"Everyone...!" Aigis smiled when she saw her friends running toward her and the sleeping boy on her lap. They had remembered after all, like he promised her.

"Aigis!" Yukari shouted as she ran to her side.

"Sorry we're so late." Mitsuru apologized, as she eased her run into a stop. "It seems, we were side-tracked."

Akihiko nodded. "It just suddenly happened. Kind of like a rush..."

"Yeah, kinda like remembering everything out of the blue, right sempai?" Junpei grinned as he scratched his head sheepishly. "So, is he all right?"

"Yes. He's just sleeping..." Aigis looked backed down to the sleeping blue haired boy on her lap. A faint smile graced his lips, she noticed as the rest gathered around.

"Well, we certainly will be in trouble for running out during the graduation ceremony." Fuuka panted slightly, as she stood up straight.

"Who cares?!" Junpei grinned wildly. "This calls for a celebration!"

"I'm all for that." Akihiko chuckled.

"Yeah, after all, we did save the world, even if no one knows about it." Yukari said excitedly. "We should go pick up Ken and Koro-chan!"

"I'll go order for some sushi to be delivered to the dorm. The finest, of course." Mitsuru said as she turned to the sleeping blue-haired boy. "Should someone wake him up?"

"Nah. Our fearless leader needs to get some rest anyway." Junpei said jokingly. "I'll go carry him to the dorm."

"Wow Junpei, you're actually being thoughtful." Yukari teased.

"Aren't I always, Yuka-tan?" Junpei smirked. "Hey Aigis, can you lift him onto my back?"

"Of course." She smiled lightly as she gently lifted him. The smile on his face was no longer present.

With Junpei carrying the sleeping boy, the group merrily walked away from the school grounds. Aigis stopped at the gates, staring at the cherry trees that lined the front of the school. As she lingered she, for a split second, she saw a faint image of two figures. Squinting, she began to walk to the spot where she saw the image.

"Aigis! Hurry up!" She heard Yukari call.

Before turning away, she gazed at the spot where she saw the figures, before concluding that it was just a trick of light. She ran off to catch up with the others.

Following behind her in a gentle manner, a faint image of a boy wearing a long scarf was leading a blue-haired boy through the cherry blossoms.

"...See? I told you they'd remember."

"Well, I'm glad you were right."

--You can feel the sunlight on your cheeks, for a final time, before feeling the emptiness overwhelm you.

--Even if they can't see you, will you continue to watch over them?