Chapter 2

The clock in the far right hand corner of the room still read the same as it did for to me what seemed like ten hours. There was only five more minutes until I got to clock out of the stupid low paying crap hole of a job I had here and I would get to leave, making a pit stop at Saul Silver's house on my way home. Hopefully the pit stop would last as long as it did yesterday.

A pair of two boys walked into the store, glancing at me slouching down behind the checkout counter with my head sliding slowly down my arm which it was resting on. They were the typical kind of people that came in here, piercings, black cloaked, crazy haired, punk kids who obviously were going to try and fly past me with a stolen item or two hidden away in their dirty pockets. Personally I couldn't care any less, but if something got stolen while on the job, it was taken from your paycheck. And that wasn't so cool with me.

My eyes bore into the back of their greasy heads, watching them glance back every few moments to check if I was looking.

"Don't even think about it buddy," I tried to not sound as bored as I really was.

Four minutes.

"Think about what?" the one with the dreads asked.

"Stealin shit," I snapped.

They rolled their eyes and walked to the other side of the store where I knew other workers were standing guard. I slumped even farther down my arm, folding them on the counter and pressing my nose to them.

"You look like you're having fun," a familiar voice said from the doorway a few moments later.

"Dale?" I jumped up, eyes wide.

"Hey there to you too," he smirked. I couldn't help but notice that he was wearing a Wendy's uniform. "For the job."

"Ahh," I remembered his insane occupation as something where he has to play dress up every day. "So, how are you hombre?"

"Fine, fine." He shrugged. "You went to see Saul last night?"

I felt my face redden again, "Yeah, I did."

Three minutes.

"And?" he asked. "What happened? Something must have happened because you're acting weird."

"I'm always weird," I challenged.

"True, but you're being more awkward than usual."

"I donno," I sprawled my arms across the counter and leaned forward. "We're friends I guess. Gonna go see him after work."

"Like a date?" he seemed shocked.

"I donno."

Two minutes.

"Do you have likeā€¦ feelings for him?" he asked, seeming more confused.

I glanced around the store for a second, "I donno."

"Do you wanna fuck him?"

"Dale!" I exclaimed, looking back at the little thirteen year old wannabe girls who were now staring at us both.

"Ignore the mini-emo kids," he pressed. "Did you fuck him?"

"Dale!" I said even louder. The girls looked kind of embarrassed and left the store. "Thanks, I lost a customer, jackass."

"Sorry," he seemed honest. "But did you?"

One minute.

"No!" I slammed my hands on the counter. "Why does everyone keep asking me that? Shit, man!"

A smile crept across his face, "Let's make a bet."

"A bet? Sure, how much you got?"

"You don't even know what it's about yet!"

"Alright! God, what is it?"

"Twenty bucks says that you fuck him within the first week," he slammed a twenty dollar bill in front of me that he pulled from his pocket.

I glanced at the clock and jumped over the counter, "Deal."

"Where you going?" he asked, following me as I darted towards the back room and clocked out.

"Outta here, what about you?"

"Gotta go get some noob up in Wendy's," he watched as I threw my name tag on a table and pulled on a Black sweatshirt over my jean shorts. "Later."

"Alligator," I said back before going through the back doors and to my car.

"Who is it?" a slurred voice answered from inside the little tan box.

"Emily," I answered, pressing down on the grimy button.

"Oh! Oh, come in." the voice answered again and there was a buzz which signaled for me to pull on the door.

Once I reached up to Saul's apartment, he immediately swung open the door before I even knocked.

"Hey," he gestured for me to come in. "How was work?"

"Long and tiring," I complained.

"Sounds like having sex with me," he joked before passing me a joint that he had already started.

I took it gratefully, "Mmm so how was your day?"

"Went to go see my bubby down at the nursing home," he yawned dramatically.

"That's cute." I mumbled, feeling the effects of what we were smoking already. "Wha..what is this?"

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yeah, i'm just tired. Let me sleep, ok?"

"Ok," he answered skeptically. I curled up beside him and he tensed for a moment before pulling me a little closer. Not even two seconds later I felt my eyes drift shut.