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Tony took a step towards her and tried to burn this picture into his memory—Ziva standing before him, eyes dark and liquid, lips pink and inviting, and hair beginning to dry in the natural curls that he hadn't seen in forever. It was the stuff that his dreams were made of—hell, the whole night had been—and he couldn't quite believe that he'd managed to more or less keep his hands off her when he just wanted her so damn much.

Enough of that. He couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't pine and want and ache and conjure her into his arms. He had to take. He had to give in. Because this tension was scrambling his thoughts and turning him mad.

Tony took her hips in trembling hands and slowly backed her up until she was against his living room wall. Ziva's breath caught as he leaned in towards her, and the closeness sent the temperature between their faces skyrocketing. His damp chest pressed against hers and his hands slid from her hips around to the small of her back, holding her against him firmly as his head dipped closer and closer. The smell of him—his skin, his soap, the hint of his cologne—hit her like a tidal wave, and she didn't bother trying to stifle her moan as thousands of endorphins were suddenly released into her bloodstream and made her tingle from head to toe.

She held his gaze as he continued to invade her space, until finally he veered downwards and his mouth went to her neck. Ziva closed her eyes and let her head fall back against the wall, baring her throat to his ministrations. She could feel the burning presence of his mouth hovering just millimetres above her sensitive flesh, and gripped his t-shirt as her skin flushed hot under his lips.

Without touching her, Tony slowly moved his mouth up her neck to just under her ear, then slowly down again to the juncture of her throat and shoulder. Up and down, up and down, over and over as he teased and tortured her for as long as he could stand to. When he finally brought his lips down, the rush of blood south made Ziva's thighs weak and her head light. Her hand flew up to hold the back of his head, forcibly keeping him right there—yes, right there. She half moaned his name against his ear, and his answering groan reverberated against her skin. He sucked on the thin, sensitive flesh right below her ear, and she heaved a pleasure-soaked sigh, which turned into a moan of protest when his lips left her throat. She opened her eyes, ready to argue, but found his face hovering in front of hers again, his delectable mouth curled in that way that never failed to make her heart stutter. His eyes, usually so warm and glinting with a joke, were now dark, serious and predatory, and Ziva could scarcely believe that after all this time, he was turning that look on her.

"God, you smell so good," he whispered softly to her. The scratch in his voice turned the throb in her up a few notches.

Ziva lifted her chin to finally catch his mouth, but Tony saw her coming and he wasn't quite done with the torture yet. He dodged out of the way just as her lips brushed his, and he knew by the way her body tensed against him that she did not appreciate the move. Still, he knew it would be worth it in the end.

Ziva barely tamped down the impulse to stamp her foot and scream. "Tony," she started warningly.

Usually that tone of voice struck fear into his heart. But tonight, he wouldn't be rushed. He knew what he wanted to do—had been thinking about it for going on five years—and he needed to make it last. He slowly ran his hands up her sides, making her jump with the tickle, and lifted her arms above her head. When he was sure that she would hold them there, he kissed the tip of her nose and brought his hands down to the hem of her tank top. He held her gaze as he slid the material up, his fingertips barely grazing her skin as he stripped it off her and dropped it on the floor.

Ziva watched him as his eyes fell to her almost naked torso, and if she thought that the teasing, lusty looks her gave her across their desks were hot, they were nothing on this. As he dipped his head towards her again, Ziva realized that her heart was now beating so hard that her whole body was rocking from it. She brought her hands down to rest on his shoulders, giving her the balance that she feared she was about to loose, and then tightened her grip when he kissed the hollow of her throat.

Tony slowly worked his way down, dropping kisses on her collarbone, her chest, between the curve of her breasts, under her bra, above her belly button, and down the waistband of her skirt. His fingertips followed the trail his mouth made, skimming with a maddening lightness that caused her skin to erupt in gooseflesh and a frustrated cry to escape her lips. Tony had a brief moment of mercy as he gently nipped the curve of her belly over her skirt, and then got to his knees before he undid the button on her skirt and pulled down the zip. The skirt fell to pool at her feet with a damp slap, and Ziva looked down at the top of his head as he brushed his lip along the sensitive under-curve of her belly across to her right hip. She gasped and her hips bucked at the tickle, and she did it again when he ran his lips across her skin to kiss her other hip.

