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"Come on, come on! This way!" Pico pulls Chico and Coco along behind him as he leads the way to his grandfather's bar.

"P-pico! Why are you bringing us here?" Chico chokes out as they near the bar.

"'Cause, this is where I work in the summer! I want grandpa to meet my new friends!" Pico smiles still pulling his friends along behind him.

Chico and Coco smile. "Okay!" They yell.

As the round the corner to the bar, Pico freezes in his spot, causing Chico and Coco to run into him.

"What is it Pico?" Chico asks, concern in his small voice.

Pico doesn't hear him, he's to busy staring at the green SUV parked in the lot. He shutters tears welling up in his eyes, remembering the past summer.

Next thing either of the boys being drug along realize is that Pico has let go of their hands and run into the bar sobbing.

Chico and Coco look at one another confused and fallow Pico inside, but right into him once through the doorway.

Pico stares wide eyed at the young man sitting at the bar. "M-Mokkun?" He chokes out through tears.

The man at the bar turns around wide eyed, and his eyes only get wider once he sees Pico. "Pico?" He asks in disbelief.

The boy nods.

"Where did you go off to last summer? I came here everyday to see if you'd come back to town for the summer." The look on the man's face softens with concern. "I was worried I'd never see you again."

"I-I went to Tokyo for the summer... and made two new friends." Pico states quietly glancing over his shoulder at the two boys behind him. Chico and Coco get the hint and step froward.

"Hi, I'm Chico!" The little brunette smiles.

"And I'm Coco!" The most girlish of the boys' giggles.

Then together they say; "We're Pico's friends from Tokyo, nice to meet you!" They wave hoping to ease the tension in the room.

Mokkun blinks then smiles. "Well, aren't you two adorable." He ruffles their hair, and they can hear Pico sigh in relief.

Coco smiles up at Mokkun. "I'll take it you're one of Pico's old friends?"

Mokkun blushes some glancing at his drink. "Uh.. yeah."

Pico shoot a quick glare at Mokkun, then smiles. "He was a really good friend when I was helping my grandpa a few summers' ago."

"Ohhhhh!" Chico and Coco say in unison. They smile at Pico and Mokkun.

"Oh oh oh!" Chico squeals. "Lets all go get pictures together!"

"Yeah, that's an awesome idea!" Coco chimes.

Pico glaces at the floor. "Nyhm.. Mokkun will you come with us too?"

Mokkun smiles and russles the blonds hair. "Nmm, come on, I know a great picture booth, big enough for all four of us."