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"REID! SHUSH! I'm so tired of you rambling off random statistics that have nothing to do with the case!" With that final remark, JJ ran out of the main office and slammed the door of her own, Leaving Reid, Morgan, Hotch, and Rossi staring after her openmouthed and Emily catching the case file before it hit the floor. Morgan turned to Emily,

"What was that?" He asked, as if she knew the answer to JJ's behavior. Seriously, JJ had been acting weird lately, like on some emotional rollercoaster. One minute she was laughing and teasing with the guys, the next minute she was crying hysterically or yelling at someone, usually Reid. Emily was just a little less confused as the guys, her profiling mind had a hunch on why JJ had been acting up lately. She turned to the very confused group of men,

"It's a girl thing." Prentiss turned briskly and headed for JJ's office. Morgan raised an eyebrow, Hotch smiled and went back to work, Rossi just headed for his office, leaving the boy genius still sitting at his desk looking very confused, and lost.

"I don't get it." Reid admitted. Morgan shot him a goofy smile and hit him on the back of the head.

"When you've been around women as much as I have, your oversized brain will start to figure it out. Now I'm going for some coffee." He turned and got up out of his chair, Hotch followed him.

"First good idea he's had all day." He mumbled to no one in particular.


The door to JJ's office opened, and Emily slipped through. JJ was sitting there, rubbing her forehead, and swallowing an aspirin the size of a football.

"JJ I think you owe Reid an apology with the way you've been acting toward him." Emily chided. Why did she always feel like she had to play mom to a group of very annoying toddlers?

"Not my fault he wants to be a pain in my butt." Now that didn't sound very much like JJ.

"Do you have extra pads?" Emily shot back without any warning. JJ's mouth dropped open, and she sat down looking at Emily rather tiredly.

"I really need to stay away from profilers. How'd you know? What special body language and blinking rate did you read this time?" Came JJ's sarcastic remark. Emily laughed,

"I do happen to be a woman too JJ."

JJ smiled, and poked Emily.

"I'm still not entirely convinced. Yes, though, I brought extra pads." They laughed, Emily her big appreciative goofy one, and JJ her little giggle. "Don't tell the guys."

"Um, Morgan and Hotch already figured it out, but for a self professed genius," She glanced out the window at a still very confused Reid, "Reid doesn't have a clue."

The laughed again, and JJ hugged Emily.

"Thanks Em, I don't know what I'd do without you."