Instinctively, Ziva's hands went to his hair as she directed him further down and to the middle, but Tony bypassed the place she wanted him to kiss and instead gave a little nip and lick to the smooth, sensitive flesh of her inner thigh. He wrapped one hand behind her knee and lifted her leg before moving the skirt out of the way and lowering her leg again. He did the same with the other leg and swept the skirt away from her feet completely, and then paused as he undid the strap around her right leg that held her knife. He glanced up briefly with an amused smile as he tossed the knife onto the coffee table, but Ziva either didn't catch or didn't get the joke. Her eyes were half closed as she concentrated on the feeling of his hands on her thighs and his hot breath just below the juncture of her legs.

The scent of her arousal made Tony's mouth water, and he cocked his head just a fraction until his mouth was hovering right over her. Ziva pushed her hips forward, dying for his touch, and he took her hips between her hands as he leaned forward and pressed a firm, sucking kiss over her underwear. Ziva groaned and her hands tightened in his hair, but to her utter dismay he didn't stay where she wanted him to. Instead, Tony started kissing his way back up her body, all the way to her neck, and then pressed a kiss in front of her ear.

"Turn around," he directed, his voice rough with barely restrained desire.

Ziva huffed and turned her face to his. "I would rather move things along, Tony."

He smirked as he took her by the shoulders and turned her. "You're not enjoying this?"

She would have laughed if she weren't so turned on. "I have been enjoying it all week," she sighed. She rested her forehead against the cool wall and spread her hands as if he was about to pat her down for weapons.

Tony took her long hair in his fist and wrapped it around his hand once, twice to lift it off the back of her neck. He pressed his body against her back and kissed her neck. "Well, I'm enjoying unwrapping you."

She rubbed her ass back against his lap, and a strong thrill shot through her at the growing hardness that pressed back. "You think I am a present?"

Tony slipped the strap of her bra off her shoulder and kissed the bare skin beneath it. "You didn't get me anything for my birthday." He switched his hands in her hair and slipped the other strap off her shoulder.

"I got you tickets to that OSU game you were desperate to go to," she pointed out, indignant even as his lips traveled down her spine.

Tony ran both hands down her back to the clasp of her bra. "Are you really going to fight with me right now?" he asked, and then undid the clasp and moved her arms so that he could slide the black silk off her.

"I am just pointing out that…um…" Ziva lost her train of thought as Tony got to his knees again and kissed down to the small of her back.

Tony kissed the twin dimples above the flare of her ass that he loved so much, and then hooked his fingers into the sides of her underwear. Slowly, he drew it down her legs, and then kissed the backs of her thighs as he again lifted her feet to untangle the silk from her body. Then, he took a moment to sit back on his heels and look at her naked back, his eyes lingering on the ass that he had developed roughly thirty fantasies around in their time together. If he was really good, maybe he'd get the chance to make one or two of them a reality.

Ziva looked over her shoulder at him, and the raw desire in his eyes gave her an enormous shot of confidence. She turned around to face him but only had the patience to let him drink her in for a few moments before she put her hands on his shoulders and knelt down over him, straddling his lap. She roughly pulled his t-shirt over his head and flung it far away from them in her frustration.

"I do not possess your patience," she sternly told his smirk, and then finally—finally!—brought her mouth down on his.

She had intended to take it a bit slow, to make it like one of the kisses she dreamed of at night, but the heat and tension in the air and her own suffocating desire made her too greedy. She ran her tongue over his soft, full lower lip, begging for entrance, and he let her in quickly to slide his tongue against hers. She moaned into his mouth—oh yes, I remember this—and the sound went straight to Tony's groin. The hands that she fantasized about slid through her hair, gently tugging on the strands in the way he remembered had gotten a reaction when they went undercover, and her moan turned into a growl.

