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She lay completely still as the thunderclap rolled lazily across the sky. The raindrops spattered into puddles at my feet, and I was suddenly aware of warm, amber rays of late afternoon sun, cutting through the intermittent clouds above us. We were caught in one such ray, and her face was indescribable.

The facets of her diamond-like skin refracted the light, and sent amber-tinged hexagonal rainbows into my eyes. The light came from behind her, and she was but a dusky silhouette trapped in her own unearthly halo. Her golden eyes shone with the strength of her fury. Thick mud caked her hair, and it lay in messy ropes across her throat, and down her back. I felt my own breath rattling around in my chest, and realised I'd been holding it. I pulled air into my lungs, and inhaled deeply, rewarded with the smell of rich loam, vibrant moss, spring rain, and finally, her.

It had been only seconds since I tripped her legs out from under her, and sent her sprawling gracelessly into the muddy forest floor. She might be younger, but I was still faster, I noted with satisfaction.

Her furious, narrowed eyes tracked mine, as I took her in. She was clothed in her hunting garb, close-fitting jeans and top, which wouldn't flap around and inhibit her speed and ease of movement as she ran, nor make a lot of noise and warn off her quarry. There were snags and rips all over her clothes, from the barbed brushes she swept through earlier, in her effort to outrun me. No such luck. It had taken several minutes, but I eventually gained on her, ran her down and swept her feet out from underneath her, ending her escape in this muddy forest clearing. And here she was before me, on her back, knees slightly raised, supporting herself on her elbows, her claw-like fingers splayed into the muddy soil around her.

From the wet and filthy tendrils of hair plastered across her neck, to her slim jean-encased legs, slightly apart and moored ankle-deep in the mud, this image of her was burned into my retinas. The otherworldly glow cast by the setting afternoon sun behind her enveloped her completely. I was stunned, and couldn't look away. She was breathtaking.

As I devoured her with my eyes, the rain intensified around us. It ran in rivulets down my body, I felt it soak my shoulders, plastering my t-shirt to my stone back even as I sensed the radiance she threw off bathing my face, my arms, my mud-spattered chest. I was vaguely aware of my own clothing flapping in the slight breeze, having been shredded in those same barbed brushes which had torn gaping holes all over her shirt. As I watched, the rain washed off some of the filth spattering her torso. Her iridescent skin shone through the rips. Like magic; I thought to myself incoherently. Just as the dying sun cut swathes of light through the clouds, so too her marble skin's rainbow rays cut through the ripped fabric of her clothing where the rain had washed her clean. She literally shone, laying there in the dirt and mud, at my feet.

I wasn't aware that I had moved, but somehow my own hand appeared before me, reaching out towards her. Ever so slowly, as though unintentionally, I stretched my fingers towards where she lay motionless. At the sight of my stance lowering and extending towards her, she pulled back her lips, and exposed her glistening teeth. A drawn-out hiss forced its way clearly through those razor sharp teeth, a timely warning that she was not defenseless, nor unprepared. She was also a predator, and a deadly opponent, not to be taken for granted. I continued lowering myself towards her, settling on one knee in the mud beside her feet, my other foot planted firmly; in case I needed the leverage to push away from her suddenly. My hand continued its descent to her, my index finger extending towards a rainbow shard that cut a swathe of light through a hole in her pants. I could see now that the seam of her jeans had come apart on the inside of her left thigh, only inches from the junction of her legs. My index finger came to a halt only a hair's breadth away from the split seam. Purposefully, I forced myself just slightly lower towards her, and ever so slowly placed my finger alongside the torn seam, resting it on her thigh. For the second time in as many minutes, I realised I had been holding my breath.

We both jumped slightly as contact was made. Her hiss hung in the air, mingling with another sound. A growing rumble shook the air around us as another thunderclap moved through the forest canopy.

Having made contact with her cool skin, my finger wormed its way ever so slowly inside the tear of her jeans. I felt her gaze on me, as my finger encountered resistance at the exact place where the seam barely held together against her thigh.

I lifted my eyes to her face so I could see her exquisite mouth as I forced the seam slightly with my finger. Although I applied but a little pressure, it disintegrated immediately, opening the crotch of her jeans and ripping down the length of her smooth thighs. Her eyes were huge, almost of out place in their delicate frame. Her mouth opened in surprise, teeth unclenching. I wondered at my own audacity.

My eyes left her face, and panned down, helplessly drawn between her legs. My extended hand turned into a restraint, as I brought it down and clasped the junction of her hip and thigh. I held her in place there, while the sensation of touching her sent blazes of electricity up my arm, into my body, directly to my groin.

