Sokka was walking around the camp and feeling nervous. It seemed like he was waiting for something to happen. I was getting just a little bit sick of it.

"What are you doing, Sokka," I asked, "waiting for a rock to fall on your head? Because I can arrange for that to happen."

"Toph… You know how Katara and Aang started, I don't know, dating or whatever?" Sokka felt nervous, and I had no idea where he was going with this conversation. "Well… It's kind of a special holiday in the South Pole, and… Well… Do you want to do something special today?"

I laughed at him. "We're pretty much living in the woods, and there's not a city around here for miles. Where are we going to go? What would we do? What kind of holiday is this?"

"Well, it's kind of a day when couples do special things for each other. Like, my mom would cook a special dinner, just for my dad, all fancy and everything. Gran-gran didn't have a special someone, since Grandpa died, so she'd give Katara and I special candies that she made." Sokka went on about this for awhile. "It's kind of a holiday based around love."

I sighed. "Is this your way of saying you're in love with me, Sokka?"

He was quiet for a really long time, so I guessed that he had nodded. "Sokka, you know I can't see you, right? So if you nodded, I didn't see it, you have to talk to me."

"Okay, well, Toph… Since I met you, you've kind of become like… A leech…"

"You're comparing me to a blood-sucking bug-thing?" I scoffed. "Way to be romantic."

"I wasn't finished!" He was whining like a girl again. "Okay, so, you became kind of like… Well, you know how the lemur babies kind of cling onto their mama's backs? Well, you kind of did like that."

"I became a lemur-baby?" I laughed. "What are you trying to say, I kind of grew on you? You actually LIKE it when I laugh at you and make jokes at your expense?"

He coughed, and I took that as a yes. "Sokka, that's really… Well, kind of weird, but I guess I would have to call it kind of sweet." I sighed. "So, what are we going to do?"

"You're going to celebrate this weird holiday with me?" Sokka asked, seeming really surprised. "Really?"

"Sure, why not?" I asked, "You admitted your un-dying love for me, and I guess it made me a little sentimental. You never had anyone to celebrate with back when you lived in the South Pole, so why not let you have some fun this year."

Sokka did some weird little happy-dance and grabbed my hands and forced me to dance with him. "What the heck are we doing?" I asked. "I don't know how to dance, and it really doesn't seem like you do either."

"Does it matter?" Sokka asked. "You kind of just admitted that you like me too! I'm a happy man today."

I laughed. "Sokka and man do not belong in the same sentence. It's like calling…. It's like calling Aang manly, or Katara a peach. It's just wrong."

Sokka stopped dancing and I assume that his face fell. "You don't think I'm manly?"

"Sokka… If you weren't so manly, the moon would fall out of the sky, and all the stars would explode." I knew that would make him feel better, so he went back to happy-dancing, and I just kind of tried to enjoy it.

"So, when's dinner, Toph?" Sokka asked when he FINALLY got tired of dancing.

"What did you just ask me?"

"Nothing. Never mind." He winced. "What would YOU like for dinner?"

I laughed. I knew this was going to be the beginning of a great relationship.