Warnings: Some profanity and violence!


Draco stirred from his sleep, he felt cold and his body felt stiff. He felt disoriented and groggy. As his stormy grey eyes batted open he found himself in an unfamiliar place. It looked as though it was an unused tower, full of dust-covered broken, old chairs and desks. Draco was in the middle of all the chaos, bound to a wooden chair. The cold night's air chilled his exposed torso (he still has his pants on, by pants I mean real pants not just underwear) and his numbing arms, tied to the back of the chair with magically reinforced binds. His bare feet magically stuck to the cold floor beneath him making him unable to move his legs.

As Draco's mind began to clear of the sleepy haze, a new wave of emotions filled through him, fear and panic.

His eyes, still dilated, darted quickly across the room, there was little light in the cold and dusty tower. Draco struggled straining his legs and making the rope burn into his cold pale wrists.

Draco shouts in frustration, wordless cries pouring from his mouth as he continued to struggle fruitlessly against his restraints. After long minutes of attempted thrashing, he slumped back into the chair, his throat hoarse and his tense body covered with a sheen of cold sweat.

He heard a latch unhinge from a dark corner of the room and a door creak open. Slivers of light invaded the room revealing a male form advancing toward Draco but as the door closed the tower was once again plunged into semi darkness.

"I see you're awake." The stranger announced.

"Who the hell are you?" Draco spat out as he tried to lunge forward, his binds holding him back.

"I told you I'd get you." The slimy voice replied as the figure stepped closer towards Draco. The light form the single candle placed a few paces from Draco finally revealed the stranger's identity.

"Nott? You bastard! Let me go!" Nott laughed loudly. "Go ahead shout all you want, no one will hear you and no one cares enough to come and find you."

Nott inched closer, crouching slightly so that his face was inches away from Draco. He lifted his hand and traced the fading scar on Draco's neck.

"How does it feel to be Potter's little slut?" Draco shuddered with disgust and repulsion from the caress. "I never thought that getting you would mean I would be able to get back at Potter too."

"You're insane. Potter doesn't care about me, there's no use thinking that you'd get him through me."

The brunette threw back his head in bitter laughter. "Of course the boy-who-lived doesn't care about you! You're just a whore! I'm using you to expose him for what he really is, a fame and power hungry wizard, blackmailing a fellow student to do his bidding!"

"No one will ever believe you." Draco bit out harshly. He then used all his might to head butt his captor sending Nott staggering back, his forehead bleeding.

It took Theodore Nott a few seconds to recover before he pounced on Draco, striking him across the cheek, strong enough to open a small gash across Draco's face. He stepped back to admire his handy work.

"Crucio!" Draco closed his eyes and bit down on his lower lip hard enough to draw blood, refusing to scream. Once the spell began to dissipate he opened his eyes again, staring petulantly at Theodore.

Nott felt angry and frustrated at Draco's stubbornness. Without thinking he threw himself at Draco, almost straddling the bound blonde, his cold and clammy hands went to Draco's neck, gripping it tightly causing Draco's breathing to hitch painfully.

"I have enough evidence to tarnish the Golden Boy forever and destroy what is left of the once proud Malfoy name." Draco strained to breath as he looked at Theo's face that held a strange unhinged expression or anger and insanity. "The wizarding world will have a fit! Their precious hero is well on their way to being a dark lord, harboring death eaters like you who steal potions ingredients to harm the students of Hogwarts."

"That's not true…" Draco hissed out, breathlessly. "Harry would never…"

"Harry is it now?" The grip on Draco's neck relaxed. One of Theo's hands slid up to cup Draco's chin firmly. "You really have become his little bitch haven't you?"

Nott's other hand began travelling down Draco's bare torso.

Oh god. No! Draco's mind screamed. Harry! Harry! Harry! Please, save me!

Draco put on his bravest face, not wanting to give Nott the satisfaction of seeing his fear.

"So what if I have? You jealous?" Draco taunted his captor.

"Hardly." Nott answered. "Not when I can have you." A menacing smile played on Theo's lips as he forced a kiss onto Draco. The hand on the blonde's chin forcing him to open his mouth and the hand on his torso inching closer to his crotch.

Draco did his best to escape the vile invasion of his mouth but the strong hand and his restraints prevent his retreat. Draco was at the brink of tears as the hand slowly inched over his crotch when suddenly the door burst open, flying off of its hinges crashing into the wall behind them. In an instant, waves of powerful magic flooded the room.

Theo straightened up quickly, obviously surprised by the intrusion but was able to have his wand aimed at the intruder instantly.

Harry Potter stood in the doorway, with Pansy Parkinson behind him, murder written on his face.

