Hey, TK." Tai greeted, obviously not surprised. It had hardly been the first time Tai answered the door for TK, even after he got his own apartment with his fiancé, Sora, visiting his little sister often. "Kari's over at Cody's right now, want me to tell her you came by?" TK's relief turned to disappointment that is one path had suddenly hit a road block... or maybe a new path had opened.

"Nah, don't tell her I came by." TK said, confusing Tai easily. "Actually I could use your help, I'm in need of some experience." Tai wasn't sure what TK meant, but backed up, letting him inside. TK walked into the apartment, feeling a gust of cold air he always felt when entering. He walked through the home he knew as well as his own, taking his usual seat on the couch. Tai shut the door before walking over, sitting on the lounge chair beside the couch.

"So what do you mean by experience?" Tai asked in curiosity. "After how much time you've spent in the digital world I'm surprised you need any more." TK had thought the same thing at one time, but the only thing he found challenge in these days was his relationship with Kari.

"Well it's not advice on how to kill some rampaging Digimon." TK explained. He hesitated a moment, thinking out his next question "You and Sora went out a long time before moving in together, right?" Of course Tai nodded his head in response, the two had been seeing each other for the past six years. TK hesitated again, trying to continue.

"You didn't come over just to ask that, I hope." Tai joked. TK smiled, too focused for a complete laugh. He was trying to figure out how to ask Tai in a way he's understand.

"...does it ever go away?" TK asked. "I mean, that lonely feeling when she leaves?" Now Tai understood why TK was hesitating so much, his nerves had to be in knots.

"Oh, so it's that kind of experience..." Tai said, now taking his turn to think through his next sentence. "Believe me, TK, I know that feeling hurts, but if it ever went away you'd be even more worried than you are now." He had a point, TK couldn't imagine not being upset when Kari left his side. If he ever wasn't upset it only meant the worst...

"Yeah, I guess so..." TK said, a little quieter in tone. "But you live with your girlfriend now, at least it's easier for you." Tai had to give him that, he had to see Sora daily, which he didn't mind.

"Kind of comes with the territory if you're engaged, TK." Tai joked. "It does help, I'll admit that." TK was considering other questions now, Tai's remarks sparked ideas he had held for a long time now...

"Tai..." TK said, his voice now very unsure. "...I didn't come here to say this, but I might as well now..." Tai sat up in the chair, unsure how he was going to take whatever was coming next. "...Tai... I..." TK was so nervous it was embarrassing, but this had to be said sooner or later. "...I want to marry your sister... I want to propose to Kari..." Tai's eyes bulged a bit, falling back into the chair hard. He had joked about the topic because he figured TK wasn't thinking about such things, his original question should have been asked years ago if he was already that far. Tai took a second to catch his wind, which TK was happy about, giving him more time to prepare for Tai's next response.

"You're serious about this?" Tai asked as soon as he recovered his senses. TK nodded, then reached into his pocket, withdrawing a small, purple velvet box he kept just in case the right time came up. He extended it out, letting Tai take it. He lifted the lid, revealing a gold ring, wide at the top to fit a fair-sized diamond surrounded by pink gemstones. To both sides of the gems, the ring had the crest of light engraved onto it. "TK, this had to cost a fortune..." TK again nodded, taking the ring back as Tai returned it to him.

"My life's savings." He answered. "I was saving it for a dozen different reasons, seemed like I had a new use for it every year. When I started it I just wanted a video game, and until a year ago a car... But by then I had a feeling it would go toward this ring instead." Tai couldn't believe this was happening, he expected it somewhere down the road, but not nearly this soon.

"TK..." Tai said, a much more serious, almost angry, tone his voice. "Are you sure you know what you're doing? You only got out of high school a month ago, you two are only eighteen! There's a lot more to life than school and marriage." This was the reaction TK had expected. Tai was 21 and only proposed to Sora a year ago, he knew it wouldn't go over well right away.

"Yes, Tai, I've thought about all of that." TK said, just as seriously. "You know me, I wouldn't just do something so serious without thinking it through. I know we're young, and I know I'll be passing up a lot... But believe me, as much as I know I'd sacrifice, I know it would be worth it. You have no idea how much I love Kari... I want to be with her until the day I die, I can't imagine my life without her in it every day, without hearing her voice, feeling her hand in mine... I've known that for the past year, Tai, and I know it'll be true for the rest of my life." Tai had calmed down enough to listen to TK's words, many of which hit home. TK was wrong about not knowing, TK was describing how he felt about Sora almost to a tee. The almost was because Tai had taken two years to learn what the world had to offer before proposing to Sora. TK already knew a lot of that, and knew what was out there that he wouldn't get to experience, but didn't care, knowing it would be worth losing. It was something even Tai didn't do when he was just dating Sora.

"TK..." Tai said, still with a serious tone. "I'll be honest with you, I don't approve of marriage so young..." TK lowered his head, trying not to look directly at Tai. "...but I do believe in true love. And if anyone I know has it, it's you and Kari." TK lifted his head again, amazed Tai had changed his tone so quickly. "If you really want to marry Kari, then you've got my best wishes." TK couldn't believe it, he was sure Tai wasn't going to approve.

"Wait, you aren't going to lose it and throw me off the balcony?" TK joked. Tai chuckled a bit, shaking his head.

"Well you know what you're getting yourself into." Tai responded. "But you'll be related to me, so if you mess up I'll have plenty of chances to pay you back." TK smiled a bit, though nervously.

"Well I guess you know what you're getting yourself into, too." TK said. "You're going to be Matt's brother-in-law now." TK laughed to himself, leaving Tai a bit stunned from realization.

"...is it too late to take that approval back?" Tai said, joking. The two laughed, both glad this had turned out the way it had. This was what TK knew was going to be the hardest part about proposing to Kari... At least he thought he did...

End Chapter 1

Coming Next: Chapter 2 - Beloved

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