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A few days had passed and Bruce was mending surprisingly well. His healing might have been influenced by Diana's last words to him on the day of victory, "We'll finish that conversation after your back on you feet. Trust me, you'll need all of your strength."

Bruce now sits on his nice and comfortable couch in front of his ridiculously huge TV, with his leg in a cast and his ribs wrapped up tight. He has been feeling so much better that he sent Alfred out to have a night on the town with the much neglected Leslie. While he sits on his sofa comfortably ensconced with a wall of cushions and the remote within reach the doorbell rings.

" Just when I finally get comfortable!" grouses Bruce. "The person at the door better be a beautiful super-heroine," Bruce growls to himself as he hobbles his way to the door.

He opens the massive door to see Clark Kent on the other side. "Hey Bruce, you're looking better," he says cheerfully.

The Batman glares at him.

"You mind if I come in?" Clark asks, not put off by his friend's icy stare.

The glare continues unchanged.

Clark holds up a six-pack, "I brought beer." Bruce arches an eyebrow and then lets him through. " drink?" he asks.

Bruce grabs a bottle, pops the lid, and then downs half of it in one gulp. "Ahh. No," Bruce answers, before leading him back to the living room.

The two take a seat on huge couch next to each other and Bruce flips through a couple of channels looking for something to watch. "What are you looking for, Football?" Clark asks.

"No, Rugby," Bruce answers.

"Rugby?" Clark asks, taking a bottle.

"Yes, its like Football but better," Bruce tells him.

The two settle down and get into the game. The action heats up as both sides struggle for dominance. "Did he just choke slam that guy?" Clark asks.

Bruce shrugs, "He should have known better than to gloat," he answers.

Clark grabs another beer for Bruce and as he hands him it he asks, "So Bruce the reason why I'm here is...I'm going to need a best man."

Bruce smiles, "No you don't."

The two clink beer bottles and go back to watching the game.

A month later Wonder Woman flies down to the Fortress of Solitude and is excited to see the Batwing already parked there. She hops down out of her jet and sees the Dark Knight waiting beside his plane. "He called you too?" he asks.

"Yes, he said its something important," she answers. She smoothly strides up to the Batman, looking him up and down. "You are looking well, back to full strength yet?" she asks suggestively.

He smirks and raises an eyebrow, "Yes. More than enough to handle anything you can throw at me."

"Brave words mortal," she tells him.

"Save it for your own headquarters," Superman says jokingly as he floats down to them.

"Hello Kal," Diana greets him with a smile.

"So what's so important?" Batman asks.

The two new arrivals follow Superman as he led them through his home away from home. "The day of the invasion, we joined forces to take down Darkseid and saved Gotham. But while we were doing that, all around the world other costumed heroes banded together to handle their side of the fight."

"Nothing like a world invasion to bring heroes together." Batman says.

"Nothing like a war to forge an army." Wonder Woman retorts.

"Exactly! And it got me thinking, if we could come together in a moments notice, imagine what we would be like if we work with each other more often, what if we worked and trained together on a regular basis?" Superman asks.

Batman stops and begins to shake his head slightly, "Clark..."

"Bruce come on, you practically have your own super-group in your city, plus you got the police to work with you. Buddy we need you in on this," Superman tells him.

"Also everything would go so much smoother with all that Wayne money backing us up," Wonder Woman remarks smiling.

"So I take it you're ready to sign on?" The Dark Knight asks her.

"Of course, I like working in groups. It is the Amazon way to work together for the common good," she answers.

Batman thinks on it for a few minutes in silence before he says, "Gotham will always come first."

"Of course, just like Metropolis for me and anyone's home city," Superman assures him.

"So we're starting a world wide hero militia!" Wonder Woman says excitedly.

"Um...I was thinking more of a League," Superman says, "and not just against alien invasion, but to help people and catch criminals and..."

"Up hold Justice," Batman finishes for him.

Diana smiles at him, "Looks like you are in."

"Well Clark's right, you will need my help," Bruce answers.

"Great! Just great!" Clark says, "I know that the Flash is ready and willing, and the Martian will be a great addition, and I know at least one of the Lanterns..."

