Hey I am very happy to be writing this fic, its my first one for this fandom. I had almost completely forgotten about this show but I was happily reminded of it from my good friend Mrs. Bumblebee. I had forgotten how much I loved this show and now that I look back on it I can't help but think; 'Damn how did I miss all that sexual tension between them?' Of course I was a little kid at the time who didn't know what sexual tension was but still. ^_^

Anyway I hope that I do this well and that you all like it. Please note that this is an AU where Chance and Jake are around 18 years old and in high school.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of SWAT Kats, I am just a lover of the show.

The blaring of his alarm clock mad Jake shoot up in his bed, he sucked in air in great panting breaths. He hated how startling the alarm was it always scared him when it went off, but it was the only way to insure that he woke up. He slammed his hand down on the snooze button effectively stopping the annoying buzz. With the faint sound of fabric swishing against fabric he got out from under his cover and walked over to the window of his bed room. Looking out of the second story window he groaned when he saw the dark sky.

He hated rain and it looked like the sky would start pouring at any moment. With his shoulders slumped he moved into his bathroom and started getting ready for the school day. Jake looked at his reflection in the mirror and sighed at what he saw. Looking back at him was the same skinny light orange tabby Kat that he had seen every day for the past few years. His ears fell back against his head and he let out another sigh.

'Yeah Jake you might be smart but you'll never find anyone being as scrawny as you are.' He thought to himself.

His small stature was a constant source of misery for him. The bigger toms at school would constantly beat on him and there wasn't much he could do about it. Although it had introduced him to one of his favorite hobbies; running. He had joined the schools track team shortly after starting high school and he was very good at it. Although it never got him any attention from the other students, they where all to focused on the football team and its star quarterback.

Shaking his head he finished getting ready for school and headed down the stairs. His parents where already at work so he locked the house and started walking. It was when he was half way there that the sky split open and let a heavy rain down that quickly had the streets soaked with massive puddles gathered along the side of them. He thanked god that he had remembered to grab the umbrella and opened it to keep him dry.

The cars that passed where filled with the countless other students who where on there way to school and they seemed to have fun swerving so they drove through the puddles casing a wave of water to splash violently across the side walk. He had started to be able to see the school building when his day started to take a bad turn. The high speed reeving of an engine caught his attention and he was able to turn around just in time to see a sleek red sports car drive at top speed through a large puddle.

The violent splash that came up was aimed right at Jake and he fell over backwards when it smashed into him. Sitting up he spat out the massive amount of water that had forced its way into his mouth. He shook his head trying to get the water off his fur. Looking down at his now soaked clothes he let out an angry yell and cursed under his breath.

As he was getting back to his feet he noticed a large black truck pulling up next to the curb. The window was tinted so he couldn't see who was inside. His question was answered a moment later as the glass rolled down and his eyes fell on the last Kat he thought he would see out side of school.

Sitting in the cab of the truck was the star of the football team and the most sought after tom in school; Chance Furlong. Jake couldn't help but stare at the massive muscles adorning the Kat's massive chest and arms. His fur was light brown with several dark brown stripes that made him look like a tiger. Which only added to his fierce appearance. He was wearing a very tight fitting black shirt that showed off every aspect of his upper body and his tight blue jeans showed that yes he was very large down there, not that he was looking.

"Hey are you alright?" Chance asked.

Jake shook his head moving his thoughts away from the dirty place they had been.

"Huh? Oh yeah I am fine." He said nervously.

He saw the skeptical look on Chance's face.

"You don't look fine." He said. "Why don't I give ya a ride."

Jake blinked in surprise. He had never really met Chance before and now here he was offering him a ride.

'Maybe he isn't so bad... For a jock.' Jake thought to himself.

"I am pretty soaked I don't want to mess up your truck." He said.

Chance laughed showing off his bright white teeth and his long canines.

"Don't worry, its leather water wont bother it none." He told him stretching over the seat and opening the door.

Jake took the offer and climbed in. He sat his soaked backpack on the floor and closed the door as the truck started moving again.

"Thanks for the ride." He said. "I am Jake. Jake Clawson."

He held out his hand which was engulfed by Chance's much larger one.

"Chance Furlong." He said.

Jake smiled.

