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Fat chance Emmett would be gettin' his ass up off the couch anytime soon. I shook my head at my lump of a best friend and sprawled back onto the plush leather beside him, watching him mash the buttons to the X-Box controller furiously. "You know, as fun as this is and all," I drawled, glancing sideways at him. "Why the hell am I here?" We were two grown ass men sitting in a room on a Friday night and playing video games. This felt a little too low for me.

Emmett grunted, pausing the game and giving me a once over. "You're here so we can go party it up. You've been a lazy jackass ever since you started dating that sprite devil woman."

A low growl vibrated through my chest in annoyance. "What did I tell you about keeping your opinions to yourself?"

He shrugged, looking terribly unimpressed by my obvious ire, tossing the controller down to stand up. "You're her bitch and you know it. Do you even get any anymore?"

I glared, punching him in the gut as I unfolded myself from the couch and stood as well. "If you're just going to mock me all night I'm going home." Not that Emmett ever did anything other than mock and make jokes.

Emmett raised his hands in surrender, lips twitching though. "Whatever man, anyways, we're goin' out tonight."

I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms and leaning back on the arm of the couch. It was no good to argue. I didn't really have it in me for one. And second, if Emmett got some harebrained idea stuck in his head, it was damned hard to convince him otherwise. "Going where for what?" I questioned warily.

Emmett grinned his toothy bastard smile at me. "Poison."

I was already shaking my head, not keen on this dumbass plan at all. "I'm not going to some club with you Em, that's never a good idea."

Emmett huffed, looking surprisingly like a petulant toddler. Even given his size. It was almost comical. "I'm not spending another night in my damn apartment, drinking beers until you get a text from your late working girlfriend and you ditch to go help her haul whatever the fuck it is she bought for the day."

I felt my nostrils flare as I controlled my temper, talking calmly. "Em, insulting me is not a good way to get what you want." What's worse was how right he was. I hated that.

"Whatever. The point is, we're going. End of discussion. If it makes you feel better, you can sit at the bar and drink whatever the hell you want."

"Fine." I snapped, growing tired of arguing. "But I'm sure as hell not dancing."

Emmett grinned and snatched up his keys.


Rosalie sighed, tapping her foot at me as I sat stubbornly on my bed, refusing to look into her eyes. "Jesus woman." She shook her head at me and I huffed. "One night wont kill you. When do you do anything fun, ever?" She stalked closer and reached down with her perfect manicured red nails and I winced, waiting for the bite to my skin it would bring, but she merely wrapped her fingers around my wrist and tugged me up. I almost toppled into her, but she was used to my clumsiness by now and steadied me with a well placed hand to my shoulder.

"Rose." I whined, knowing I sounded pathetic.

She glared at me, sharp eyes that at one point in time could have made me wither. I knew Rosalie a little too well now for that to effect me all that much, but it still made me uneasy. "Oh no you don't Isabella, you promised me. You promised. So we're going to that club tonight even if I have to drag you there kicking and screaming." I grimaced, lips pursing as I pictured the scene. She would do it too.

"Fine." I finally sighed dejectedly, knowing that it was inevitable. Rose smiled winningly at me and pulled me off to the bathroom, sitting me down in front of the mirror so she could "fix me up" as she called it. I stared at my reflection blandly, knowing that she couldn't "fix" me for all the money in the world. I was too plain. My dull brown hair hung limply around my face, round and pale with two wide, plain, brown eyes.

My figure was okay I guess, but I didn't exactly look like Rose. Tall and voluptuous. An amazon. Yeah, that was Rosalie, always having the boys panting in her wake. I was softer I supposed, curves in the right places, flat tummy. I guess that's all I could ask for though. We all couldn't be Rosalie's.