"Wait a second, I have an idea," Wonder Woman stops him, "if we are going to be the center of this League, I think we should perform an old Amazon ritual to bind us together."

"Nothing too kinky Princess, the Boy Scout is getting married in the Spring," Batman says.

Diana rolls her eyes, "Don't worry Batman, all the kinky Amazon rituals only involve two," she tells him jokingly. The woman warrior kneels down on the ground and motions for the two men to follow her example. Once they join her on the ground Diana explains, "When Amazon warriors join together to form a unit, they first sit down and each soldier shares something with the group that they have never told anyone else. This ritual is meant to bind the group together and forge a bond of trust and understanding."

As one both men answer, "Huh?"

"Alright, I will go first," Diana, says. She takes a deep breath and begins, "When I was a young girl, I once left Themyscira and walked in Man's world." Both men lean forward, now deeply interested in her story. "Aphrodite came to me one night, and asked me if I wanted to see something beyond my imagination. All I had ever seen was the island; I was more excited than words could describe to see more! The goddess took me to a city with narrow streets and tall buildings, gargoyles stared down at me from on high, and the whole place was filled with new and wonderful people, it was all lit up by gaslights!" Superman glances at Batman and is surprised to see him unmoved by the apparent age of their Wondrous friend. "Then the most amazing thing happened," Diana, continues, "the sky opened up and snow started to fall! It was the first time I had ever experienced such a thing. It was truly magical for winter is unknown on Themyscira! I danced in the falling flakes as Aphrodite watched and laughed, then as Morpheus began to lull me to his realm, she whisked me back home and to my bed. It all felt so like a dream but she left me a token of my visit in the form of a crystal shaped snowflake. It is one of my secret treasures kept in a locked chest in my bedroom in the royal palace. I have never told anyone that story, not even my dear mother Queen Hippolyta."

"Wow Diana, that was really nice," Clark said. The two look at Bruce, but they found him deep in thought. "I guess I can go next," the Man of Steel said. "Mine also comes from my childhood. You see when I was a kid, before I knew anything about my origins...I used to dream about Krypton." This gets Bruce to look up and Diana also seems surprised by this. "I dreamed of an alien world with red skies and strange people with fantastic technology. I knew nothing about where I was from, I thought I was dreaming of Mars," he laughs at the memory. "It was years before I learned about my origins, and it was even longer before I was to see anything from Krypton. I was amazed it was so familiar and comforting."

"I guess that means your home will always live on in you," Diana says.

"Yeah maybe," Clark answers.

The two then turn to find the Batman still lost in though. "Its okay Bruce if you don't..." Clark lets the sentence hang.

The Batman looks up at his companions and says, "When I was seven my father took me out into the garden. I remember that he had been unusually distant that whole week, but that day he took me out and he knelt down in front of me and hugged me close. I hugged him back and asked him if he was all right? He pulled back and looked at me with barely contained tears in his eyes and said: 'Bruce, I want you to know that I love you more than life itself. But sometimes life is hard. Sometimes you loose what you love, and when that happens, it can feel like your life is over. But its not Bruce. Oh I'm not saying it won't hurt, because it would. It would be like a burning fire in your veins. That fire could destroy you my son. Or you could learn to use it, to harness it. That fire can turn you into something...beyond imagination. Something that can change the world.' I looked up at him confused as I've ever been and I told him I didn't understand. My father looked at me with the saddest eyes I've ever seen and told me, 'One day you may'. He hugged me again, and then he lead me back inside. He never mentioned it again, and in time, for a while, I forgot about it. A year later they were...gone." His friends stare at him in stunned silence. "I think I might be willing to give up everything I have, just to know why he said that."

After sitting in silence for a few minutes Clark reaches forward and places his hand on his friend's shoulder, "Your father never said you'd do it alone did he?" he asks.

Bruce smirks, "No he didn't."

"And you don't have to," Diana says, "for in this League of ours you will be among friends. And we will do great and amazing things."

Then the three heroes stood together, and made plans to change the world.

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