"Oh I know who you are, I don't think there is anyone at school who doesn't." He said.

The comment made the larger Kat chuckle.

"Nice to see my reputation precedes me." He said. " I Think I have seen you before, don't you run track while the team practices?"

"Yeah, although I think practice will be canceled to day if the rain keeps up." Jake said.

Chance nodded his head as they pulled into the parking lot of the school. They both stepped out and walked into the school together.

"Thanks again for the ride." Jake said.

"No problem, maybe I'll see ya later." Chance said.

There was a small pause as they looked at each other and then Jake shook his head.

"Uh... Yeah maybe." He said as the bell rang telling them that class would start soon.

After a quick stop by his gym locker for a change of cloths Jake rushed off to his trigonometry class, not wanting to be late. The first three classes passed by quickly for him, no matter how hard he tried he wasn't able to get Chance out of his mind. Like the many girls in the school he too was very attracted to the power house that was Chance Furlong. He had long ago accepted his sexuality but that doesn't mean he had to like falling for a guy who would never feel the same about him.

From the way the bigger Kat was always out on dates with girls there was no way that he would consider doing anything like that with him. Jake looked up at the clock on the wall of the room and saw that there was about five minutes left before his third period computer class ended. Looking up at his computer screen he hit the print button and watched as the printer at the far end of the class started printing out his history report for his last class of the day.

The bell rang and he walked quickly to the printer and grabbed his ten page long report. Popping in a staple he headed off to his last class. This one would be more interesting since he shared it with Chance. As he got closer to the class room he saw the tiger stripped tom walking through the door. He reached the door a few moments later but stopped when he heard the raised voice of there teacher.

"I don't want to hear any excuses Mr. Furlong I told the whole class that you where to hand in your report the moment you step in the door. This is a big project as is worth a lot of points, if you don't have it then there is nothing you can do but get an 'F' on your report card for this semester."

Jake peeked around the corner of the door and saw that the class was half full all of them watching as Mr. Johnson rip down Chance. Chance to his credit was standing tall and not showing much emotion about it.

"Mr. Johnson you have to give me another shot. If I get an 'F' I'll get kicked off the team and we are down to our final three games!" Chance tried to tell him.

But Mr. Johnson made it clear that he wouldn't budge.

'You have to help him.' A part of Jake's mind told him.

'No just keep you're head down, its none of your business.' Another side said.

As he thought about what to do the argument between Chance and Mr. Johnson was getting more heated. He groaned and and looked down at his report that was a guaranteed 'A+.' He sighed.

'Oh well I guess getting one 'B' on my report card won't kill me. Its not like I am going to make a habit of this.' He thought.

There was just one thing he needed to do. He looked at his printed name on the title page. Gripping the white paper in his hand he ripped it from the staple so that it didn't show that he had written it. Sucking in a deep breath he ran into the class room and straight to Chance's side. Both Chance and Mr. Johnson looked down at him, since every one seemed to be taller then him. Mr. Johnson was frowning and Chance looked surprised.

"Chance, I saw this fall out of your bag in the hallway." Jake said pushing the report into Chance's hand. "You don't want to lose you're history report."

He said the last part firmly trying to convey the meaning with out being obvious. He guess it worked because Chance's eyes got wide and a grin came across his face.

"Hey thanks Jake." He said gripping the papers firmly and patting him on the back. "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't found this for me."

Chance turned back to Mr. Johnson and held the report out for him to take.

"Here you go, like I said I did it. I just couldn't find it." He said with a grin.

There was no mistaking the sarcasm in his voice. Mr. Johnson's jaw fell as he took the report and skimmed over what it said. He glared up at Chance almost angrily but there was nothing that he could say or do.

"You forgot the title page." He growled.

Chance pretended to think for a moment.

"I think I can live with that." He said.

With that said he walked to the back of the class where his normal seat was. Jake watched him walk off and was about to go to his own seat when a paw on his shoulder stopped him. He looked back to see Mr. Johnson glaring at him.

"Mr. Clawson where is your report?" He asked.

Jake scratched at the back of his head and laughed nervously.

"I kind of forgot to do mine sir. Sorry." He said.

"You do realize what that means Mr. Clawson?" He asked crossing his arms.

