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Chapter 1

"Where is he?! WHERE'S OUR SON?!?!" Maddie Fenton was sobbing in her husband's arms, the police not helping at all with their missing person's case.

Danny Fenton, age 15, had disappeared two weeks ago. His family knew about his secret, that he was Danny Phantom, but they had just recently learned that he had been taking trips into the ghost zone to map it out more clearly. One night, as he shut down everything in the lab, some ghosts taken him. Maddie and Jack had tried to stop them, but...

"Ma'am, we're trying. Don't worry." The officers left Fentonworks, having no leads.

Sam and Tucker were also present, concerned for their friend and his family.

"I hope he's all right." Tucker looked at Sam, sad hope filling her eyes.

"He'll be okay, Sam. I know he'll be."

Danny had no idea where he was. Everything smelled so weird. The blindfold over his eyes blocked out every bit of light.

"I see you're confused."

Medusa? The ghost with snakes for hair?

"What's going-" Danny stopped as his eyes began to feel as though they were burning. He clutched at his face with his hands, said appendages he now realized seemed colder than normal.

"Calm down, my child." The ghost he assumed was Medusa gently pulled her hands away from his face and placed something else there, like an ice pack.

"What's going on?"

"I'm afraid that your blood has awakened, my son."

Blood? Her son? "I'm not your-"

"Yes, you are, Parthenios."

Danny felt something awaken inside of him. Parthenios... What was the Greek word for 'mother'?

"μητέρα," Danny said, the ancient word foreign, but welcome on his tongue. Suddenly, he felt a cold, hateful emotion fill the air around him. "Mother?"

"WHERE IS HE?!?!" That loud voice... it seemed so familiar.


"Where is that bastard child?!?!" Her booming voice seemed to bang against Danny's eardrums. Now he remembered why his mother hated her.

"Leave please."

"This child should not exist-"

"It is not his fault."

"You and my uncle desecrated my temple-"

"And I have told you before that I did not desecrate your temple with evil intentions. Your uncle - the father of Parthenios - chased me to your temple, where I was praying to you. Do you not remember?"

"... You were a good priestess."

"Does that not entitle my son to leave the shadows of your wrath? His brothers both are dead, one a sacrifice, the other a hero. Should that not let him be free from your anger, Goddess?"

Danny heard nothing else he understood, as the mumbles of Medusa and Athena speaking Greek were nonsense to his ears.

"Well... the child can live..."

"Thank you, my goddess."

Danny felt somewhat obligated to be grateful as well. "Thank you, Warrior Goddess." If only he were able to see... He reached up to pull the ice pack away, the burning feeling returning immediately.

Medusa held her child close as he cried out, wishing the pain would leave him.

"I can make his pain less than what it is," revealed the Goddess in the room, setting down her spear and shield, making her way over to the woman with snakes for hair and her son.

Vlad Masters sat in his study, worrying. Danny Fenton had two weeks prior.

He had, in short, been devastated.


"Are you in any pain?" Vlad stayed still, as to avoid hurting the boy beneath.

"No. God, Vlad." Danny lay beneath the other, loving the feel of the millionaire inside of him. Their relationship had progressed past the rivalry, the tolerating, the loving gazes, the simple kisses goodnight...

End Flashback

Where was Danny now?

Vlad stood up, hearing a crash in his study. He ran to see his Danny... but not as he saw him normally.

Parthenios: Of or like a virgin (referring to Poseidon's raping of Medusa, turning her once beautiful appearance into that of the now recognizable Gorgon sister)

Danny's brothers are the winged horse Pegasus (death actually happened that way) and the giant Chrysaor (the sacrifice thing was just to kill him off xp)

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