Ziva spared a thought for the fact that they were on the floor, and supposed they could have at least moved to the couch, but frankly, she didn't care. All she had the capacity to care about right now was Tony's insistent lips against hers, his hands in her hair and stroking her back, and his hard muscles creating glorious friction against her sensitized chest. She tunneled an arm around his neck and pulled him closer, tugging on his lip with her teeth then soothing with her tongue. He moaned as his senses became overwhelmed and again took possession of her mouth, stroking, teasing and nipping, and her instincts flared as she reacted to him. She was almost mindless from this first, real kiss.

She sank down hard on him and felt his cock straining against her. She felt herself soaking wet against him and wondered (hoped) if he could feel it through his pants. His hand squeezed her hips as she fit herself in the exact, perfect position in his lap, and he growled into her mouth. She felt the rumble through her chest and bit his lip gently in reply. His hips thrust up of their own accord, making her cry out and grind herself down, and she thought that the possibility of bursting into flames couldn't possibly be that remote, because this felt so good that it was almost painful.

She ran her hand down his chest and into his lap, and then shifted her hips back slightly so that she could stroke his length through his pants. Tony inhaled sharply at the touch, sucking the air out of her lungs and sliding his hands up to cup her breasts as he thrust into her palm. Atop him, Ziva squirmed in delight and bit down on his bottom lip, squeezing his cock deliciously at the same time. He groaned and pulled her hand away only to grip her hips in both hands and roughly pull her forward again, positioning her burning heat over him and pushing her hips down as he thrust up. Ziva cried out against his lips, a half-broken affirmation, as every nerve ending in her body fired. She bucked against him and her breath became sharp as she forgot about everything but the exhilarating sensations she was experiencing.

His hands slid up to cup her breasts and he swiped his thumb over her hard nipple, making her cry out and jump. He was vaguely aware of the stinging sensation of her nails digging into his shoulder, and took it as the encouragement that it was. He pulled his mouth from hers and kissed down her chest, then took one of her nipples in his mouth, licking and sucking as she writhed and moaned and whimpered on his lap. He heard her moan his name above him—a sound he was sure he would never get tired of—and he swore that he would be able to do this for hours.

As he moved to her other breast, he slipped his hand between her legs and dragged his fingers over her hot, wet flesh. Her heat was practically scalding on his fingers, and his cock twitched in his pants as he thought about the prospect of being buried inside her in the not-too-distant future. Ziva let out a loud cry as his fingertip found her tiny bundle of nerves, and he rubbed her a few times before he drew his finger lower and slid it inside her.

"Tony! God!" she cried out, burying her face into his neck and squeezing her eyes shut as the combined feeling of his mouth and hand sent intense stabs of pleasure through her.

A second finger joined the first and he felt her clench around him. A now constant symphony of moans and cries filled his ears as he drew them in and out, and he couldn't believe how much he was getting off not just on her enjoyment but on the sound and feel of her.

The scent of her arousal was heavy in the air, and Tony imagined it sinking into his own skin and marking him. By the end of this night, he wanted to smell like her. He wanted to be able to smell her on his hands when he sat as his desk tomorrow with his morning coffee. He wanted his sheets to smell like her. He wanted to be able to roll over in the morning three days from now and smell her in the fibres of his pillow.

When he felt her begin to tense too quickly, he withdrew his fingers and rested his hand on her thigh. Ziva's head snapped up at the sudden lack of touch and she shot him a displeased scowl. He gave her a big grin in response before sealing his mouth to hers again and pulling her right up against him. Everything about this kiss was perfect. She felt perfect against him. She smelled perfect. She tasted perfect. She kissed him perfectly. She sounded perfect. She was the perfect woman. In fact, the only thing that he would change would be that he'd have them on his bed instead of on the hard floor. He didn't know how her knees were holding up, but his were in desperate need of a position change.

He moved his hands back to her hips and gave her bottom lip a final nip. "Get up," he told her.

In response, Ziva applied just the slightest amount of pressure on his neck with her thumb and forefinger. "I am warning you," she began breathlessly, "that if you are about to say anything about rules—"

Tony shook his head quickly and gave her another breathtaking kiss. "No. Knees. Bed."

"What?" she asked against his lips, finding it hard to process even single word sentences.