Jake nodded his head and started to head off to his seat. Normally he sat at the front of the class and he planed on doing it again today but a low whistle made him look up. He looked to the back of the class and saw Chance motioning for him to come back there. Jake looked at him confused for a moment until Chance pointed to the empty desk next to him. Gulping lightly Jake walked to the back of the room and sat down in the offered seat.

The bell rang and everyone in the class stopped talking. Mr. Johnson wheeled a T.V. in front of the class and began telling them that they where going to watch a film about the ancient Egyptians while he looked over the reports they had handed in. Everyone cheered happily since this meant that they wouldn't be doing any real work.

The lights went out except for the one over Mr. Johnson's desk in the far right corner at the front of the room. Instantly there was the sound of chairs scrapping across the floor as the others moved there desks closer to there friends. Heads where pressed close together so they could talk with out bothering the teacher.

Jake sat back in his chair prepared to watch the film but he felt his desk being dragged to the right. He held back a yelp of surprise and soon found his desk pressed right against Chance's. The larger tom leaned forward and motioned for Jake to do the same.

"Thanks for doing that." He whispered to him.

Jake smiled shyly and rubbed at the back of his neck.

"Its nothing really, after all you helped me today so I owed you." He said.

But chance shook his head.

"No way buddy, giving a ride to someone in the rain is nothing compared to you dropping you're grade a whole letter. They way I see it I owe you." Chance said.

Jake chuckled lightly.

"Why don't we just call it even? I mean your already helping my reputation by talking to me." Jake told him.

"Na that won't do, it has to be something better." Chance told him. "Tell you what, since the rain has stopped and it looks like we both have practice I'll think about what to do for you and tell you when we are out there."

Jake sighed. "There is no changing you're mind once its made up is there?"

"Not really, that's why I always get what I want." Chance said laughing.

"Alright." Jake said.

He spent the rest of the class watching the film and replying to what ever Chance would randomly bring up. Finally the last bell rang and Jake walked out of the class with Chance right beside him. Since they where both going to the back of the school for practice they decided to head to the locker room together so they could change. Jake watched as chance started putting on all his football pads while he put on a lose pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

They walked out the back door and headed down to the field. The running track was wrapped around the football field so Jake stopped when they got to that section and watched as Chance ran onto the green grass and was greeted by the other players. The sudden calling of his name mad Jake focus on the other runners and how there where gathered around the coach.

Practice went like it normally did with stretches and warm up runs, then they moved into dashes and sprints and a number of other things to help them build speed. More often then what he normally did Jake found himself glancing over at the football players, more specifically Chance. It was hard for him to keep his eyes off of the Kat as he ran about the field proving why he was the best player on the team.

Near the end of practice they where told to run/jog eight laps around the track which was the equal of two miles. While in the middle of the field the football players where spending there end time passing the ball between them selves and messing around. Jake had almost finished his final lap around the track when something hard hit his head. The force knocked him off his feet for the second time that day and he landed in a tangled mess in the middle of the track.

He was able to hear several people laughing even though he couldn't see straight. He tried to sit up but a sudden pressure on his shoulder forced him back down.

"Easy there buddy."

He recognized the voice as Chance's and forced his eyes to focus on the striped Kat.

"Just stay still you'll be alright." Chance told him.

He was finally able to see straight and saw a crowed gathered around him and he blushed embarrassed and forced him self to stand even though Chance was telling him to lay down.

"I am fine." He said pushing his way out of the crowd.

He looked at his coach and told him that since he was almost done that he was going to go and he headed back to the locker room to change.

Chance watched Jake walk off and he could tell he was upset. The sudden laughing that came from one of his team mates caught his attention and he turned to tell him not to laugh at the poor Kat.

"Man did you see his face! My best throw I have to say." One of the smaller built members said to the amusement of the others.

Chance wasn't sure what came over him at that moment, he had never wanted to punch one of his team mates before but now its all that he could think about doing. So that's what he did. His fist connected with the others face with a crack and he watched as he fell to the ground blood flowing from his nose. Everyone gasped in shock and looked at Chance as he glared down at the tom he just knocked to the ground.

"Don't. Do. That. Again!" Chance said slowly making sure that every one heard him.

With that he turned and ran after Jake hoping that he could catch him before he ran for his home.

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