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"Lois, I swear I'm just doing this for charity," Clark Kent tells his fiancé.

"Ah huh," she answers, still not returning his gaze. Barely a superhero for four months and already she wants him, she thinks to herself.

"Honey I swear, nothing will happen," the poor man pleads.

"Oh, my dear, I know," she says finally looking at him, "Because if something did happen, you would have a brand new archenemy," she steps closer and whispers in his ear, "one capable of making your life a living hell." And with that she storms out of the room and slams the door.

Kent sighs. In a flash he is changed into his red and blues and is off. "Well this is starting out well."

Superman has three big problems with this evening so far:

1. He is on a date. He just got engaged for Pete's sake and he is here on a date! Like he told Lois he is here for a cancer charity, but still it just does not feel right.

2. He is on a date with a stranger. With the VERY beautiful Amazon Princess/Superhero Wonder Woman, who is not only new to him but also to the whole world. Not only that but he has a secret identity to worry about.

And of course 3. The charity decided that the date should be on neutral ground, so where did they pick? Gotham…

"So, Kal-El," the dazzling princess in red, white and blue says, "tell me about yourself."

Superman represses the gulp reflex and instead focuses his mind on the Alien hero mindset. "Well for starters my first name is just Kal, El is my family name," he answers.

The princess smiles a stunning smile, causing the blood of all near by straight men to begin flowing faster and downward. "Kal," she says, "I like it."

"I'm from a planet called Krypton. Unfortunately it was destroyed some time ago. As far as I know I'm the only survivor."

"That sounds so sad, being the last of your kind," she says.

"Sometimes…yes. But I've come to see humans as my new people and Earth as my new home, which is why I use my powers to help them," he answers.

"And you do have some amazing powers Kal. Did all of your kind have such powers?" Diana asks.

"Any who live under a Yellow sun would, but my planet revolved around a Red one," he answers. Finding an idea to get the conversation off of him for a moment Kent asks, "So how did you get your powers?"

"My mother the queen, and to some degree all Amazons are gifted by our gods, but I was blessed by my patron goddesses and god with more," she answers. "However a huge amount of our capabilities come from the training. Everyday my sisters and I would train in martial arts, archery, weaponry, combat tactics, meditation, and all over athletics. It bound us together and gave us all inner strength, made us capable of handling any obstacle or adversary. Was your childhood similar?" she asks.

"I…grew up on a farm," the Kansas boy answers.

"Oh. Um…" The princess pauses and takes a sip of her wine. After another moment she asks, "So, um, what were farms like on Krypton?"

Before answering the Man of Steel takes a second and hopes, for the first time, that Lex Luther would make an attempt on his life. Once that hope is dashed he patches together an answer. "A little hard to explain. They weren't…much different from the farms on Earth. In fact we cultivated something very similar to corn," he answers. Cultivated? Very good Kent, that sounded all high-tech and alien, his inner Bruce mocked.

"So what do you think about the other heroes so far?" Superman quickly asked before the lovely woman could come up with another question about alien agriculture.

"Oh the ones I've met are brave and bold individuals, but I've noticed something about them all that I'm finding troubling," she answers.

Clark, intrigued, leans forward and asks, "Really? What is it?"

"Well it is that they all wear masks!" Diana answers. "Now I am not a fool. I understand the reasons for doing so in mans world, and I think no lesser of them for it, but I never feel like I'm talking to the real person. Which is why I'm glad to meet you."

Superman's eyes open wide, "Me? Why?…Er I mean how so?"

"Well you don't have a secret identity obviously. When I speak to Superman I am speaking to Kal-El. You have no reason to hide and can be honest with me," she tells him.

Now Clark Kent/Superman/Kal El is trying very hard not to sweat, and at the same time come up with some kind of answer to that. "Yes…well…that is nice," he stammers, "isn't it?"

"Yes. It is," she answers. The appetizers arrive and they stop to eat quietly for a few minutes. "Kal, I think I know why you are so nervous," Diana says after a time, breaking the silence.

"Really?" he asks cautiously.

"Yes. A women you were very close to is now engaged to another man," she says.

"What?!" Clark asks confused.

"The reporter, Lois Lane," she explains, "recently she just announced her engagement to her partner, Clark Kent."

"Oh! Oh that's not, I mean, yes…" the Man of Steel takes a moment to collect his thoughts. "Yes she is, and I'm happy for them."

"Truly?" Diana asks.

"Truly. I think they make a good couple," If I do say so myself, he adds silently to himself.

"That is very considerate, and Amazon like of you to say that," Diana tells him. Her dinner partner decides to take that statement as a compliment.

The princess looks outside the restaurant window at the city bellow them. "This city seems to have a unique dark beauty, do you not think?"

"Honestly I never thought of it that way," he answers, looking out.

"It is whispered that one like us watches over this city from the shadows," she says.

"Oh someone watches over it, but he is defiantly like no one else I've ever met," Kal tells her.

"Your saying that you met this mythic figure, and that he truly exists?" she asks.

"Oh yes, I've met the Batman. In fact I consider him a friend," he answers.

Suddenly the skylight shatters and through it a black figure shrouded in a long cape falls through. The Batman instantly stands to his full and daunting height, and on his hands are spiked, electrified gauntlets.

In an instant the princess is out of her chair and readying her lasso, "He does not seem friendly to me!"

"Diana wait…" Superman starts to say. Before he can finish though, he hears something. A second later Wonder Woman cocks her head to the side, hearing it as well. "Oh Crap," the Man of Steel says. Well at least this means the date is over.

"Kryptonian," the Batman says, regaining their attention, "They are swarming this building and I'm betting that they will all funnel into this room. I need you to get everyone out of this building, then make a perimeter and make sure no stragglers get back into my city."

"On it," Superman answers. Instantly he turns into a blur and starts getting people away.

A second later the Dark Knight turns to Wonder Woman, "Princess," she turns from the red and blue blur and looks back at him, "ready for battle?"
The Amazon smiles, "Always!"

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