"Bed," he repeated. "You. On it. Now."

He wasn't sure that she got the whole message, but a moment later she broke the kiss and used his shoulders to push herself up on shaky legs. In the dim light he could barely make out the hint of wetness on the inside of her thigh, where he'd brushed his fingers after drawing them out of her. The sight had him very nearly pulling her hips back so that he could taste that wetness in his mouth, but Ziva gripped his hand and forcibly pulled him to his feet.

Her hands worked on his belt and the buttons on his jeans as he backed her towards the bedroom, and he was ridiculously proud of himself when he managed to step out of them without tripping. Ziva felt him hard against her belly, and her skilled fingers went lower to wrap around his length and swipe over his head. Tony sucked in a sharp breath, greedy for the touch, and his hands tightened in her hair as he growled into her mouth and kissed her harder. Ziva felt the reverberation through his chest and the tension through his hands, and she had a moment of satisfaction that she was not the only one who was losing herself to the moment.

The mattress loomed before Tony had expected it, and when the back of his legs hit the bed he fell without finesse. It got him where he wanted to be, though, and he grabbed Ziva's hand as he scooted back to sit against the headboard. Ziva was straddling his lap again in under a second, and Tony tented his knees behind her, keeping her close to his chest and slightly higher. It wasn't a position he usually went for on the first time, but it felt appropriate for Ziva. It was close and perfectly intimate, and it gave her control. For now.

Ziva gave him a quick, hot kiss as one of her hands snaked between them and she took him in her hand once more. She lifted herself on her knees and held his gaze with a small, provocative smile as she drew his head back and forth against her slit, letting him feel how wet she was.

"Ziva," he growled, his jaw tight as his hands went to her hips.

She drew her thumb against his mouth. "Tony," she replied, and then sank down on him.

Ziva's head dropped back as she felt him push through that first bit of resistance her body put up, and groaned his name as he filled her. Tony tried desperately to keep focus, but he was seeing stars as he was engulfed by her tight, wet heat. His hands clamped down on her hips and he tried not to cry with the effort of not moving. He wanted her to lead this—he'd always wanted her to lead their first time—but if the woman didn't rise up again soon he was going to die.

He may have said it aloud, he honestly wasn't sure, but a moment later Ziva started rolling her hips in a slow circle as she let her body adjust to his size. Then, without warning, she rose up and dropped herself back down on him—hard. Tony felt himself say what he thought may have been her name in a guttural, animalistic growl. He met her black eyes, full of want and desire before her lips found his with bruising force and he squeezed her against him.

She started snapping her hips back and forth at a lighting pace, expelling all the tension she'd been carrying for years. It was desperate and frenetic and drugging. Hot and sweaty and hard. Neither could have stopped now even if they wanted to. They were too far into it. Too far gone. There was barely any consciousness beyond the desperate need for release in each other, and getting there in the most exquisite way possible.

The small part of her brain that was currently functioning focused on how much she loved the smell of him like this. How much she loved the tension in his hands, his insistent mouth, the instinctive way he angled his hips to give her the most pleasure. She felt the fire catch in her pelvis, and clamped down on him as hard as she could to increase the intensity for them both. Tony yelled into her neck with the sublime pressure, and she tilted her hips forward as she ground down on his pelvic bone, putting as much pressure as she could stand where she needed it the most.

She snapped her hips even faster, grinding down and squeezing as the intense tingles started radiating out from her pelvis. She started chanting his name, over and over as she got closer and closer to release. Her hair fell across his face and her hands gripped his shoulders almost painfully, but Tony wouldn't say a word to stop her. He could feel the tension thrumming through her and he knew he wouldn't get there with her, but frankly, he was glad for it. This way, he got to watch in complete awe as Ziva tilted her head back, arched her back, and screamed at the ceiling as her orgasm took her over. Quickly, he moved his hand between her legs and put his thumb over her clitoris, causing her body to snap back in the other direction and her face to press into his neck as she cried out with another small explosion. Tony tapped her gently as she came down from her high, kissing her neck as he felt her walls contract over and over around him. That was, hands down, the best thing he had ever seen.