I looked up to see that the shock on her face was replaced by a calculating glare. She bucked against my hand and would have thrown herself backwards and away from me, towards the tree line; presumably to fight or flight. I resisted the impulse to throw my weight over her to hold her down, and instead quickly threw out my other arm, my flattened palm slapping loudly onto her rain-soaked sternum, my fingers splayed between her breasts. I pressed lightly, and she gave way under me, falling backwards into the mud. I watched as the rain drops fell against her lips, seeping into her open mouth. Her speculative eyes never left my face as I bent slightly towards her, lowering my face to hers. I drew a line across her cheekbone with the tip of my nose, inhaling lightly. Her scent sent a shiver through me. She smelled like salvation.

Unable to stop myself, I opened my mouth, and licked her, from her chin, across her glorious mouth, to her cheek. She exhaled sharply, with a hiss, her fingers digging into the mud at her sides. I had her. She would not run now. Not now.

As I lifted my eyes, her head fell backwards and the afternoon sun finally reached her face. The vermillion light found her, and she shone like the sun. I glanced down and followed the slick line of her jaw and throat to the slight depression between the clavicles. My own hand was still splayed across her sternum. I liked it there. I lowered my face once more, drawing back lips and baring my teeth. I found the edge of her shirt, and nipped it between my teeth, slowly tearing away. A piece of fabric came away from her soaked skin, and I discarded it, returning to the same place again and again, until my gentle grazes exposed the tender flesh of her bare breast. The sensation of holding her down like this, exposing her vulnerability, bending her to my will, was intoxicating. My nose and mouth were slick against her wet skin, I wanted to devour her, I wanted to crawl inside her skin. My mouth found her nipple, hard and puckered and wet, and closed around it mindlessly, licking and sucking at her, lapping the rainbow shards. I licked her breast with long strokes, and buried my nose in it. I was an animal. I was the lust, and the hunt, and the base and primal need. I was only sensation. There was not a coherent thought in my head. I wanted only to feel. Vaguely, my mind registered her shuddering moan as my hands turned into claws and dug themselves into her exquisite flesh.

Her scent reached me in that moment and the intensity of it stunned me momentarily. I lifted my face slightly and followed it, down past my hand, over her taut stomach, past my other hand still embedded in her hip. I planted my face firmly amongst the shreds of her jeans in the crease of her thigh, and inhaled deeply. Reflexively, one hand dug into her hip, while the other sought out her bared breast and claimed it for my palm. I gripped it like it was a lifeline, her rock hard nipple peeking through between my clawed fingers. Her hips pushed against me, buttocks clenched, chest heaving with unneeded air. She growled like an animal, and I was lost. Galvanized with lust and need and the thrill of the hunt, I fisted my hand around the crotch of her panties and simply ripped a hole in them, burying my face between her legs. I licked, and sucked, and lapped at her with complete abandon, relishing the taste of her arousal, coating my face in her unique scent. I worked my tongue into every fold and crevice, ever seeking and never ceasing, relentless, driven only by my need to possess her, and in turn be possessed. Her mark was on me, I knew that I was hers. She owned me.

Her hips undulated beneath me, and I ground my face into her, licking and nipping at her flesh. I felt her swelling in my mouth, and almost laughed aloud in triumph. She tensed, and I felt her slim, insistent fingers snaking their way into my hair, her mud-caked hands fisting and pulling me even closer to her essence. Suddenly purposeful, I needed both my hands to steady her so I could concentrate my efforts, and I slid my arms under her thighs, my hands greedily grasping each buttock and lifting her up to me as I began to work my tongue and mouth in more deliberate patterns, the repetitive action drawing her into her ascent. I opened my eyes and zeroed in on her expression, I didn't want to miss any emotion that might flicker across her face. My eyes were as hungry for proof of her pleasure as my mouth was for the taste of it. I watched her come undone, mesmerized by her beauty, her mouth open, panting into the rain. Her thighs clamped around me as she bucked involuntarily against my mouth, shuddering and moaning vulgarities into the twilight sky. I held onto her tightly, my tongue still buried in her moist heat, savoring her flavor. Her thighs relaxed a little, and she softened in my hands, muscles still contracting erratically. I lowered her hips to the ground as she came down from her high, and I lay my head in her lap, eyes closed, nuzzling my face against her, gently licking and kissing her shuddering body until it stilled, her fingers still entwined in my hair.

To say I was stunned by this turn of events would be like saying that the Great War had been unfortunate. In this moment, I felt unequal to the task of summarizing my exact level of bewilderment.

She had rendered me completely incapable of rational thought and I had done the only base and primal thing that I could. I claimed her in the simplest and oldest way that there was. What's more, she had allowed me to do it.

I finally lifted my head from her lap and looked to her face, unsure of the expression I would find there. I may reasonably have expected embarrassment, or perhaps rage.

What I saw were neither of these things. I saw need.

Need, lust, and deadly purpose.

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