Title: The Deal

Rating: R for future MATURE SEXUAL CONTENT

Pairing: HP/DM

Warnings: none

Summary: Headboy Harry Potter is sure that Draco Malfoy is up to something. He investigates and eventually catches the blonde red-handed. He expected a curse, a hex, even a punch or two but what he got instead were the words- "I'll do anything you want, Potter. Just don't report me."

"I can feel it. He's definitely up to something." Harry said to Ron and Hermione as he observed the blonde saunter into the great hall. He took his usual place at the Slytherin table in between Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zambini.

Ron unceremoniously shoved a piece of buttered toast into his mouth. He glanced over to follow Harry's gaze.

"He's ferret face. He'll always be up to something." Ron replied around mouthfuls of bread.

"Honestly, both of you need to give him a break." Hermione reprimanded her two friends, giving them both a sharp glare. "Especially you, Harry. We all know that back then he just did what he could to save his family and survive."

Harry glared at his bushy haired friend, not only upset that Hermione defended Malfoy but also, more upset by the fact that he knew she had a point. Still, Harry was not ready to give up on his suspicion so easily.

"You didn't believe me last time, look how that turned out." Harry grumbled under his breath.

"Times are different now Harry, the war is over, Voldermort is dead, you made sure of that yourself and besides, he hasn't done anything to us since school started, not even one filthy word." Hermione countered giving his best friend a pointed look that greatly reminded Harry of McGonagal.

Ron choked slightly at the mention of the dark lord's name. "Only you two would mention his name so casually." He said with a shiver and proceeded to focus on his breakfast.

Harry's eyes wandered back to Malfoy's blonde head. The Slytherin prince looked tired as of late, Harry had noted. He observed that Malfoy was beginning to have dark smudges under his eyes and that he always seemed to be resisting sleep during their classes. Malfoy always seemed to nod off, albeit it was for no more than a few minutes at a time, and then proceeded to spend the rest of his time with an expression of dazed boredom.

As Head Boy, Harry took it upon himself to investigate Malfoy. He had yet to encounter the blonde teen during his nightly rounds patrolling the castle, and he hadn't really expected that he would because, of course, the Slytherin boy would undoubtedly move stealthily seeing as he had to keep his dubious activities well hidden.

That night, during his rounds, Harry made sure to bring his invisibility cloak and Marauder's map. He hadn't used the map in ages, thinking that there was really little need to sneak around after hours with his shiny new badge that glinted proudly against his dark robes. Besides, with the savior of the wizarding world as Head Boy, very few wanted to risk going out after curfew anyway.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." He held the blank sheet of parchment in front of him and tapped the tip of his wand on it, invoking the magic of the map.

Black ink appeared and came to life, twisting and turning, tracing the contours of the castle's numerous passages and chambers. Harry's eyes scanned the parchment, his sight instantly focusing on the only dot, aside from his own, that still moved about.

'Ha! I knew it!' Harry thought triumphantly at seeing the Malfoy's dot go into the Potions classroom and into the ingredients closet. Harry felt victorious. Malfoy was definitely up to something and the fact that he was probably stealing potions ingredients. Why else would he be in that closet? Harry reasoned to himself.

Harry slipped his invisibility cloak on and began to make his way down to the dungeons. With every step Harry took towards the Slytherin prince, the coldness of the biting dungeon air seemed to draw closer around him, enveloping him in a blanket of frostiness that made him shiver slightly.

He cast a silencing spell on his feet as he drew nearer. He rounded one last corner and true enough, with the door left ajar he could see Malfoy inside the ingredients closet, rummaging through its contents.

Harry moved closer until he stood in the doorway just a few steps away from the blonde. Malfoy whispered under his breath, repeating the names of the ingredients he needed as he systematically went through the containers.

Malfoy already had some ingredients in his green pouch but so far Harry had heard him say, valerian root and a single Sopophorus bean. It didn't take long for Harry to deduce that the tired looking blonde was stealing ingredients for a sleeping draught and, unfortunately, not for the nefarious purposed that he had assumed.

Harry watched the blonde move lethargically about, watched him as he put away the last few ingredients into his pouch and pull its strings slowly apart to seal the little bag. He tucked the emerald green pouch into the folds of his robes taking great care to secure its contents.

Harry was transfixed, even in his tired state Malfoy seemed to move with sensual grace. How could he have not noticed it before, Harry thought as he stood there unmoving, captivated by his former rival.

The Head Boy snapped out of his stupor, the Slytherin was almost at the doorway. Harry tried to step out of his path as fast as he could but, apparently, it wasn't fast enough. As Malfoy passed by, the sides of their arms brushed.

In no time, the shocked Slytherin pulled out his wand and aimed it at the empty space that was Harry. His free hand rose up and grabbed whatever it was that brushed up against him. His pale fingers caught onto what felt like fabric and he pulled hard.

Harry brought up his wand to level off with Malfoy's as soon as his cloak was pulled back to expose him.


Harry wasn't planning to report the blonde anymore, now that he knew that Malfoy only wanted to make sleeping draught but he didn't know how else to justify his being there, so he said. "Stealing potions ingredients is a serious offense Malfoy."

Harry saw Malfoy flinch almost imperceptibly, uncertainty and fear flashed in his usually cold grey eyes. His body tensed and his fingers clenched.

Harry expected at least a comeback, a hex, a curse or even a punch but instead Malfoy quietly offered.

"I'll do anything you want Potter just don't report me."