The Story of Aebet

Aebet was a townsfolk of a small town called Kotoko. She loved her felyne comrade Scott. They always went looking for things to live off of because of their little z's. They had made a deal that they could not hunt and kill a dreaded monster named the Velocidrome. The Velocidrome is like the pathetic infantry Velociprey, only it is the leader of the pack. You can tell this by the red crest on the top of it's head and it is quite larger. When Aebet and Scott went to destroy it for 1500z's they failed because the Rathalos appeared and knocked Aebet out. Now Aebet is low on money and is living off Herbs and strange blue mushrooms that taste quite good together. She wore Chain Armour with a hat made of Velociprey hide.

She had strange Radiant turquoise Hair that frequently changed colors. Because of her low money she decided to make some from hunting monsters. Monster hunters are people that make a living off selling pieces of monsters that they kill. There was a quest to destroy 3 Velociprey that were eating little innocent kids, the reward was great so she took it. The walk was long to the Forest and hills. But Aebet knew that this was going to be worth it. She went forward carrying a Bone Kris on her back.

BAM!!! a Bullfango charged at Scott and made him fly two sectors away. Aebet got pissed off and started spazzing on the Bullfango. The Bullfango had a fearful face that said, "OH SANAP!!!" Aebet slammed the Bull creature on the head with her shield and knocked it out cold. Then Aebet stabbed a stone dagger in it's head and took out its tusks. She stood up covered in stinky blood and Scott came over really dizzy with a handkerchief and a really big hammer.

"Um, what's with the hammer?",Aebet asked as she grabbed the handkerchief from Scott

"I don't know, nya nya. I found it next to this dead dude."

"When you say dead dude, do you mean human... or Gastronome.. sorry heh."

" Oh, I find with melynx nya nya!"

" ???"

" me don't know why dead, nya"

" whatever"

Aebet continued forward cutting strenuously through the vines, then she saw one.

A Deep blue Velociprey eating something dead on the ground, probably a kid.

"woah creepy!" said Scott in an uncomfortably shivering voice.

" quiet down, it might hear us"

It heard them. The Velociprey screeched an ear piercing noise that made Scott's hair stand on end.

Scott jumped at it smashing the Gigantic hammer on it's skull. The Velociprey's head enveloped in flames.

" leaping Hornetaur Larvae! That Hammer is enchanted!" exclaimed Aebet

A smashed and burnt skull lay next to a perfectly mint condition body that Aebet thought would make good armor from. " the body's okay! Scott pick off all the scales you can get!" " nya nya!"