Watching as she pulled out the curling iron and turned it on to heat up, I tried not to sulk like some moody teenager. Rose carefully pinned my hair away from my face and turned me to her so she could start my make up. Pursing her lips, she finally decided on starting with a bronzer, sweeping it softly up my cheekbones, darkening my pale skin just a fraction and giving me a slight golden glow. I was usually so damn pale. Next, she picked up a light pink gloss and swiped it over my lips, making them tingle and shine. Noticing the look on my face, she smirked and informed me was a plumper. Like my lips needed anymore plumping, I thought. They were full enough, making my face seem uneven in my opinion, but she told me it looked sexy. I rolled my eyes.

"Close your eyes." Bossy. I did as told though, closing my eyes, though poking my tongue out at her in the process. She tilted my head back as she traced a thin line of eyeliner around my eyes, sweeping them out in the corner just a bit into a cat-eye. When I fluttered my eyes open again, I could see it was subtle, not a dark thick line like I saw some girls wear. She pulled out her kit of eyeshadow and browsed through it, glancing at my face every once in a while, before settling on a smokey black-blue and a silver. Once that was finished she pulled out some mascara and gently wafted it onto my lashes before she spun me to face the mirror again.

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised by the job she did, I did look better than I did before, glowing almost from the shimmery shadow to the bronzer. She unpinned my dull hair and set to work curling it loosely.

"It doesn't matter." Rose informed as I peered up at her with a bemused expression. "I'm pinning it back up again."

Once she had some of the curls done, she set down the curler and gathered my now full hair into her hands, pinning it up into a sexy messy half bun, some hair up and some cascading down my back. It was a beautiful chaos, shiny and not so boring looking anymore. She really was some kind of miracle working, my Miss Rosalie.

"Maybe you'll get some tonight." She mumbled, giving me the once over before she swept out of the room. I stared after her confused, but she was back a moment later, smiling sweetly at me. Uh oh. That was never a good sign.

"Bella." She sang, eyes shining in a way that terrified me. Her hand was slipping into mine, grasping tightly as she tugged me up and pulled me out to my room again. "You're wearing this tonight with no complaints." She directed my attention to the little black dress laying across my bed.

"Oh. Hell. No." I said, backing up a step.

She glared, planting her fists on her hips. "It matches your makeup. And if you don't wear this, I'm just going to find something worse." Rosalie never made idle threats. I sighed, I could never fend off Rose's threats, she knew how to get me every time.

I stepped back towards the bed as if the dress was a dangerous creature, scowling the whole time, and lifted the offending article up. It was short. And revealing. I closed my eyes, shaking my head in abject horror, and then changed into it.

"Rose!" I screamed, getting a good look of myself in my full length mirror.

"Yes?" She smiled at me in that 'I'm so sweet and innocent but not really' sort of way, working on her own makeup now and sweeping a deep red lipstick across her mouth.

"Are you aware," I start through clenched teeth. "That there is a large part missing from the front?" And there was. There was a diamond cutout from the neck deep down into my cleavage, the dress hugging me tightly and stopping above my thighs. It would have been okay otherwise if it was longer and didn't seem to be missing a scrap of fabric. The neck came up high, a turtle neck really, but it was sleeveless.

She rolled her eyes. "I'm well aware Bella. Don't be such a prude. I think you look perfect in it."

I huffed and crossed my arms across my chest, realizing that I should probably never do that again while wearing this ridiculous thing. She rolled her eyes again and leaned back, fluffing her hair with her fingers. "Shoes are by the bed." She said, waving her hand back towards my room vaguely. I silently steamed and stomped back to my bed, bending over (something else I shouldn't do in this dress, I noted) and scooped up the black patent pumps. I grumbled and plopped my ass down on the bed, slipping the ridiculously high heels on. "I'm going to fall on my face." I complained loudly as I stood and teetered for a moment before catching my balance.

"Always complaining, can't you live a little?" Rosalie asked as she stepped out from the bathroom, having already changed into a sparkling silver dress, shorter than mine, and hugging tight to her chest seeing as there were no sleeves at all.

"What the hell are you wearing? A stretched out tube top?" I muttered, looking her over.

Rose chuckled, shaking her head. "You should know by now Bella."

