Across the Universe of Time

When the sea falls from the shore, as the light sinks low, will I see you anymore?

Hugo Stiglitz. The name was embedded in Elenore Ferland's mind and it would be until the end of her times. He was an unforgettable man with those cold blue eyes filled with insanity. However, she's seen those eyes look at her in a different way and till this day it still made her body quiver in way's no other man could. She never expected to see the man or his eyes ever again after he left her in France to return to Germany.

But now, six years later, he was sitting in her tavern decked out in a Nazi uniform. He was with two other men (also dressed as Nazi's) and famous German actress Bridget von Hammersmark. They were seated at a table talking to each other in German. She didn't speak much German, but she's been listening to German people for so long that she knew the 'captain' wasn't really a German. His strange accent was proof of that. They were her only customers now. About fifteen minutes ago she had a group of enlisted Nazi's leave the tavern since they were getting a bit too drunk and rowdy. The most sober one of the group, which was the woman, agreed and forced her male comrades to leave with her. Now, Hugo and his 'friends' could speak freely amongst each other and although she couldn't speak much of the language she was picking up bits and pieces that was giving her the feeling that they weren't really Nazi's. That one was really giving himself away and he was lucky that the soldiers that were in here earlier were too drunk to notice.

Hugo hadn't noticed her. Either he was too busy with his conversation or he didn't recognize her (it could very well be both). She did look much different from when they were together. Back then she had short curly brown hair. Now she had long wavy blond hair. Not a huge difference but it did change her appearance a considerable amount. Either way, she was glad that didn't see her. No need to go down that path.

She had her back towards the group as she worked at the bar. She wanted to make sure Hugo didn't see her face. If he did then he'd obviously know it was her then. Her heart was beating much faster then she wanted it to be. This was too much. She never wanted to see the crazy German again!


When Elenore returned home from grocery shopping Hugo was packing. She raised an eyebrow when she entered their bedroom to see him throwing his clothes into a suitcase.

"Where are you going?" She asked curiously, but with a hint of fear.

"I'm going back to Germany." He responded not looking at her. He just continued throwing clothes into the bag.

They both spoke to each other in English. It was the only language they both understood and spoke. He was a German and she was a French Canadian. English was their only way of communicating.

"What! Why?" She asked, mouth dropping in shock.

Hugo stopped briefly and he glanced back at her. "A war is happening. I need to go home." He said somewhat hesitantly.

Elenore walked over to him with wide emerald eyes. "This is your home. This is our home." She said taking one of his hands right after he snapped the suitcase shut.

He sighed deeply. "No, it is not, Elenore. It's not going to work out between us." He said taking his out of hers and taking a step away from her.

She looked at him with confusion. "It's been working for two years, Hugo." She responded and he said nothing. "So… you're just going to leave me here?" He nodded his head slowly. "Why are you doing this?" She asked feeling a sting in her eyes with oncoming tears.

"Elenore, I have to—"

"Stop!" She quickly interrupted. "Stop saying that you have to. I want an explanation." She demanded with narrowed eyes. Once again, he said nothing. "Hugo, talk to me!"

He sighed deeply. "I'm married."

It seemed like time stopped and her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach. "W-what?"

For the first time ever she saw sympathy in the German's eyes. He felt sorry for her. "I am married." He repeated. "I merely came here to find my brother." Hugo's brother announced that he was going to France two years prior, just a month before his wedding. He never returned to Germany so his parents send Hugo to find him. Just recently, Hugo found out his brother had been murdered the day before he was going to return home. Hugo's been distant from Elenore ever since the news was delivered to him. "Then I met you and—"

"And you used me." Elenore whispered taking a few steps away from him now.

"No! No, I wasn't using you!" Hugo denied fiercely. "I fell in love with you. I do love you." He said grabbing her by the shoulders and she squirmed a little bit. She didn't want him touching her.

"If you really loved me then you wouldn't be leaving." She said through clenched teeth as she tried desperately to get out of his grasp but he held on firmly.

Hugo was trying not to lose his temper. He really didn't have a reason to be angry. This was all his fault. "Elenore, I have a wife! I have an obligation to her."

She scoffed. "An obligation? You've been disloyal to her for the past two years." She spat at him. Before he could even yell at her, a tear escaped from her eye and he froze. "You've made me a dishonorable woman. I would never sleep with a married man, and you know that!" She shouted at him and she thrusted herself out of his grip, which was now limp. "Now you wanted to leave, so go!" He didn't move. "Go! Get the hell out of here, you goddamn kraut!" She yelled shoving him at the chest.

Hugo didn't say a word. He grabbed his suitcase and left.

He walked all the way to the airport while she stayed in what was once their home and sobbed until her ribs were sore.

"Fräulein, drei Gläser von schottischem bitte!"

Elenore was snapped out of her trip down memory lane when the 'captain' suddenly asked for three glasses of scotch. She pretty much understood drink orders in German. She had to know at least that much in a Nazi occupied France. Quickly, she grabbed the scotch bottle and the three shot glasses.

"Und sprudelnder für mich." Von Hammersmark called out and Elenore grabbed the champagne bottle as well. She set them all on a small tray.

Taking a deep breath, Elenore walked over to their table trying not to shiver with nervousness. She set the three glasses on the table and then poured the scotch in them. Her heart was hammering away at her chest. It was hurting a little bit. She grabbed the champagne bottle and poured the liquid into the glass Von Hammersmark held out to her. Her hair covered the sides of her face and she was trying to hide behind it as much as she could.

"Danke." The German actress said charmingly.

Elenore nodded and then quickly turned away. And that's when it happened; that's when everything went to shit. As she turned her right foot met her left ankle and she quickly went spiraling down onto the wood floor with a loud thud; she had messed up her footing in her scurry to get away. She heard a gasp from the actress and the men's chairs hastily push out as they scurried to help the clumsy tavern owner.

It was Hugo who had helped her up to her feet.

"Fräulein, sind sie– Elenore?" She had looked up at him and he could never mistake those big green eyes.

They stared at each other. The tavern became completely silent as the three other occupants stared on in confusion and curiosity.

And then Elenore bolted.

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