"Let him go Nott." Harry ground out emphasizing each word with venomously harshness.

They stared at each other sizing their opponent. Nott was the first to make a move.


"Protego Horribilis!"


"Expelliarmus! Locomotor Mortis!" Nott's wand flew form his hand and his legs bound together quickly sending him toppling towards the cold hard floor, lying at Draco's feet.

Draco watched in awe at the power emanating from the furious Harry Potter, who now walked towards him and his captor.

Harry's eyes held a dangerous glint. He stopped and stood over Nott. He pointed his wand down at the brunette Slytherin's head.

Nott's eyes widened in fear, he tried to move away from Harry Potter but Harry remedied that by stepping on his torso with one foot. Harry bent over slightly, applying more pressure to the man (boy?) lying underneath him.

"If you so much as come near Draco again I will do this to you." Harry barked at him. "Expulso!" without looking at his target Harry exploded one of the old desks into nothing more than fine dust, a wave of air pressure wafted over all of them as a result of the powerful magic. "Do you understand?"

Nott nodded wordlessly, trembling uncontrollably.

"Good." Harry removed his foot from Nott's chest, who breathed an instant sigh of relief- one to early. "Obliviate! Confundus!" Harry cast quickly before he relaxed his wand and ordered. "Nott, you're going back to the Slytherin dungeons and you are never to bother Draco Malfoy again."

Theofore Nott, got up and left leaving Draco (still tied to a chair), Harry and Pansy.

Pansy ran into the room, to Draco's side. She began sobbing as she looked at Draco's face and neck bearing red marks and small gashes. "I'm so sorry Draco this is all my fault! I told him about the ingredients and where to find them. I told him about everything because I didn't think he'd really hurt you. I swear Draco I didn't mean for this to happen like this." She reached out and touched Draco's cheek gently, tears streaming down her face. Draco stared up at his friend, he felt too tired and too weak to be mad at her, after all what are Slytherin's if not risk taking evil masterminds.

"Panse I—" He began but was cut off by Harry. "Go back to the Slytherin dungeons, I'll take care of Draco." Harry's wand was now tucked away safely but the tone of his voice clearly told Pansy that he would not take no for an answer.

Pansy began to walk away but looked back at Draco several times. "It's okay Pansy, Harry will take care of me." Draco's strangled voice sounded weird even to his own ears. Pansy nodded as she left the room.

"Finite Incantem." Harry whispered softly. Draco's restraints fell away and he tumbled forwards into Harry's waiting arms. He hoisted him up and supported him as he struggled to stand, his legs weak.

Draco lifted his head to meet Harry's eyes and was surprised to see how much his expression softened.

He pulled Draco closer. Draco sagged into the warm embrace, his head leaning over Harry's strong shoulders. Harry then carefully guided Draco back into his chair as he took off his outer robes and wrapped it around the blonde, who didn't even realize he was shivering (of fear? Of the cold?) until that moment.

Harry kneeled in front of him. "I was so scared." The hero confessed and Draco was surprised to hear the genuine vulnerability in his voice. "I would never forgive myself if I had not been able to come and save you on time. Just the thought of him harming you, touching… it makes me want to kill him…" Harry babbled emotionally. "I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you Draco… I really care about you Draco… I think I'm falling in love with you…"

Draco let his head fall back against the back of his chair. "Don't joke with me." He swallowed thickly, his throat feeling extremely dry. "You just saying that because of the moment—"

"That's not true!" Harry said passionately, taking Draco's hands into his own. "I care I really do… that night I messed up…"

"So what? You realized that you don't regret it?" Draco asked bitterly.

"No, I do have regrets but not the ones that you think." Harry squeezed Draco's hand affectionately. "I regret not realizing sooner how beautiful you are. I regret taking advantage of you. I regret not being able to protect you from that bastard! Draco I'm so crazy about you even though I can't understand why, and it drives me mad when I think about you being with me just because of some deal. I want you to want me for me, not because of some stupid deal."

"What are you saying? That you want a relationship with me? A slytherin? A death eater?"

"Yes! That's exactly what I'm saying!" Harry rose up and caressed Draco's wounded cheek.

Draco's hung his head low, hiding his face from Harry who for a few tense heartbeats Harry wondered if Draco would refuse him.

"Pansy was right about something." Draco whispered softly that made Harry's heart drop. "We are both idiots." Drac lifted his face and Harry was surprised and relived to find that Draco's lips held a gentle smile that warmed his heart.

"I guess that means we're compatible then?" Harry replied, brilliantly smiling back at the blonde.

Draco chuckled, despite his current state. "I guess so."