I really should. I rubbed my temple as if I felt a headache coming on and wobbled out of my room and down the hall, Rose trailing after. "You ready to go then?" I grumbled, leaning heavily on the bar counter between our kitchen and living room.

"Yup, lemme just grab my purse." She clicked down the hall now, probably having gone to her room to grab her heels. She turned the corner and smiled dazzlingly at me. Well I'd say this much: We'd probably not have to stand in line at least.

The music was loud even from outside, feeling it vibrate in my bones as we drew nearer to the jumping night club. I shuffled along side Rose, who was of course strutting up the sidewalk like it was a runway. I felt wholly uncomfortable, feeling too many eyes on me. Though to be honest, they were all probably on Rosalie. She commanded attention everywhere she went, no matter how she was dressed. Luckily tonight, she was dressed to kill.

I tugged at the hem of my dress in a futile attempt of modesty. Of course I grumbled my complaints, sticking tight to Rose's side, her laughter bubbling over as she heard my muttered oaths. "I'll kill you in your sleep for this Rose..." I mumbled as we reached the front of the door, a man whistling lewdly as we passed, many girls glaring darkly at our backs.

She ignored the last comment and paused in front of the wide eyed bouncer, smirking up at him. He didn't stand a chance.

"Hey there, think you can let us in?" Rose purred, laying it on thick, voice like honey. I bit my lip to stifle my laughter at his reaction. His eyes bulged wider and he stammered, before nodding his head quickly, unhooking the rope before us and letting Rose strut past, me close on her heels. I shook my head in amusement; the things my friend could do.

We stopped just inside the door, looking about as the lights pulsated along with the bodies on the dance floor, eyes darting over the writhing mass to find something not so intimidating, like the bar. That was definitely what I needed, a drink. As my eyes passed over the lit up bar, they also landed on a pair of sparkling blue eyes. My breath caught and I blinked, the eyes capturing my attention. Even at this distance I could see the vibrant color, the strobe lights playing across them, shimmering, mesmerizing...

I started to feel a flush creep up my body slowly, a fire spreading, and I finally managed to tear my eyes away, embarrassed at my brash reaction to this strangers gaze.

"Drinks." I muttered into Rose's ear, the music loud, so I had to lean close. She nodded and grabbed my hand, tugging my through the crowd.


Emmett was loud. And obnoxious. What else was fucking new.

I swigged back my Jack and swirled the ice in the glass. "You're such a tool Em, I hope you realize that." I drawl out as he leered at a bridal party that scurried by, the bride-to-be very drunk and wearing a veil haphazardly on her head. He shrugged, grinning, dimples and all. Bastard thought he was so hot. I shook my head, begrudgingly amused. Why was he best friend again?

Emmett suddenly tensed up next to me and I glanced his way in curiousty, his eyes trained across the room at the door. I followed his line of sight and saw what had him so enraptured. Two women had just entered. And they were the best damn looking women in the place.

The first was leggy and statuesque, a blonde bombshell. Of course that's the one Em was looking at. He did always have a thing for blondes. Yeah, she was hot, but she wasn't what held my attention.

The second though was more...luscious. That was the only word that could come to mind. Her hair was thick and wavy and her body looked amazing in the tight black dress that she wore. My eyes traveled the length of her body before I realized she was looking at me. Our eyes connected and something sizzled and snapped between us, some connection from across a room. Her eyes were deep brown and wide, like a doe. I felt like I could read every emotion in her gaze if I felt like it.

She blinked and looked away quickly, breaking the connection as suddenly as it happened, my body and mind confused at the whole exchange.

"Damn." Emmett muttered. "Think she's a model or somethin'?" He asked, interrupting my storming thoughts, eyes never leaving the blonde. I shrugged, shaking off the odd feeling I had gotten from the brunette.

"Maybe man." I murmur, putting my glass down and waving the bartender over for another drink.

Em inhaled sharply. "Shit man, they're coming over here."

