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Everywhere Jake looked he could see the signs of the up coming summer. The sky had been empty of clouds for a while and the sun was constantly shining warming up everything that it touched. The wind blew through the town carrying with it the smell of the budding flowers of spring, along with the smell of automobile emission from the larger city a few miles away. Jake loved everything about the spring time, well... almost everything.

"Dang it..." He swore. "I just washed my bed sheets yesterday!"

Frowning in disapproval Jake looked over his bed and scowled at all the light orange hair that had spread itself over his entire bed. The only thing that could take away from the beauty of the spring time was the dreaded shedding that every Kat had to go through. Jake loved his fur but he couldn't stand having to constantly clean up the extra fur that fell from his body when the seasons changed. Holding back a sigh Jack began to pull his blanket, sheet and pillow cover off his bed. Balling them up he dropped them into his laundry basket in the corner of his room.

"I'll do the laundry when I get home..." He said to himself as he gathered up the cloths he was going to wear that day.

Taking the quick trip over to the bathroom, Jake began his normal morning routine. He showered, brushed his teeth and combed his fur. Which took twice as long thanks to all the lose fur that managed to stick to his body and not fall onto the bed. Once he was happy with his appearance, Jake grabbed his cell phone, wallet and house keys and began heading down stairs. He greeted his mother who was happily sitting in the living room enjoying her day off. Looking around Jake cocked his head to the side for a moment before asking;

"Wheres Dad?"

"Oh, he had to run to the office for a moment." She said with the faint hint of a laugh in her voice. "Apparently something happened that is going to end the world as we know it."

Jake shook his head and chuckled. "Who ever called better hope that the world as we know it does end. If not then Dad is going to make there life miserable for calling him in on his first day off in over two weeks."

His mother laughed and nodded in agreement.

"So what are you doing today honey?" She asked after taking a sip from her cup. "Are you going to be getting together with Chance?"

Jack could feel the inside of his ears heating up, he always felt weird talking to his mom or dad about Chance.

"Uh... yeah." He said trying to sound casual. "He should be on his way over in a few."

"That's nice, what are you two doing?" She asked turning slightly in her seat to look at him.

"Um... I'm not sure really." Jake said scratching his chin for a moment. "He just told me to be ready at 12. Said it was important."

"Important huh?" She said a grin spreading across her face.

If the inside of his ears weren't read already, they had to be flaming red when he saw his mothers smile.

"Uh... yeah..." He stuttered. "I can't imagine what though..."

"Maybe he's taking you out on a date." She said.

Jake's jaw nearly hit the floor as her words registered in his brain. He wanted to deny what she had just said, to come up with something more likely but his mind seemed to have shut off which only seemed to entertain his mother further.

"Oh Jake don't act so surprised." She said standing up and moving so she was in front of her son. "Your father and I aren't blind you know. We can see what is going on quite clearly."

"You... you... do?" Jack stuttered.

She nodded before pulling Jake into a motherly hug. "Honey, we love you. All we want is for you to be happy. If this is what makes you happy then that's good enough for us."

Jake couldn't believe what he was hearing. He couldn't think of anything to say, so instead he settled on hugging his mother back. The two of them stood there for a few moments enjoying the love and warmth that could only come from a mother embracing her child. The moment ended sooner then either one wanted it to as a loud honk sounded from out side. Gently pulling away from his mom Jake wiped the moister from his eyes and cleared his throat.

"Uh... that would be Chance." He said fighting back the grin that threatened to over take his face.

"Go on." His mother said a chuckle in her voice. "Dinner is at 6."

Nodding his head, Jake placed a quick kiss on his mom's cheek before running out the door to jump into Chance's truck. As the two of them drove off Jake could see his mom standing in the door way waving at the two of them a smile on her face and a a faint tear in her eye.

Chance laughed to himself as he watched Jake pout out of the corner of his eye. They had been driving for over 30 minutes and the entire time Jake had been trying to get him to say where they where going. But Chance had been keeping his friend in the dark. He wanted the whole thing to be a surprise and he knew that Jake would enjoy it once he finally knew where they where going.

"Where going into the city?" Jake said after a moment as they passed the sign on the side of the highway.

Nodding his head, Chance smiled at his friend. "That's right."