Harry laughed and leaned into a gentle kiss, he had a feeling that they'd be entering into a new deal soon, but one that required no blackmailing or stolen ingredients.



Harry sat in their compartment in the Hogwarts Express listening to his best friends and his new friends excitedly talk about their summer plans. Hermione was going to spend her summer in Egypt with her parents. Ron and the rest of the Weasley's were going to France to visit Bill and Fleur who moved out shortly after the war, due to tensions between Ginny and the young bride.

Pansy was going to travel with Blaise around wizarding Europe and were trying to convince the others to come along. Draco laughed along from time to time but he mostly stared out the window, with his chin resting on his hand, gazing lethargically at the passing scenery.

Harry smiled and his heart swelled. He admired his lover, who sat across him. Harry's eyes traced his lean legs- elegantly crossed, to his alabaster complexion, his slender fingers, his perfect blonde hair that framed his face gently and his stormy grey eyes that now sparkled with life. Harry wouldn't have thought it possible but he found that as time went on Draco became more and more beautiful (in a masculine way) in his eyes, especially now that he was rediscovering life.

Theodore Nott never bothered them again and never regained his memory of that night and possibly the days directly before it. And to explain Pansy's intrusion into the Gryffindor common room they told everyone that it was official Head Boy business as Pansy was the prefect of the Slytherin house at the time. There were many who doubted that it was the real reason, but the controversy eventually faded into the back of everyone's mind, completely forgotten. Of course, Harry had to tell Ron and Hermione about everything and Pansy and Draco had to clue Blaise in. The boys bickered from time to time, mostly Blaise and Ron over Quidditch, but apart from that the unlikely group got along rather well. Draco and Hermione even found a common interest in advanced Potions Theory.

Harry, lost in his thoughts, dismissed the chaos of their four friends, reducing their noise to a faint and distant buzz. Harry's eyes traced the profile of Draco's face- the bridge of his nose and the curve of his jaw.

Draco smiled to himself, knowing how intent green eyes were adoring him. He titled his head slightly and gazed at Harry. He flashed him a playful grin, a habit he picked up from the hero.

All of them, save for Pansy were wearing casual clothing, who wore purple dress robes that her mother would approve of. Draco would have normally travelled home in dress robes too if his father were still living in the Manor, but the elder Malfoy was still serving time in Azkaban, luckily enough for him Dementors were no longer serving as guards.

The express eventually slowed and ground to a stop. Overzealous students could be heard making haste to get off of the train and back home to their loved ones. The 8th years took their time, knowing full well that for some of them it would be years before they met each other again.

Ron, Hermione, Pansy and Blaise left the compartment first, leaving the two boys alone. Draco smoothened out the creases of his black button down shirt, folded at his elbows that tucked into his light colored jeans, accentuated with a brown leather belt. Harry on the other hand was in a casual green shirt and dark blue jeans.

"You ready?" Harry asked Draco, grinning from ear to ear.

"Always." Draco responded happily as they exited the compartment hand in hand. As the boys climbed down from the metal steps of the train, whispers from the students they passed by rose.

Their friends, stood gathered and waiting for them, unsurprised by their public show of affection. They bid their farewells and promised each other to owl regularly.

Harry and Draco walked towards the far end of the platform. Their trunks not far behind.

"Harry, you're a wizard of age now. You don't have to back to that little muggle hovel that you hate so much." Draco said as he traced circles on the back of his lover's hand.

"I know Draco, you've made sure to remind me of that many times now but I just want to say good bye to them properly, after all they were the closest thing to family I had for many years."

Draco said nothing but his grip on Harry's hand tightened and Harry could see his nostrils flaring as it often did when he the blonde restrained snarky comments for Harry's sake.

"But you promise to come stay at the Manor this summer? It's just mother and me and we would love the company." Draco asked. "Plus you can have me all to yourself, no more sneaking around. We can have an entire wing." grinned, waggling his eyebrows suggestively

Harry laughed. "Of course I'll go. How could I resist that offer but you better be careful, once you get me used to your cushy Malfoy lifestyle I may never leave."

Draco smiled and shook his head dramatically. "Drat! You saw right through my plan!" He answered playfully. Both boys laughed.

A tall, platinum blonde haired woman walked towards them. It was unmistakably Narcissa Malfoy.

"Draco." She greeted.

"Hello Mum." Draco responded, warmly hugging his mother before taking a step back to stand beside the Gryffindor. "You remember Harry Potter."

"Of course." She smiled knowingly at the boys, bypassing the outstretched hand of Harry as she enveloped him in a warm motherly hug and whispered into Harry's ear. "Thank you taking care of Draco."


Thank you!