I rolled my eyes at him, going for nonchalance about this whole thing. I was happily in a relationship. Happily. "What the hell are you gettin' all worked up for?"

"Well look at her." He hissed, eyes getting wider the closer they got. I glanced over, eyes immediately falling on the brunette again. Yeah, I was looking at her.

The blonde reached the bar first, the brunette close behind, connected by the hand. Blondie smiled saucily at the both of us and pushed in between both me and Em to lean over the bar, flagging down the bartender quickly. The brunette sighed, shuffling a bit behind her friend, seeming uncomfortable.

Em grinned, leaning close to the blonde. "Hey there sweetie, can I buy you a drink?" Flipping her hair over her shoulder as she turned to look at him, her eyes seeming to trail over him in judgment. There seemed to be indifference in her gaze and I smirked. Em was in for it.

"I would love a drink. That's why I'm buying one. And I'm definitely not your sweetie, sweetheart. So let me know when you come up with a better pick up line." She turned back to the bartender as he handed her their drinks, giving the man a wink and turning to hand a glass to the brunette. She was laughing quietly at Em's expression, her playful doe eyes darting to mine, her neck seeming to flush as she was pulled off into the thick crowd. Her eyes was even lovelier up close.

I glanced over at Emmett, his jaw dropped damn near to the floor.

"I may be in love." He stated boldly, swigging back his beer and slamming the bottle down. I can't help but shake my head, laughing at his astonishment. And rejection.

And after that, of course Emmett spent the rest of the time scanning the crowd for his dream woman, sitting up straighter in his seat whenever he saw a flash of golden hair. He was a fool, but I was as well for hopping to see a head of dark chestnut hair with the gold. The blonde returned a few times for more drinks, ignoring Emmett every time. That's not to say that it deterred him in any way. If I had anything to say about my buffoon of a friend, it would be that he was a determined bastard.

She seemed annoyed at his persistence, but I could sense that she was enjoying it. A twitch in her lips. A spark in her steely gaze. I was always very good at reading people. She was toying with him, and enjoying it too.

Emmett was adamant, talking her up whenever she came near. "Whats your name?" He asked her, leaning close as she made another drink run.

She smirked, glancing at him sideways. "Why would I tell you that?"

"Cuz a beautiful girl like you must have an equally beautiful name." She rolled her eyes at his cheesiness. So did I.

She pressed close to him suddenly, all big tits and gold shimmering hair, smiling sweetly. "Well if you can find out my name, maybe I'll feel inclined to know yours."

She winked a sparkling eye at him and leaned back abruptly, disappearing into the crowd once more. I was sure Em would fall off his stool.


I was sure Rose was trying to get me drunk because she kept disappearing to get me more drinks. To be honest I already felt a bit tipsy.

When she returned with my fourth glass, I eyed the smile on her face. "What are you grinning about?" I asked, proud that I wasn't slurring, though I did feel like I was swaying a bit.

She shook her head, her smile growing wider, eyes bright and excited. "Nothin' Bells, wanna dance?" She asked, eying me as I gulped down the contents of my glass. "You're going to kill me in the morning for your hang over." She laughed, taking the glass from my hand and putting it down gently on the table next to me.

I giggled, I never giggled, and nodded my head because I'm sure I would. But at the moment I was feeling... loose, carefree. Rose snickered and pulled me to the dance floor.

People spread for Rose, like the damn red sea, parting to get out of the way. She turned me to face her, grinning wickedly. Oh no. She was going to cause a scene. She placed her hands on my hips and pulled me close, my arms loose around her neck as we danced. Men stared jaws slack, probably the reaction she wanted to get. I was too inebriated to give a shit and I danced like the drunk I was.

My hips swayed in time with Rosalie's, my head tilted back and my hair waving gently against the bare skin of my neck. I kinda felt like I was floating.

After the song ended, Rose let go of me, leaning her face into my shoulder to laugh. I laughed too, a too loud sound, echoing with the thump of the bass in the club.

