The next morning Nick, woke up, his arms around Ellis. He smiled and kissed his cheek, slowly getting up, not waking Ellis up. Once dressed he went into the other room, where Coach and Rochelle, were already up.

"Well, how'd it go?" Rochelle asked.

"I thought it went good, but were gonna have to wait till he gets up,"

Nick was making themn all some food, when Ellis came out of the other room. Nick smiled at him.

"Breakfast, Overall's?"

Ellis's face was blank for a few seconds, then broke into a smile.

"I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith decided to try and make us food while, more than a little drunk, nearly burned down the house, wasn't allowed near a stove, sober or otherwise, for years,"

Nick rolled his eyes, but was smiling, as he pulled him close and kissed Ellis's temple. Behind the two of them, Ro and Coach had smiles on their faces that threatened to split their faces in two.

Later that day both Ro and Coach pulled Nick aside and threatened him. Coach threatened that he would break Nicks neck, Ro's threat was a bit more chilling. She told him that she would cut off his dick and feed it to a Spitter, then throw his bleeding body to a tank.

So at every turn Nick did things to make up for everything he said to and did to hurt Ellis.

"The choppers right there," Ellis yelled, the four of them just getting off the breaking bridge.

"Lets move it," Rochelle yelled, spotting a tank not far behind them.

Coach was the first in the chopper followed by Rochelle, then Nick and Ellis jumped in at the same time. The tank was almost to them when the chopper started lifting off the ground, and its fist just missed the door as it started to close.

"We made it," Ro said.

"I still say, they are gonna line us all up against a wall and shoot us," Nick said, as he and Ellis stood up.

"Hey," Ellis said, softly, pulling Nick to him, his arms around Nick's neck. "If were about to die, I'm glad it gets to be next to you," And he kissed him deeply.

In the background, Rochelle 'Awww'd' and Coach just chuckled, both of them then looking out the window at the bridge blowing up, as it faded into the distance.



I apologize completely, for how long it took me to get this up, and how short it is.

I hope it wasn't a crappy ending, please let me know.