"Why are we going there?" Jake said as he sat up a little straighter in his seat.

"Just wait." Chance said enjoying playing with the smaller Tom. "You'll see in a few minutes."

The two fell into a comfortable silence for another ten minutes until Chance pulled his truck into the parking lot of the large city strip mall. Shutting off the truck Chance took a moment to enjoy the confused look on Jack's face.

"Why are we here?" Jack asked looking at the small shop in front of them.

Chance only winked at him before exiting the truck and making his way to the front door. He faintly heard his friend yell for him to wait up before the sound of the truck door slamming reached his ears. Reaching for the door handle Chance pulled it open and held it so his friend could walk in. Jack let out a sigh as he passed and Chance had to hold back a laugh. Walking in behind his friend Chance moved quickly to the front counter and had a quick word with the well groomed Tom standing behind it.

"Hey there." He said grinning. "Chance Furlong, I called last week."

"Ah yes." The Tom said smiling brightly. "Please follow me."

Chance nodded his head and motioned for Jake to follow him.

"Chance would you please tell me why we are here?" Jack asked.

"I would have thought it was obvious." Chance said grinning as they walked to the back of the building where the entire wall was comprised of large mirrors.

"Alright, whose first?" The Tom asked.

Chance clapped Jake on the back forcing him to take two steps forward. "I think he would like to go first."

Chance saw Jake's ears pull back slightly in embarrassment. "I... I don't really know."

"Come on buddy, nothing to worry about." Chance said forcing his friend forward. "Don't worry about anything. This place is the best, my uncle comes here all the time."

Slowly Jake nodded following the other Tom into a back room. Grinning to himself, Chance took a seat in one of the large leather chairs and pulled out his phone while he waited for Jake to come back out. He didn't have to wait long, less then 10 minutes later Jake shuffled out of the back room his ears pressed against his head and his whiskers drooping.

"I look ridiculous." He mumbled as he made a large effort to not look at his reflection in the wall of mirrors.

Chance looked up from his phone and quickly got up from his chair. "What are you talking about?" He asked. "You look great!"

He moved to his friend's side and looked at the reflection. Jake's normal jeans and shirt had been removed and replaced with a dark black tuxedo. A bright white button up shirt could be seen underneath the jacket. The new outfit sat loosely on Jake's small frame which Chance assumed was one of the reasons why he thought he looked bad.

"Listen, you look great." He told him again. "You'll look even better once its fitted."

"But why do I need this?" Jake asked. "I'll never wear it, besides I don't have enough to pay for this."

"Trust me, you'll wear it." Chance said with a grin. "And don't worry about paying for it."

The Tom who worked at the shop came back out. In his paws was a box full of pins and marking chalk. He nodded to Chance who took a step back and let the older Kat do his work. It took another 10 minutes before he had all the measures and when he did he told Jake to go in the back and take the suit off.

"How long will the alterations take?" Chance asked.

"Our normal time frame is two weeks." He said packing away all the extra needles and chalk. "This is one of our busy months."

Chance frowned at the news and shook his head. "That's too long." He thought for a moment before saying; "I'll give you an extra hundred if you can get it done by next Monday."

"Sir, the total will already be 300 dollars." He said. "I don't think that you will be able to afford..."

Chance cut off the Tom with a glare. "Don't worry about the money. I have enough to pay for it I promise you."

The Tom thought for a moment before saying; "You'll have to pay up front, and with the extra I will make sure that it is finished before next Monday."

Chance nodded and pulled out a roll of money. He quickly counted out the 300 for the suite then counted out an extra hundred and handed it to the Tom.

"Very good." He said moving over to the register.

Chance smiled to himself for a moment until he heard the soft steps of Jake coming out of the back room. When he looked back at him, he saw that he was back in his regular cloths. His ears where still pressed slightly against his head and he seemed nervous.

"You alright bud?" Chance asked.

Jake nodded slightly before looking at Chance. "Why do I need this?" He asked.

Chance grinned and put his arm around the smaller Kat's shoulders.

"Well you can't go to the prom in ordinary cloths can you?"

Chance felt Jake stiffen under his arm and his grin grew until all his teeth where showing.

"The... the prom?" Jake asked.

"Hope you can dance." Chance teased adding a wink that made Jake blush.

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