"I'm gonna get another drink." I called to her as the big man from the bar inched closer to Rose. She spotted him and smirked, waving me off. I scurried through the throng of gyrating and writhing people, sweaty and drunk as a skunk. I stumbled out at the edge of the crowd where it ended and flayed off into open area before the bar.

Hastily I tried to straighten myself and realized I was standing before the golden haired God from earlier. Man, he looked good up close. So good. I sobered up, slightly, and was able to walk myself to the bar next to him, my ridiculous high heels clicking. At least I didn't trip. I leaned against the bar as casually as I could, feeling his eyes on my back as I ordered another drink, my nails tapping on the table top. "I think your friend and my friend are finally getting along."

His voice cut through my mind like soft tearing velvet and I had to bite back the gasp that wanted to burst through my lips. I glanced over at him, his eyes trained intently on the dance floor, and followed his gaze to wear Emmett and Rose were slowly grinding. I shook my head. Figured. "Jeez, they might as well be having sex out there right now." I mumbled. Damn it Rosalie, have you no shame?

His chuckle sent a shiver down my spine. God, it was rich and rumbly, sexy as fuck. "I knew those two would get along fine, they've been dancing around each other all night."

I nodded slowly, sitting down on the now empty bar stool beside him and sipped gingerly at my new drink. "The little show you put on earlier nearly sent him into a frenzy." He commented offhandedly, a flush hitting my face hard.

"Oh." I mumbled, sipping hard at the tiny straw.

"Jasper." He offered after a beat, holding out his hand. And I looked at it, glancing up at his sincere face, before carefully placing my much smaller hand in his own.

"Bella." I return, my voice not as strong as I'd like it to be. I was distracted by the warmth of his palm, his long fingers caressing mine, squeezing gently, before letting go. A tinge of disappointment washes through me that I quickly squash down. I'm being ridiculous.

"Bella." He mused, glancing back at the dance floor again. I tingled as I analyzed his voice, soft and lilting, a southern tilt to his words. Accents were sexy. And even better sounding out my name.

"What's your friends name?" He asked, tilting his head in Rose's direction. I felt myself frown. All men were interested in Rosalie. I shouldn't have been surprised.

"Rose." I murmur softly, pushing the straw out of the way and tilting the glass back against my lips. I felt his eyes burning into my skin and I worked hard not to blush.

"Emmett will be glad to know that." He states, confusing me. My brain is too befuddled, alcohol addled and even more so by having this too hot man beside me.

"What do you mean?" I ask, blinking over at him and trying to connect the dots properly. And he's smiling, lord, smiling at me, all white teeth and full lips, the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my twenty-four years of life.

"Your friend told Em earlier that if he could figure out her name she might show interest in knowing his. He practically toppled the stool as he jumped up to get closer after your little show." Jasper seems wholly amused by our friends antics, shaking his head as if his friend did stuff like this all the time. And this was so Rosalie.

"Ah, I see. Well it seems to me that she's already showing interest." I said, fighting a burning blush at his last comment, eyeing my best friend dance fuck Jasper's friend.

I lean my elbows back on the bar, sighing. The buzz was wearing off slightly and now I was feeling bored and ridiculous sitting here next to the hottest man on the planet. My best friend has of course abandoned me to practically dry hump a stranger on the dance floor.

After a moment Jasper cleared his throat and I tilted my head, looking over at him with interest. His stormy blue gaze made me want to melt.

"Do you want to dance?"


What the hell was I doing? I had a girlfriend. I had Alice, whom I loved.

I tried to convince myself of the last part.

But looking at the dark haired beauty next to me, looking so dejected, I couldn't help myself. I was just being nice, yeah, that's all. I'll keep telling myself that. Mama didn't raise a rude boy. I've been practically groomed to be polite to women.

She looks over at me warily, biting her full, delectable lower lip. Maybe she didn't want to dance with me? Who was I to think this beautiful woman would want to dance with me? But finally she was nodding, tiny white teeth still in her lip and distracting me, her silky hair falling into her eyes. God, do I want to reach out and tuck that hair back, feel the strands between my fingertips.