He gave her a few seconds' grace, just until the edge wore off, before lifting her off him, tossing her back on the mattress, and then slamming himself back inside her. Ziva screamed again as her back arched off the mattress, and her arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders as she held on. She lifted her legs higher as Tony started driving himself into her, her mouth at his ear urging him deeper, asking for more. Her hands ran down his slick back and she nipped his neck, sending tendrils of pleasure down his spine as he picked up the pace and hurtled towards release. He wanted it to last longer, to stay inside her and feel this ecstasy the whole night. But he couldn't hold on, and he knew that he'd get a thousand more chances after this to make it last for hours.

He angled his hips down to try to catch Ziva's still-sensitive nub, determined to draw another orgasm out of her before he let himself go. She cried out and tightened her body around him again, and Tony knew he was hitting it just right. Just as she had done, he started breathing her name, over and over as his thrusts got sloppier and shallower as pure bliss took over all function of him. Ziva's cries became screams and she went through God only knew how many languages as she squeezed him again, impossibly tight as she came hard in his arms. Three more hard thrusts and Tony flew apart, grunting half her name as his Cro-Magnon side took over and he tried to bury himself as deep inside her as possible.

In the sudden quiet and stillness that followed, as she lay there with Tony's hot, heavy and sweaty body on top of her, Ziva stared up at the lightning flashing across the ceiling and unleashed a huge, indulgent smile. She couldn't believe it had finally happened. After all this time, after all the teasing and flirting and yes and no and rules, they had actually managed to get over themselves and just do it. And Ziva couldn't have been happier.

She looped her arms around his back and kissed his shoulder, as Tony's breaths continued to come in shallow bursts against the side of her neck. She could feel his heart running like a rabbit against her chest, and for a moment she was worried that he'd already fallen asleep. But in the next moment his head popped up, he tossed her a blindingly happy smile, and started dropping soft kisses all over her face and hips. Ziva was surprised by the sense of relief that smile brought. Not that she had expected that he would regret it, but that smile answered questions she hadn't thought of yet.

When he made to withdraw and roll off her, Ziva tightened herself around him again. "No, stay there. I am not done with you yet." Her voice was thick and her accent heavy, but Tony heard the intent loud and clear.

"I'm crushing you," he pointed out, and dropped another kiss to her lips. Man, she had the softest lips. Why the hell wasn't he kissing her every minute of the day?

She ran a firm hand down his back. "I like your weight on me."

He smiled against her cheek. "If that's really true, you're not allowed to make fun of my gut anymore."

Ziva snorted over a laugh, causing her muscles to contract around his softening cock and drawing an involuntary gasp out of him before he slipped out of her entirely. She groaned in protest, especially when he sat up, but he reached for her and pulled her with him until they were the right way up on the bed again. He settled on his back with Ziva draped half over his side, her leg heavy over his and her arm slung across his chest. As the blood rushing through his ears died down, Tony once again became aware of the storm raging on outside. Rain continued to smack against the window and thunder still rolled through the sky, but somehow, the ferocity that had been there an hour ago seemed to have drained out of it.

"Do you mind snuggling after sex?" he asked, as his mind wandered to what independent Ziva would usually be doing now.

Ziva stretched her leg before a cramp could form. "It is hot, but I will allow it," she told him, the smile in her voice telling him that she wouldn't admit to it but that she found it quite nice. "Are you a big talker after sex?"

"Not really," he said at length, giving her the truth but hoping he wasn't shooting himself in the foot at the same time.

"Neither am I," she assured him. "I would be happy to get a nap in before round two."

Tony shook his head at the ceiling, wondering what the hell he had done in his life that had him deserving her. "Okay. Just don't start without me."

As they drifted off, Tony let his thoughts wander over the highlights of the last few days, and how it was bound to change his life for the better. He thought of their brief but clear conversation that night about wanting the same thing, and he dropped a kiss on her forehead.

"I'm really glad we're on the same sheet, Ziva."

Ziva drew a deep breath and snuggled in just the tiniest bit more. "I am just relieved that the heat wave finally broke."

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