If you were more than two feet away, you could not hear the slight swish, slosh noise. Although Ellis, who was laying on his back, in ½ of the 2 connecting hotel rooms, in which people had made a very effective safe room, well rooms, could hear it just fine.

Ellis sighed deeply, but quietly, as he thought of all he did wrong this week.

The week started, with Ellis getting a sneezing fit, and alerting a charger to where they were causing Rochelle to get a sprained ankle.

Then he hit a gas canister, way to close to Coach. His pants are now singed, and black on one side, and like really black, not black like Coach and Rochelle, but black, like black.

Then they were getting cluster fucked, so Ellis threw out his pipe bomb. Everything was great, until they heard a scream and saw a very pissed off witch. Nick almost had to completely carry him to the next safe room after that.

Not to mention, the amount of times he was humped, licked, pounced, and spit on. In the end though, It was the amount of time's he got them biled on, and that brings him to the biggest predicament of the moment.

Their last time being blied on, Ellis shot what he thought was a zombie, but was in fact everyone's favorite gambler. Nick was so close to getting knocked out, the shot from the desert eagle, knocked him almost cold. Once the hoard was gone, him and Coach carried Nick to a safe room (the one they were in now to be exact). At this very moment, Rochelle and Coach were in the other room, trying their best to fix Nick up. It wasn't a bad wound, it was just the meat of his shoulder, but it wasn't the point of the matter.

The worst part was, it was a few hour's ago that Nick got shot, and passed out, and he still hadn't woken up yet. Ellis felt horrible, and even worse, Rochelle wouldn't let him help, because all he could do was apologize until Nick passed out. So they sent him in the room he currently occupied.

A low, non-zombie groan was heard from the next room, that was all Nick. Ellis stayed still, waiting to see if he was up or just making noises, in his sleep.

"Where is that son of a bitch?" Nick asked, his voice low, but could be heard clear as crystal through the still night.

"Sleeping in the other room," Rochelle answered, just as quietly, as not to 'wake' him.

"What the hell was he thinking?" Nick grumbled.

"It was an accident. We were all covered it could'a, " Coach started.

"No, NO, don't try to defend him, he's been a fuck up all week and a burden to us, to us and our heath kits," He groaned again and asked for water. Nothing more on the matter of him was said, but he had heard plenty enough. He pushed the bile jar away, and turned on his stomach, pulling the blanket up around him. He knew they were sick of his stories, and all that, but just a burden to them. It started to slowly rain out side, and listening to that helped Ellis slowly fall asleep, hot tears falling down his cheeks.


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