I stand to stop myself from actually doing that and smile my best southern boy smile, offering my hand to her instead. Her hand is so small and delicate in my own. I tug her up and lead her through the winding gaps of people, finding a spot suitable to dance.

She turns to face me in that dangerously seductive dress of hers, looking up at me with wide, hesitant eyes. Carefully, I place my hands on her hips, my fingers having been practically itching for the contact, and pull her close, but not too close. We start to sway with the slow music, the tempo meant to be smooth and sexy. Just great, why couldn't I get a fast song?

Her body presses into mine and I bite off a groan, her lush curves pressing deliciously against me. She's got fantastic breasts.

I spin her around suddenly, thinking it would be safer to have her back to my chest, but that seems to backfire, her ass swaying and grinding into my groin. I have to grit my teeth against the delicious friction and pull my hips back a fraction so she ca't feel the evident arousal that her body is causing me.

Her head tilts back, chestnut waves spilling over my shoulder as she moves with me, my breathing shallow as I try to control these rampant feelings running wild through my body. Her hair smells amazing, strawberry's, and this really wasn't a good idea. I look over and spot Emmett watching me with an arched brow from the bar, Rosalie perched next to him and sipping from a tall glass. He's got a calculating look in his eyes, and as he catches my gaze, he smirks. I frown deeply.

"I'm thirsty, want a drink?" I manage to breath out, stopping our movements. She hesitates, turning to peer up at me. Oh, I can just imagine myself getting lost in those big eyes.

"Uh, yeah, a drink would be good." I grab her hand and lead her back to the bar, avoiding Emmett's laughing eyes. Rosalie has seemed to warm up to the big oaf, leaning into his side and still sipping what looks to be a very fruity drink.

"Oh, that looks yummy." Bella reaches for the glass and wraps her lips around the straw Rose had just been sipping on. She moans a little, a low sound from the back of her throat, and I'm sure my gaze darkens a bit despite myself, Em's reaction blatant as he stares with round eyes.

"Hey, get your own." Rose exclaims after Bella pulls a particularly long sip from her glass, snatching the drink back. Bella pouts prettily and I have to tear my eyes from staring at her full lips.

I was just about to offer to buy one for her when my pocket buzzes. I reach in and fish for my cell, pulling it out and flipping it open.

Hey baby, still with Em? I'm on my way home now, come help me unload? I got you a surprise from Vicky's ;) See ya later babe, xox Aly

Sighing, the thought of Alice in something from Victoria's Secret not even stirring anything in me. She shopped too much for that to be exciting anymore, seeing as the stuff was always the same.

"Em." I call to catch his attention, looking away from Bella's curious eyes. He glances over at me and I wave my phone.

"Come on man, now?" He looks a bit outraged.

"Emmett..." I sigh. What else is there to do? He grumbles and finally stands, turning to a confused Rose.

"Lemme see your phone, doll." He says sweetly, flashing teeth. She seems to hesitate, but reaches in her purse to rummage for her cell phone. Emmett reaches for it, but she pulls it just out of range of his fingertips, stretching out a palm. He looks down at her in confusion before realizing what she wants and grinning like the oaf he is, pulls his own phone out and drops it into her lithe fingers. She places her phone gently into his hand and flips his phone open, punching numbers in it just as Emmett does.

"Alright, I'll be callin' you later." He's all bravado, winking, her own eyes rolling as she returns to sipping her fruity concoction. Bella tilts her head at me and I glance at her, smiling the best I can, feeling something odd tugging in my chest. Pressing. Urging. I fight it and stuff it down.

"Got to go, uh, see ya later?" That's all I can offer, her face closed off, expressionless.

"Uhm, yeah." She breaths out after a moment, sliding up on the stool next to Rosalie. I nod once and turn, Emmett trailing after me. I'd probably never see that girl again.

Why did it bother me so much?